Chapter 7: The girlfriend’s embarrassment

The girlfriend's embarrassment

I don’t think this situation will improve. I feel that Hayasaka-san has had a lot of momentum in an unhealthy way lately, and I also haven’t been able to talk to Yanagi-senpai. This is partly because it’s awkward to see each other. Or maybe it’s because I’m running away from him.

It was lunchtime, and I was in the old music room with someone who was of no help regarding my personal situation.

Hayasaka-san is becoming more and more of a full-time girlfriend instead of continuing to just be a second girlfriend. Are you planning to have lunch with her again after this? — asked Tachibana-san, who was sitting on the piano stool.

—I think so…

—You don’t have to feel uncomfortable when answering me. I don’t care what happens between the two of you.

Ever since I told Hayasaka-san that it was okay for her to remain as her troublesome self, her girlfriend-like behavior has become increasingly more noticeable to other people. At lunchtime, we used to meet in the mystery club room separately, but now, she approaches me directly at my seat and urges me to leave together.

When we pass each other in the hallway, she greets me amicably, and even grabs me by the sleeve of my shirt when we talk while standing at school. She no longer makes any effort to hide our relationship at all.

During PE class, she went so far as to give me words of encouragement at the top of her lungs. Unsurprisingly, everyone in the class was shocked. 

On the other hand, my relationship with Tachibana-san has become increasingly more inconspicuous ever since Yanagi-senpai saw us holding hands. Now, we could only talk once in a while in the old music room.

—You’re not jealous, right?

—Yes, I think so. I don’t usually take interest in other people’s lives, but now, my desire to know what’s going on with you and Hayasaka-san has gradually lessened… Love is often a very confusing matter. It doesn’t make sense to me that both Shiro-kun and Hayasaka-san are in love with two people at the same time, unlike me who only has one person I want to give myself to.

—Despite you saying that, I’m quite aware that you’re very interested in love, since you help people with their love troubles… Right?

—W–What do you mean?

Tachibana-san became very nervous, and quickly averted her gaze to the side. She looked like a child who had been caught red-handed in her attempt to prank someone.

—I’ve talked to Yoshimi-kun.


According to Hamanami, Yoshimi-kun is madly in love with Tachibana-san, therefore, he has not been able to notice the strong feelings Hamanami feels for him.

So much so that as soon as Tachibana-san found out about Yoshimi-kun’s feelings for her, she gave him her contact information… Nothing could be further from the truth, though. When I personally talked to him, I learned how he really felt about Hamanami.

This was caused by a simple misunderstanding: Yoshimi-kun thinks that Hamanami-san is in love with me because of the simple fact that we were spending a lot of time together preparing for the school festival.

But the real question here is, why did all this confusion happen? And it’s something I plan to solve today.

—I know that Yoshimi-kun talked to you for advice. And you gave him the cold shoulder—which is ultimately the snob effect.

This is the psychological effect of wanting to chase after what runs away from you. I learned about it from reading the love book, so I’m not surprised that Tachibana-san knew about it as well.

—You caused the misunderstanding between Hamanami-san and Yoshimi-kun, right?

—Something like that. Yoshimi-kun has been in love with Hamanami-san from the very beginning. But she hasn’t been aware of Yoshimi-kun’s feelings at all.


—It happens a lot more than you might imagine. So, we came up with the idea that Yoshimi-kun will act like he’s in love with me to get Hamanami-san’s attention… And I think it worked out well.

—I see.

So I was correct in assuming that this was Tachibana-san’s doing. Making Hamanami-san believe that Yoshimi-kun has another girl that he’s madly in love with makes her feel an unexplainable interest towards him. And even more so considering that Tachibana-san is a girl who is out of the reach of any boy in the school. That makes the success of Tachibana’s plan increase even more.

—When Yoshimi-kun spoke to me, I immediately realized what he wanted. That boy doesn’t actually like me, so when he told me the whole situation, I decided to help him.

—And that’s why you gave him your contact information?

—Are you worried?

—Do I look worried?

—It’s okay. After all, I’m Shiro-kun’s woman.

