Chapter 6: Love is physical

Love is physical

The goals of the partner rotation will probably be different for the four of us. 

Yanagi agreed to be Tachibana’s temporary boyfriend as compensation for not seeing each other again after things didn’t work out between them. His intention is to win her over before the end of the school year. 

And for some reason, Hayasaka and Tachibana added the condition of spending 1 month with each other. So we started with the combination of Hayasaka and me, and Yanagi and Tachibana. 

Hayasaka comes to see me whenever she can and is very affectionate with me. She calls me every night to ask me to sleep with her, and when the four of us go out, she clings to me without giving Tachibana a chance. 

She respects the rules to the point of hugging, but sometimes, with eyes full of desire, she will gently bite my fingers and say: “I want to kiss you, Kirishima-kun, I want you to touch me a lot.” 

At school, everyone looks at us with suspicion, but in public we are an official couple, so we have a healthy relationship. 

On the other hand, Tachibana remains impassive. 

Even when Hayasaka hugs me while telling me how much she wants me, she just ignores the situation. She even lets Yanagi take her hand and hug her shoulders. 

I wanted to ask Tachibana. Why did he agree to be Yanagi’s temporary friend, even for a limited time? What was his goal in all of this?

And that was the reason why I came to his house today…

—This is what I usually wear as loungewear…

Miyuki-chan wore a camisole and shorts set. Her sports bra was visible, which made me feel uncomfortable and I did not know where to look.

—When is your sister coming back?

—I think she won’t be back for a while.

Miyuki-chan looked away and her cheeks turned red.

As soon as we arrived at Tachibana’s house, she took me straight to her room. The walls and sheets were white, creating a pure, clean and innocent environment.

We sat facing each other on the cushions on the floor and Miyuki-chan put on her “lounge clothes”.

—Is your sister depressed?

—Ah, yes… It’s true, I had to talk about my sister… 

Miyuki-chan wore her hair short, leaving her neck and collarbone visible. It was the purity of a young woman who knows no dirt.

I’m not an idiot.

I know that I have developed certain feelings for Miyuki-chan, even if they are only fleeting emotions caused by my inexperience. But I would never allow those feelings to be directed towards someone who is important to me. 

—Somehow, I know how my sister and Kirishima-san feel. Recently, my sister and Akane Hayasaka spent the night in this house. 



The conversation continued, but Miyuki-chan seemed shy and a little unsure when talking about the meeting between her sister and Hayasaka. Although her body was relaxed in her lounge clothes, her mind seemed to be somewhere else, maybe worried about her older sister. 

—What are they doing together? 

I thought they were pretty far apart ever since they bumped into each other at the club. 

—I thought that might seem strange to you.

—Girls are like that, I guess.

—They both have their emotions on the surface. They both started fighting five minutes after they entered my sister’s room, so I had to intervene.

It’s a shame to hear that Miyuki-chan got caught in the crossfire.

—And it seems that they bathed together…

—…That’s definitely the strangest thing so far.

—And my sister proudly showed a bite mark on her neck, which caused another fight.

Tachibana’s bite was the result of the first time we did it in Kyoto, when I ended up biting her because of the intense pleasure.

—By the way, from the bathroom you could hear Hayasaka’s voice saying “Enough!” followed by Tachibana’s groaning “Don’t touch me there! Hayasaka probably retaliated by touching a sensitive part of Tachibana’s body. I don’t understand what’s going on between them, but I could deduce that the sleepover was to talk about you.

—I think so.

—I don’t understand much about love. I thought I would never be able to understand my sister’s or Hayasaka’s feelings. But… Today I realized that I am a girl after all, and… Well… 

Miyuki-chan blushed and lowered her eyes while she spoke. 

—I want to know about love. And I’d rather you teach me… Kirishima-san. 

When I heard these words, I shook my head strongly in denial. 

—This is something you should learn naturally by spending time with kids your own age at school. You might think that I am more mature and that the boys in your class are more childish, but that is just a little confusion. 

