Chapter 6.5: Sakai Fumi Aptitude Test

Sakai Fumi Aptitude Test

It was during the recess after the third period.

—What are you reading? — My question was directed to Akane, who quickly hid a book she was reading under her desk.

—Ah, Aya-chan. Nothing, just a manga.


Her attempt at deception was somewhat bland, but it was clear that what she was reading was a rather racy shoujo manga.

—We have PE now, we’d better go to the locker room now and change our clothes.

—Yes, of course.

As soon as we got to the locker room, Akane proceeded to change clothes, and I noticed her underwear was unusually mature for someone her age to wear. It’s the kind of outfit someone would wear for a rather special occasion that couples usually do after a romantic dinner. 

Well, since I’m her friend, I should check how far Akane plans to go with Kirishima. 

—Akane, let’s stretch together.


—Well, let’s start with the hip joints. Spread your legs and lie on your back.

—My back?

I made Akane lie on her back on the floor, then I took her legs and made her spread them quite firmly, making her crotch unprotected. 

—Aya-chan, this is a little embarrassing…

—It’s just stretching, don’t worry.

—Yes, that’s true…

Akane thinks I’m a very innocent girl who wouldn’t have any inappropriate thoughts about this position. Therefore, I easily convince her that this isn’t an unusual situation at all.

I let myself go and put my body between Akane’s legs.

—Hey, Aya-cha, this is…

—It’s necessary to add more weight, so it will be easier for you.

—No… It’s not right… Somehow… This feels strange.

Akane’s body is moist and soft, and the volume of her breasts looks more enormous than usual from this position.

For any man, having Hayasaka like this would be quite an irresistible situation. The difference between her baby face and her sex appeal is quite amazing… Everyone would go crazy to get their hands on this body. 

—Sorry, that was a bit naughty.

—Hey, Aya-chan– huh? Did you…?

—You imagined it too, right?

—No! You’re wrong! I didn’t…

Akane quickly sits up and hides her face with her knees. But after a while she lifts her red face and looks at me with a sulky expression.

—That was unexpected. I never thought that Aya-chan would say something like that.

—I have some knowledge. It’s not like I’ve done something like that yet.

That’s a lie, but I can’t tell Akane the truth about me.

—But, Akane, do you want to do that kind of thing?

—Huh? No, of course not. You know I’m not good at that kind of thing.

—I see.

—Although, if it’s someone I like, maybe… I might like it.

—And have you thought about what you’re going to do during that act?


—Imagine it.

When I urged her to do so, steam started to come out of Akane’s head. She’s someone quite innocent when it comes to this kind of thing. To a certain extent, she’s quite tender.


—Well… I think I’m going to like it a lot. I could imagine feeling our bodies together, skin to skin, with no clothes on. I’ll love it so much that my mind will probably shut down at that moment.

—It’s not just a matter of superficial touch. You will also feel it inside you.

—No way!

Akane jumps in surprise. She didn’t think something like that would happen too. But, after imagining it for a moment, her eyes rolled back in her head, and her skin was pale.

—If I accept the person I love deeply from the inside, I won’t be able to stay away from him. I definitely want to stay with him, I want to stay attached to him.

Akane looked ecstatic.

—Then don’t you think you should act quickly? It’s no longer a matter of Tachibana being the one to get ahead of you. It’s more like any girl could do it with Kirishima first.

—You’re right.

Akane’s expression gradually clouded over, as if she had imagined it too.

—No… That won’t happen! It’s unacceptable!

—Hey, Akane…

Tears slowly build up in Akane’s eyes. 

—I’m sorry, that was weird. I know you said it as a future possibility, it’s just…

Even as she said it, Akane was no longer hearing anything. Looking like she was about to cry, she kept mumbling.

—If I want to have Kirishima-kun all to myself… I have to do it before Tachibana-san.

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

Score 8
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese

Kirishima and Hayasaka are two classmates who have a secret relationship in public.

In their school life they pretend that they don't know each other, but behind the scenes there is much more to them than people can imagine. The two get into a relationship that is difficult to break and ends up being impure, unhealthy, and complicated, as the relationship between them was nothing more than an affair that simply created a love triangle before Kirishima's first love and his second love.


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