Upon saying that, Tachibana-san started to remove the bandage from my neck. The hickey she made that time in my room was still visible.

—…It’s disappearing.

She brought her tender lips on my neck and began to suck on it for a while, causing the hickey to return to its original intense color. Afterwards, she put the bandage back on. 

The sensation lingers momentarily on my neck. It tickles a little.

—The bandage doesn’t have the same adhesive strength anymore.

—Then, I’d have to be careful so that it won’t fall off. 

Continuing with the original topic, I paused for a moment to think. Hamanami doesn’t know that the situation between Yoshimi-kun and Tachibana-san is all a sham, and that’s why she wants to use the halo effect on me to get Yoshimi-kun’s attention. It’s all so confusing…

—They are both fools. They haven’t even honestly talked about their feelings with each other. —  Tachibana-san said.

—Shall I tell Hamanami to be honest with him?

—No. Let’s make it more dramatic for them.

If this is the idea Tachibana-san has in her mind, then something rather extreme is coming.

—…You’re quite supportive of his love.

—When Hamanami-san was little, she had promised Yoshimi-kun that she would become his wife. He still has that promise in his mind. I think it would be wonderful for both of them to get married.

Tachibana-san and I also met when we were children. Such a thought went through my mind as I gazed at her profile. She noticed this, and as if she had guessed what I had in my head, she said…

—It’s different.

She’s not being honest at all, despite everything. She still shows neither a hint of jealousy nor the honesty to express what she truly feels. Will there ever be a part of her that’s honest? I want to know.

—Hey, Tachibana-san.


—Lately, my sister doesn’t make me lunch anymore.

Therefore, I started buying frozen food at convenience stores, which also resulted in Hayasaka-san making lunch for me every day.

—What’s the matter with that?

—My sister stopped making them ever since you came to our house.


I’m well aware that you and my sister have exchanged contact numbers.

—Maybe I’m overthinking it, but did you tell my sister that you were going to make lunch for me from now on, Tachibana-san?

When I said this, Tachibana-san turned her head to the side again.

—You expect too much from me, Shiro-kun.

—You mean to tell me that I misunderstood you?

—Yes. I tried to make a bento for Shiro-kun, but during the process, many complications arose. So, I had no choice but to use frozen food, but then I was too embarrassed to give it to you. Not to mention that Hayasaka-san also started making you lunch. I realized that I couldn’t compete against her, and I felt a little self-conscious.

I never imagined that I would get this kind of response from her. Her ears were bright red; she was clearly flustered.

—You know, Tachibana-san, Hayasaka-san didn’t come to school today.


—I didn’t bring any money either, since I left my wallet at home.

—I see.

—I’m in serious trouble. I have nothing to eat.

—I don’t like people taking advantage of my kindness. But… I happened to bring an extra lunch. Just for today. This was purely a coincidence.

Tachibana-san took out two bentos from her backpack and placed them on the desk.

—It’s not like I spent every night cooking either. I don’t want you to say anything about it; just eat it and don’t say a word. 

Thus, I began to eat silently. 

I glanced sideways at Tachibana-san. She wore her usual calm expression. In my mind, my thoughts ran wild, one after the other.

I think she probably prepares lunch for me every day, but instead of delivering it to me, she refrains from doing so when she sees Hayasaka-san and I eating together at the mystery club.

There are still many important feelings that she keeps locked away in the bottom of her heart, and she’s adamant on not telling me about them. But what happened today is certainly a step forward. 

And as if Tachibana-san had realized what I was thinking at that moment, she looked at me carefully.

—It’s just for today. I won’t make you lunch again tomorrow.

I feel more and more compelled to know her true feelings. I want to tell her that she has the freedom to tell me anything, that she can trust me. I want to know the real Tachibana-san. But, I guess it’s somewhat of an impossible wish since she has to keep her perfect girl image.


—What about Hayasaka, Tachibana and Yanagi-senpai? — asked Maki, who was accompanying me on the way home after all school activities were over.