In Miyuki-chan’s eyes, I probably looked much older to her as a second year high school student. I felt that it was inappropriate to be the one to initiate such a young girl into matters of love, even if she asked me to. 

Besides, I had to deal with my feelings between Hayasaka and Tachibana. I shouldn’t get excited about another girl’s affection right now; I’m not that shameless.

—I see, so it is like that…

Miyuki-chan retreated meekly. She is so sincere and decent. She is very different from some people I know.

—Do you want to play a game while we wait for my sister?

—Sure. I’m pretty good at games. How about playing PlayStation or Nintendo Switch?

—No, I have a much better game… This one!

Miyuki-chan pulled out something in front of my face that turned out to be… The love notebook!

—Why do you have that…?!

—I found it in my sister’s room.

It seems she found the notebook and thought she could study about love through it.

Miyuki-chan is surprisingly good in her role as Tachibana’s younger sister. The resemblance between them is frightening.

—No, that’s not right. High school students shouldn’t be involved in such things.

—But I’m older now.

—You are still fifteen years old.

Miyuki-chan tried to push the notebook towards me again, but I pushed it away.

—It’s not right for a high school student who knows nothing about the subject to do those things to an older man like me.

—What is the difference?

Her gaze was so intense that she looked like she was about to interrogate someone.

—Some things just aren’t right.

When I tried to be firm, Miyuki-chan replied with “Okay then” and started to look at her phone with a sullen face.

I saw a photo of the two of us together on the screen, taken at a Gothic Lolita cosplay store, out of the corner of my eye.

—I’m going to send this to my sister.


—Don’t worry, my sister won’t be mad at you. She’ll probably scold me instead.

Apparently, this was something that happened when they were younger.

—I used to be a slightly problematic younger sister who was interested in the things my sister liked. I would often take out the stuffed animals she loved and put them in bed to sleep with. Of course, she would find them and spend about an hour tickling my stomach and armpits as punishment. 

Tickling seemed to be a common punishment in those days. 

—Now we are both older. If I send this picture to my sister, I will probably get an adult punishment. — she said as she looked at me and prepared to press the send button. 

Right now, Miyuki-chan seems to be under the spell that makes older boys seem a little cooler. 

Even though it’s not fair, maybe it’s the role of an older boy to live up to these expectations. Besides, it hurts me to think of that innocent girl being subjected to Tachibana’s skilled hands. 

Thinking about it, my body moved by itself. 

—Wait, don’t do that! 

I crossed my hands behind my head and did knee bends.


Miyuki showed a happy expression.

—So, are you ready to do it?

—Just give me a moment.

It was just a game, a fun moment with the younger sister of a girl I liked. I’m an adult, so I would never lose control with Miyuki.

—Then let’s do it.

—Yes, let’s try it!

That was how it all began.




—Love is physical.

That was the theme of the love notebook game Miyuki-chan showed me.

The rules were simple: A boy and a girl practiced together.

The chapter Miyuki read was not the forbidden number thirteen, but the basic number ten. Therefore, nothing inappropriate would happen. Probably common situations that could happen at school.

—Kirishima-san, relax more, don’t strain your back so much.

Before we started practicing, we did some stretches. I sat with my legs open and Miyuki-chan put her hands behind her and pushed my back.

—Ouch, ouch-au-ouch!

—More effort, please.

Miyuki-chan seemed to enjoy it. Playfully, she pushed me. Although she put her weight on my back, she was still light. It was as if she was dealing with a child.

—Now, let’s change places.

This time, I was the one pushing Miyuki-chan’s back. Her body was very soft and I could rest my elbows on the floor while she had her legs spread.

I’m aware of this game. 

Under the pretext of stretching and exercises, it was about having a little closeness and excitement between a boy and a girl. It was certainly suitable for a basic level, perfect for interacting with high school students.