Maki was so interested in my love triangle that I had no choice but to tell him everything that had happened, as well as what I plan to do in the future.

—The relationship between Tachibana-san and I will continue as it is now—hidden without anyone’s knowledge. After she graduates, our relationship will end, in which case she will marry Yanagi-senpai. Afterwards, I plan to formalize my relationship with Hayasaka-san.

—I see that it’s a seamless plan for you to get your way. So, you and Tachibana-san have some sort of relationship with an expiration date?

—This is the only way nobody will get hurt.

I’m aware that what I’m doing is reasonably sickening in the eyes of the public. But the reality is that there’s no instruction manual that can tell me what to do in a situation like this. 

—If you and Tachibana-san continue such a relationship, are you aware that you may severely hurt the people around you? If Hayasaka-san finds out, she will surely go through hell and any semblance of self-confidence she has will vanish. And regarding Yanagi-senpai… I want to believe that he won’t have such a bad time…

It’s for the reasons that Maki mentioned that I’m trying to get Hayasaka-san to move forward with her relationship with Yanagi-senpai. It would be a good way to dull the pain.

—To be honest, it’s hard to believe that Yanagi-senpai will be able to exchange Tachibana-san for someone else the same way someone is hesitant in switching underpants. It’s not that easy to forget one’s first love. It’s quite cruel. If your strategy depends on your secret never being revealed, you’d have to do a lot of things to keep Tachibana-san happy, wouldn’t you?

—Do you think Tachibana-san might rat me out?

—I think Tachibana-san is a smart girl, and smart girls are quite dangerous.

—I know she’ll do the right thing. I trust she’ll do her best to keep our secret the way it’s supposed to be—just a secret.

—Come on, I know you’re better than that. You can even tell that a lot of things are changing within her, especially in her emotions. Until recently, she didn’t even know what it was like to be in love. 

Maki has a very important point. I can’t refute that logic at all

—More importantly, how do you plan to lead this life of being lovers with Tachibana-san? You can’t go out together. You can’t spend time together at school, and you won’t even be able to walk holding hands like a normal couple during the school festival.

—She’s going to my house today.

My younger sister invited Tachibana-san to come to our house after school. She had the crazy idea of doing something about me and Tachibana-san so that she would cling to me. Then she won’t leave me, and I won’t be alone again. This kind of thing is normal when your little sister holds you in high esteem.

—I guess that’s a temporary solution. But… You really plan to go all the way, don’t you? If Hayasaka or Yanagi-senpai finds out about this, it would be game over for you. And if Tachibana-san’s dissatisfaction increases, it’s also game over for you. Are you sure you’re aware of this?

Before I could answer Maki’s question, someone called out from behind us.

—Kirishima, Maki, let’s go home together.

As soon as we turned our heads, we saw Yanagi-senpai waving to us. He had his usual smile on his face.

—What’s wrong, Kirishima?

—No… Nothing… It’s just that… You look very happy, Senpai.

—Yes, I received a message from your little sister. 

Apparently, Yanagi-senpai also keeps in touch with my younger sister.

—She asked me to come to your house today.

—What? Now? Why?

—She mentioned something about a beautiful woman who’s at your place. Looks like Kirishima has a girlfriend and she’s been hiding her well, eh? Anyway, she said it would be nice to hang out and relax together. I’m already looking forward to meeting your special girl.


Maki, Yanagi and I walked home together. And if studying at the same school wasn’t enough, so was living near each other. I guess this is one of the many risks that come with being a neighbor to a person whom you are doing something rather immoral behind their back.

Every step we took was a step towards the moment of Judgment; that is, the moment my younger sister cheerfully introduces Yanagi-senpai to my wonderful “girlfriend.” 

Maki made eye contact with me, and I could see intense concern in his eyes. He obviously disliked all of this, and didn’t want to be present during the moment Pandora’s box was opened.

—The college entrance exams have been suffocating me these days. I’m glad I could spend a little time with Kirishima and Maki. Ah, I know, why don’t we play a video game when we get there? 

Yanagi-senpai was talking cheerfully, unaware that this was a torturous situation for me and Maki.

—I think you’re in for a disappointment, Senpai. I just got a call from her and she said she won’t be able to come today due to an emergency.

—Hmm, maybe she was able to resolve the emergency in time and didn’t tell you. I got a message from your sister and she said she was already there. She very much wanted me to come quickly so I could meet her. It’s good news after all, right?

Ah, Senpai… If you knew who this girl was, the smile on your face would completely vanish.

In any case, I’m very surprised that Tachibana-san was able to come home so quickly. While we were on the train, Maki gestured to me with his phone, suggesting that I call Tachibana-san and tell her to leave my house as soon as possible. 

Unfortunately, I had run out of battery. I was investing a lot of time playing with it earlier.

As soon as we arrived at the station near my house, I decided to play my last card to persuade Yanagi-senpai.

—Senpai, would you like to go to the arcade with Maki to kill time?


—Well, I’d like to go home first and tidy up my room first.

—Don’t be shy now.

Damn. He’s so dead set on wanting to go to my place, no matter what I say. I won’t be able to change his mind… Well, there’s no choice but to face this hell that awaits me… Or so I thought. 

The moment I passed through the exit door of the station with a sense of resignation, a small glimmer of hope appeared.


At the exit of the ticket office stood Hayasaka-san, wearing civilian clothes. She had a military-style sweater, shorts, black socks, and a scarf around her neck. 

As soon as Hayasaka-san saw me, she raised her hand and waved at me. 

—I’m glad I found you, Kirishima-kun.

—Why are you here? I mean, why did you miss school today?

—Well, I needed to buy some things.

Hayasaka-san hides a plastic bag behind her back in an embarrassed manner.

—On a school day?

—Yes. I wanted to buy it when there weren’t many people…

Is it some kind of limited-edition snack? From what I could see, the contents in the bag were brown paper.

—So, I came all the way here because I wanted to talk to you, Kirishima-kun. I tried to do it via message, but you didn’t answer at all… I thought about going to your house, so I decided to wait for you here.

—I’m sorry, my phone battery ran out.

—Yes, I thought that would be the case. Kirishima-kun would never neglect me, or ignore me, or do terrible things to me.


Hayasaka-san’s house is far away from mine. I once told her the location of the nearest station to my house, but she doesn’t know the exact location of my house from here. Which means she’s been waiting for me all this time.

—Oh, Maki, Senpai… I didn’t know you were here, I’m so sorry! I didn’t recognize you at all.

I’m surprised Hayasaka-san didn’t notice them even though they’ve been beside me all this time.

—Were the three of you, by any chance, going to play together?

—Yes, we were going to Kirishima’s house to play a little, but I’m going with Maki to an arcade after all.

At those words, Yanagi-senpai patted me on the shoulder and winked at me, insinuating that I should spend time alone with her. 

—So, the person who was going to your house was Hayasaka-chan?

—…Ah… Yes…

—You should have told me, I thought that you… 

Yanagi-senpai paused before saying anything else, but then scratched his head as if he’s a little embarrassed.

—I owe you an apology, Kirishima.


—For nothing. Forget it… I’m just tired from all the studying.

Maybe he’s referring to the fact that he saw me and Tachibana-san holding hands. 

—Well, Kirishima, see you later. I’ll go with Maki.

He gleefully waved his hands goodbye as he walked away with Maki, leaving me and Hayasaka-san alone.

—So… What do you say we go to that hamburger stand? It’s a new, yet authentic establishment.

Hayasaka-san nodded her head. Personally, I was surprised that she would come so suddenly to this train station so far from home, but thanks to her, I just dodged a bullet. I’ll have to make Tachibana-san wait for a bit longer, but luckily, my younger sister is keeping her company. I think she’ll be fine. 

After entering the hamburger joint, we each ordered what we were going to eat. After a while, the waitress brought us two very large burgers with a real American flair. 

—I guess I have no reason to imitate Tachibana-san.

After saying those words, Hayasaka-san took a bite out of her burger.

—Kirishima-kun, do you know how Tachibana-san eats hamburgers?