—Please… Press a little harder…

Miyuki murmured shyly.

Following Miyuki-chan’s suggestion, I leaned on her back and pressed harder.

Miyuki’s body was fragile, soft and really conveyed a feeling of unfinished youth. It was completely different from the feeling of someone my age. The difference of two years during the growth phase was really significant. And then…

—Kirishima-san is a man…


—When you push me with your strength, I can’t resist at all…. If Kirishima-san decides to do it, I guess I would submit to anything…..

—Miyuki-chan! What are you talking about? 

That girl… What’s wrong with her? And what’s wrong with me? 

My cheeks heated up when I heard her unexpected and bold words. The innocent and curious girl who was learning about love through her notebook suddenly seemed to understand things she shouldn’t at her young age. I was worried that she was misreading the situation. 

Somehow I felt a wet sigh, but maybe it was just my imagination. 

—Let’s move on to the muscle training exercises.

After doing some stretches, Miyuki-chan sat on the floor with her knees bent. I raised her knees to make it easier for her to do sit-ups. 

With her hands behind her head, Miyuki-chan began to lean back and then stand up again. 

Her skin became more and more sweaty, her breathing accelerated and her cheeks became red. Her hair stuck to her forehead. 

Miyuki-chan looked refreshing and had a transparent glow. while moving. If she appeared in a sports drink commercial, she would surely become very popular. 

—Now it’s your turn, Kirishima-san.  


—And… please take off your jacket… Because it might be hot… 

Miyuki seemed to care about my comfort.

Following her instructions, I took off my jacket and was left in a T-shirt while she did sit-ups. Even though I felt that the heat was turned up too high, we continued to do different muscle exercises one after the other.

Miyuki took it very seriously. She tried so hard that the color of her camisole changed because of her sweat. Even when I was doing push-ups, she supported me and helped me when she reached the limit. 

—I can’t take it anymore. 

I lay on my back, exhausted. She was sweating profusely and my muscles were a little sore. 

—…Do you think I’m a bit pathetic? 

When I said it, Miyuki-chan quickly replied, “Not at all!” 

—Kirishima-san is very strong and resilient. You have a broad back… And you are strong… Even when you held my legs, I couldn’t move at all… I felt as if she was being pressed by a man… A strong man. 

The words that left Miyukis lips were unexpected and bold. I felt a shiver run down my spine when I heard such a young girl expressing her thoughts aloud.

Miyuki lowered her eyes shyly, embarrassed by what she had just said.

—Um, I have a request…

—I have a bad feeling, what is it?

—Kirishima-san, can I touch your body?


I lost my composure for a moment, but I shook my head and tried to regain my composure.

—Don’t think anything wrong. It’s just… Boys don’t play with me anymore and I realized that I’m a girl and I want to understand the differences better, so…

Miyuki was going beyond the concept of this love game, but helping her to establish her identity during the growing up phase where gender differences occur could also be a responsibility of mine as someone older than her.

—As long as it’s just for a moment, that’s fine. But only as a learning experience, okay?

Miyuki nodded enthusiastically. So for a short moment, I let her touch my body while we both continued to learn about love and growth.

—Thank you. So…

Miyuki started to touch my arm and neck. The feeling of her soft hands gliding over my skin was a little unsettling. Without hesitation, she pushed her hands into my shirt and stroked my stomach.

—I’m a little sweaty…

—It doesn’t matter… It’s just that your bones are bigger and the way your muscles are developed is completely different…

Gradually, the look in Miyuki’s eyes lost its rationality.

—I have another request…

—Absolutely not.

—Could you immobilize me by force?

Miyuki lost control over her emotions.

—Did you not hear what I just said? I won’t do that.

—I have no bad intentions… I just want to feel the difference in our strength…

—What is it with you and your sister? Can’t you understand the meaning of the word “no”?

—This is my last request, I promise.

Saying that, Miyuki dropped to the ground and raised both hands above her head.

—Agh, okay, but it will be the last request, after that, there will be no more.

I approached her and held Miyuki’s wrists with one hand so that she was completely

immobilized. And since her wrists were thin, it wasn’t a problem.

—So this is… A man’s strength, right? I can’t move at all…

Miyuki mumbled as she looked at my arms.

—Yes… Well, that’s enough, now that you were able to notice the difference in our strength, I’ll let you go. — I said as I walked away from her.

—Thank you… That was… An interesting experience… — she replied as She stood up in amazement. 

—I’m sorry if I went too far, but I didn’t want you to get hurt. 

—No worry! Thank you, Kirishima-san. 

With a bright smile, Miyuki thanked me for fulfilling her wish. Our strange game of love continued and between laughing and talking, we learned more about love and our own identities.

—Miyuki-chan, even if you want to do this out of curiosity, you shouldn’t ask other guys for this kind of thing. You might not understand it yet, but men have different emotions and then you might find yourself in a complicated situation. 

—So… let me learn from this with you. Please, Kirishima-san, explain to me what happens when a man and a woman are alone in this situation. Make me understand my body. — She replied while looking away from her to somewhere else. 

Miyuki’s body was twisting in an atypical way, suggesting that she was experiencing certain emotions that I have already had enough experience with. 

How naughty of her to be just a high school student! 

—I want to experience what my sister did. I want to know how you feel about it. 

—W–Well, that’s something…

I didn’t know how to react to Miyuki’s words, they surprised me.

—Are you suppressing your desires for my sister?

Obviously, Miyuki had listened to the conversation between her sister and Hayasaka during the night. So she knew that her sister was with Yanagi.

—Would you allow me… To replace my sister? — She asked with a pleading look.

After this request, I remembered what happened that day in the pool.

Tachibana was forced to spread her legs by another man. I tried to act calm and pretend I didn’t care, but in reality I had a lot on my mind and I missed feeling Tachibana’s skin.

—If I can’t be my sister’s substitute… — she said, turning her head away and blushing — punish me for being a naughty sister who tries to do inappropriate things with the person my sister loves.

Miyuki is Tachibana-san’s younger sister, a fifteen-year-old girl who doesn’t know anything about these things yet. 

Under normal circumstances, she shouldn’t even be allowed to touch a girl like her. However, at that moment, when my rationality disappeared, what came to my mind was that famous writer who crossed three eras: the Meiji era, the Taisho era, and the Showa era, Junichiro Tanizaki. 

Junichiro Tanizaki fell in love with his wife’s younger sister and triggered the “Odawara incident,” where he tried to give his wife to a writer friend. To make matters worse, his wife’s younger sister was only fifteen years old at the time.

To love the younger sister of the person you love, at only fifteen years old, and to give the loved one to another…

These enigmatic words fell upon me like a revelation and became a single answer. 

I, Shiro Kirishima, was Junichiro Tanizaki! 

And in a fit of irrationality, I lifted Miyuki’s shirt, exposing her sweaty white belly. 

—Kirishima-san, this is too sudden…

Ignoring her words, I ran my tongue over Miyuki’s belly.

—Ah, y–you are… Ahaa!

Since Miyuki liked sports so much, she didn’t have much fat on her body. Nevertheless, her belly was soft and feminine.

I continued to lick her soft, pure skin with the taste of sweat.

—Ah, ahaa! Ah ahaa!

Her moans were so enchanting and hypnotic that she wanted to listen to them all the time.

I continued to caress her body, sensually and gently along her shoulders, collarbones, arms and thighs, letting her experience endless emotions that were completely new to her.

—Please… Be gentle. It’s the first time that… Ahh…

With careful movements, I touched her skin, barely touching it. And then…

—Ah, Kirishima-saaan!

Miyuki let out a sweet groan.

With her arms crossed over her head, her body wriggled like a beautiful white fish.