—Not really.

—The other day, I went to Yokosuka with Tachibana-san.

It seems they went to see an aircraft carrier moored in the harbor on a holiday.

—Wait a minute, what kind of hobby is that?

—Huh? Didn’t I tell you? I always watch videos of missiles exploding and machine guns firing.

I don’t want you coming out with such radical hobbies right now…

—And you know, there’s a U.S. military base in Yokosuka, so there are a lot of authentic burger joints like this one, right?

—Yes, I’ve heard it’s partly famous for those kinds of establishments.

—That’s right. We went into one of those restaurants, and when a big hamburger was placed in front of Tachibana-san, she asked me how she would eat it. The result was more surprising than I expected. She just flattened it with both hands and ate it. Interesting, right?

Tachibana-san seems to be the kind of person who eats hamburgers by smashing them.

—Hearing that Tachibana-san and Hayasaka-san are getting along well is great.

After that, we didn’t talk about anything else except for some radio shows, books, or internet videos. 

When we were paying the bill, thinking it was time to go home, something unexpected happened.

—Kirishima-kun, what is that? — Hayasaka-san asked while looking at my neck.

Before I knew it, the bandage had peeled off. The adhesive had weakened a lot because Tachibana-san had removed it this morning in the club room.

—It’s a mosquito bite, or whatever you want to call it….

—…Hey, Kirishima-kun. Let’s go to your house right now.

—No, I’ve got something to do today….

—Before we met, you were planning to go to your place with Yanagi-senpai and Maki to play video games, right?

—I mean, my room isn’t tidy enough for a girl to visit me.

—Let’s go to your place right now… Otherwise, I’ll probably start crying right here. It would be very tragic to leave a helpless girl on the street in the dark. — she expressed with a somewhat mischievous smile on her face.

This girl had my hands tied.


I placed my hand on the front door knob, and was hesitant whether to turn it or not. Since my phone’s battery was dead, I was unable to call home earlier.

I was able to stop Yanagi-senpai from coming here, but even so, there’s still the risk of Hayasaka-san finding Tachibana-san inside my room.

—What’s the matter? Don’t you want to enter your house?

I had no choice but to surrender, and with that in mind, I reluctantly opened the door. And to my astonishment, Tachibana-san’s shoes were not at the entrance. Perhaps she got tired of waiting for me and went straight home. 

—Welcome home, big brother!

My younger sister came running to me as soon as she saw me coming home. But when she saw that I wasn’t alone, she stopped dead in her tracks and got a puzzled look on her face.

—Umm? You…?

And before I could say anything, Hayasaka-san excitedly ran up to my sister and hugged her while saying “Kawaii~!

—Kirishima-kun, you have a younger sister!?


—Unlike you, Kirishima-kun, she looks quite cute. Is she really related to you?

Hayasaka-san’s words pierced my heart like thorns on a rose. Will she still be mad at me? I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that were the case.

—My name is Akane Hayasaka. I’m your brother’s girlfriend, it’s a pleasure to meet you!


Hayasaka-san pressed my sister’s face against her breasts. This made my sister’s eyes widen and looked at me with surprise. As expected, my smart younger sister could accurately guess what was going on, so she decided to play along. 

—This cute girl is my brother’s girlfriend? It’s unbelievable~! I thought I was going to have to take care of my brother in the future! I thought he’d never get a girlfriend! I’m so happy~!

Oh, dear little sister. I’m so sorry for making you do such a bad performance. I quickly took Hayasaka-san by the hand and led her to my room. 

—I’ve never been in a boy’s room before.

As soon as we entered the room, Hayasaka-san’s eyes lit up with curiosity.

—I’m sorry I came to your room before Tachibana-san. But I’m your girlfriend, right? That doesn’t matter now, right?

—Yes, you’re my girlfriend after all.

—Hmm… So this is the room where Kirishima-kun always studies and sleeps in. It’s somewhat incredible.

Hayasaka-san looked around the room. Her gaze fell on my graduation album, then on the bookshelves, and all the while, she said many comments about what she had observed. As she was doing this, my younger sister brought us tea and sweets, and at the same time, I learned that my mother had not yet arrived home from work.

Before I knew it, I was sitting on my bed together with Hayasaka-san. The atmosphere became amorous, and well, since two people who love each other and go out together are alone in the same place, I guess it’s a common thing to happen. 

—Hey, Kirishima-kun. About that mark on your neck…

—Ah, yeah, the mosquito bite.

—That mosquito was really bad. The bite almost looks like a bruise. 

—Yes, a little bit.

—Then I’ll fix you up.

Hayasaka-san embraced me and pressed her lips against my neck. At first, she had a little trouble sucking on my neck, so to make it easier for her, I tilted my head back a little. 

However, she was already able to do it well on her own, which caused her to suck on it harder—much harder than Tachibana-san had done—making it look like a real bruise than a simple hickey.

—…Hey, Kirishima-kun.


—I’ve done most of the things a girl would do if she came to her boyfriend’s room for the first time.


—But normally, lovers would do something else.

—Something else…

I tried to look disinterested, but it was a tactic that didn’t seem to work with Hayasaka-san. She began to pull her body even closer against me. I couldn’t help but notice her thighs, which stood out in plain sight thanks to her shorts. I also noticed her black stockings and her large breasts that were about to pop into view. 

—I don’t think these are things to be taken lightly.

—Kirishima-kun, you’re always kind to me, and you protect me from anything bad. I also know that you care a lot. That’s why… Everytime something happens that would lead us to the next step, you ask me to stop at the last moment. I can understand that it’s something inappropriate within the school since we risk getting into trouble, and I agree with that. I also know it’s not something that should be happening on the spur of the moment. That’s why I… I’ve prepared very well for this day.

At those words, Hayasaka-san handed me a plastic bag she had in her hand when she was at the train station. I thought it was a brown paper bag with candy. But… What was inside exceeded all my expectations.

—Hayasaka-san, this is…

What I was holding in my hands was a box of condoms. 

—I feel like my whole body is burning, Kirishima-kun…

—…Are you serious?

Hayasaka-san nodded bashfully. She was determined to take the next step after all.


Hayasaka-san skipped school today so she could buy these at the pharmacy when no one was there.

—I felt very embarrassed when I bought them. The clerk was a man…

Hayasaka-san lay down on the bed and covered her red face.

But in reality, I was in a position of having the freedom to do whatever I wished with her body.

—Kirishima-kun, it’s embarrassing if the light is on.

I did as she asked; I closed the curtains and turned off the light in the room. 

—I don’t think Tachibana-san is superior to me when it comes to this. My body is… better than hers. I often hear guys talking about me… and they keep ogling at my body.

It’s getting harder and harder to find a reason not to do this with Hayasaka-san here and now.

—Hey, Kirishima-kun, do you love me?

—Of course, I love you….

—Then it would be weird not to do something in this situation… Am I unattractive?

At that moment, I remembered what Sakai had said. Doing an act like this is the greatest affirmation of love for a person, and I want to let Hayasaka-san know how much I love her.

—Hayasaka-san is very attractive…

—In that case… I… I’m willing to let Kirishima-kun be the one to take my first….

Hayasaka-san covers her mouth shyly and lets her gaze drift to the side. Her sexy expression, her disheveled clothes, her thighs sticking out of her shorts. Her posing as if to say “please do whatever you want” gave me enough reason to kiss her without waiting any longer.

—Hmm… Hmm… Ah… Hmm…

A moan escaped from the edge of Hayasaka-san’s mouth as she embraced me and played with my tongue.

Over time, the boundaries of our bodies become non-existent; this is something else I love about her, and it drives me crazy. I yearn to know every part of her body and explore the depths of her feelings. I have the freedom to touch her hips and breasts as many times as I want.

I placed my hand on the button of her blouse, and unbuttoned them one by one, exposing her big breasts.

Her underwear was made of lace; very mature and sexy for someone her age. However, the pale pink color she wore was very much like her. 

-…Go ahead, you can touch it…

After Hayasaka-san consented, I put my hand on her bra, and on the other side of the hard fabric, I could feel the presence of something soft.

—Kirishima-kun…. Aaahn… More, touch me… More, aah…

I put my hand on her back until I reached the hook of her bra and detached it. Next, I inserted my hand inside her bra, and I could feel her supple breasts change shape as if absorbing my hand. It was a very soft and pleasant sensation. 

—Kirishima-kun, you can do whatever you want, don’t stop… Everything will be fine as long as it’s you…

I continued kissing her as I touched her breasts. A small bulge touched the palm of my hand, causing it to harden and perk up.

—Kirishima-kun… hey… that… Aaahn… It feels reallyyy goooood… Doon’t stooop.

Hayasaka-san’s body made small convulsions, her breathing more agitated. The expression of pleasure on her face became more noticeable. At the same time, she moaned and stuck out her tongue as if she wanted me to do something with it, so I went back to kiss her again. 

I tried to extend my hands further down her body, but her shorts were in the way.

—Kirishima-kun… It’s okay… You can also… remove it.

Hayasaka-san pressed her face against my chest shyly. Her moist breath felt hot. I opened the front of her shorts and slid my hand inside it.

—No, no, no, no, Kirishima-kun… Stop, I’m lying, don’t continue!

Hayasaka-san hurriedly tried to grab my hand and pulled it out of her shorts. My fingertips were dripping wet and a thin transparent thread had spread between my fingers.

—Kirishima-kun, this… How far is it okay…? I feel like I’m like one of those slutty girls…

Hayasaka-san pressed her face against the pillow. 

I can’t help but feel very ashamed… Surely, you think I’m a slut…? — she expressed in a tearful voice.

—I don’t think you’re anything of the sort.

—I swear I only want to do these things with you, and no one else… I’m willing to do anything as long as it’s only with Kirishima-kun.

Hayasaka-san was so bashful that she needed to cover her head with the comforter in the pitch dark of the room. After a few minutes, she relaxed again and we continued kissing, hugging and touching each other… As if everything was reset. 

The lustful mood had not diminished at all, and soon, we were back in a state of arousal. The heat had built up under the comforter so Hayasaka-san started to take off my shirt.

She then hugged me and started to run her hands up and down my back. Everything feels so warm to the point of melting. Both of us being in such close contact in this way makes everything feel so… Different. 

—Hey, Kirishima-kun… You can touch me again…

—Are you sure?

When I asked, Hayasaka-san nodded her head while resting her head on my chest. I started to remove her shorts and stockings, which leaves only Hayasaka-san’s underwear.

Once again, I slipped my fingers back between Hayasaka-san’s thighs, and then stroked them over her underwear. It felt warm and moist.

—No… Don’t… Don’t go on… You’ll embarrass me more…

Hayasaka-san reacted in an amusing way, but I loved the sensation of rubbing her crotch and the sloppy sounds that it made, so I continued to do it. 

—No, Kirishima-kun… It makes me feel weiiirdd…

Without paying attention to her, I continued to move my fingers while kissing her, and at times, licking her neck. Hayasaka-san continued to cry out ecstatically. I wondered how long her feelings were being held back. 

Eventually, her body began to give in to the pleasure. 

-Kirishima-kun…. Kirishimaaa-kuun… Kirishima-kuuunn…! I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love youuu…!

With a particularly high-pitched scream, Hayasaka-san’s body trembled a couple of times, then she grabbed onto the sheets while breathing heavily… The sight of her extremely aroused me, but this much wasn’t enough for me. I decided to remove the futon covering us.

—No… Don’t… Don’t look at me…

Her body, lying on the bed, appeared white and lush. Her skin was slightly sweaty, and a handful of hair strands were stuck near her mouth. She looked completely disheveled.

Her underwear that was once a light pink was now a dark pink. The sheets where she was lying were visibly wet.


I continued to hug and kiss Hayasaka-san. Our tongues intertwined again, immediately making her aroused. At the same time, her hips rubbed against my lower body.

We were both willing to take the next step, and we were ready.

—Let’s do it… Let’s do what lovers do… — she said with a pleading look on her face.

I looked at the condom on my desk and tried to unbuckle my belt. But for some reason, my mind went back over today’s events. And as if time froze around me, and the pieces of a puzzle began to fall into place, I had a revelation in my head.

And that’s when I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t go on with this.

—…That’s enough for today. 

As I said this, I stood up in front of Hayasaka-san.

—…What? …Why? Why? Why? Why?

Hayasaka-san didn’t understand what was happening. It was as if her head didn’t understand what she was doing wrong. She couldn’t come to a conclusion regarding the recent events, so out of nowhere, her eyes started to water.

—Why…? Why don’t you want to do it with me? Am I not so attractive after all?

—No, it’s not what you think.

—I almost always lose to Tachibana-san, but I think my body is the only thing that can stand up to her. Is it still not enough? I’ll do anything. Or don’t you like me?

—You’re wrong, I like you.

—Then why don’t you want to do it…?

In spite of everything, she couldn’t find satisfying answers to her questions. Hayasaka-san’s mind clouded over completely, and she muttered something.

—…You’re horrible, Kirishima-kun. — She said wrapped in the quilt as she stared into the void. — If we stop here… I’ll feel really stupid…. 

—…I’m sorry.

—…I’m going home.

Hayasaka-san went to pick up her clothes scattered around the room with a dejected expression. She looked disappointed and hurt. I really wish I could tell her what’s going on. I really wanted to do it with Hayasaka-san, and if this opportunity comes up again next time, I definitely will. But now, it’s somewhat impossible. 

—I like Hayasaka-san. That’s true.

—I can’t believe you anymore…

—How can I make you believe me? Well, you know, apart from doing that other thing you want.

—Go ahead, then.


—Tell me that you like me better than Tachibana-san. 

Hayasaka-san’s demand was akin to a test. I wanted to comfort her as soon as possible, so I decided to be honest with her.

—I like Hayasaka-san better than Tachibana-san.

For a moment, Hayasaka-san’s face lights up. But…

—It’s hard to settle for that… Not when a girl tries her best to get here, willing to do anything and… they don’t want to do it with her. I’m going now. You don’t need to walk me to the door.

She put on her shoes and stood in the doorway of the room.

—I don’t feel like facing Kirishima-kun anymore. Sorry about being an unattractive girlfriend… —  Hayasaka-san hid her pained expression with her bangs as she said that. — Let’s stop seeing each other for the time being. I’m not sure I want to be by your side anymore.

After she said that, she left my room, went downstairs, and immediately left. I knew it was a hurtful situation for her. But there was a valid reason why I couldn’t do it with her right now. It was because of the conclusion that came to my mind.

I stood in front of my closet door and opened it.

—Are you done? — Tachibana-san asked.

She was under the clothes on the hanger in a very cramped space, still wearing her school uniform.

—Well, there are some things you need to tell me.

Tachibana-san slowly stood up while speaking very arrogantly. Her face showed a feigned ignorant expression about what had just happened.

—But for now, I’ll settle for repeating what you just said.


—That thing you said to Hayasaka-san. I want to hear it again, word for word. 

In her pale, expressionless eyes lay a fierce flame that Tachibana-san wanted to unleash on me.

—I like Hayasaka-san better than Tachibana-sa–

A bolt of lightning crossed my vision. A few seconds later, I realized that Tachibana-san had slapped me. 

The blow was so full of force that it resounded in the back of my head and as a result, the corner of my mouth was cut and it bled a little.

—I don’t like lies. Never say such a thing again. — She said with a serious expression, her hatred aimed towards me.

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese

Kirishima and Hayasaka are two classmates who have a secret relationship in public.

In their school life they pretend that they don't know each other, but behind the scenes there is much more to them than people can imagine. The two get into a relationship that is difficult to break and ends up being impure, unhealthy, and complicated, as the relationship between them was nothing more than an affair that simply created a love triangle before Kirishima's first love and his second love.


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