—Now I understand… Kirishima-san, your big, bony hands have made me realize that I am completely vulnerable, that I cannot resist, that I am just an ordinary girl. — She said with a shaking voice.

Sweat flowed from my temple, down my chin, and onto her burning body, mixing with her own.

In the middle of this room that symbolized innocence, with its white painted walls and matching curtains, I felt guilty for defiling a young woman who had barely crossed the line of puberty.

However, I thought that if someone had to stain her, she would prefer to be the one to do it. I was caught in those uncontrollable thoughts.

Miyuki, more and more out of her mind, mumbled like she was drunk.

—Please do to me what you did to my sister… Everything.

I began to lick the side of her body, the back of her neck, all the while running my hands all over her body. And it wasn’t long before he asked me to stop between pleas. 

—Kirishima-san, something is wrong with me. Although I’m ashamed and can’t stop the tears, I feel strange emotions and wish that you would make me suffer even more. — Miyuki said sobbing and moaning sweetly. 

I wanted to torment this crying little girl even more as she moaned. 

—K–Kirishima-san! This is not right! 

Ignoring her, I grabbed her foot and ran my tongue over it. 

—Sorry, sorry. Very sorry! I am a naughty little sister. I’m sorry! Please forgive me! 

My actions are probably incomprehensible, but even the great writer Tanizaki had a deep fascination with women’s feet, which led him to write novels about them. He probably found extraordinary beauty in women’s feet. 

Similarly, I find beauty in Miyuki’s body at this moment, while she is in the midst of her growth, radiating a unique radiance. 

If so, couldn’t everything I do be considered a literary act? 

For some time now, a girl named Hamanami has been shouting in my mind: “Apologize! Apologize to literature!”, but there is no need. Because I am Junichiro Tanizaki. 


As she gasps and her small mouth opens and closes, Miyuki’s figure moving up and down is incredibly mesmerizing.

Suddenly I feel compelled to act, so I gently take her red tongue between my fingers and stretch it slightly. 

—Ah… Eee… Ueeee… 

Miyuki’s eyes narrow, her body relaxes and saliva drips carelessly from the corner of her mouth. She is a girl who has already given herself completely. 

—Eaaahh… Ueaahh… 

For about an hour, I continued to please the girl who could no longer speak. 

Following her request to do the same as her sister, I licked her neck and stuck my tongue in her ears. Although what I did to her was lighter than what I did to Tachibana-san, it seemed to be quite stimulating for a high school student. Miyuki moaned sweetly as she arched her lithe body and soaked her inner thighs.

And then… She had had enough, so I disconnected from my simulated Tanizaki state of consciousness. 

—Well… That’s enough — I whispered as I disconnected from this strange alter ego — Don’t try to force things too much, you’re still a high school student and also very different from your sister, Miyuki-chan. 

—Yes… I understand… Kirishima-san made it clear to me… Completely… 

Miyuki was exhausted and drenched in sweat and other bodily fluids. 

When my common sense returned, I thought about what had just happened and calmed down. Why the hell did I do that to Tachibana-san’s sister? I guess I’m a degenerate after all. 

I was about to grab a towel to wipe off the sweat when something unexpected happened. 

The sound of a heavy door opening came from the entrance. And then… 

—I’m here~! 

It was the voice of Tachibana-san, who looked like she came back from her piano lesson. 

—Miyuki-chan, quick… Huh?! Hey, what are you…?! 

When I tried to escape, Miyuki grabbed my hand and threw me to the ground, leaving her on top of me with our noses almost touching. 

—Let my sister discover us and face the destruction together.

—Don’t say crazy stuff like that!

As someone who is already in the process of her own self-destruction, I would prefer Miyuki not to be involved in this.

—Miyuki-chan, come to your senses, you’re just letting yourself be carried away by the emotions of the moment. What you are experiencing right now is not real.

—Okay, then I have one last request, seriously, this is the last one. — Miyuki said with a childish and shy expression on her face.

It was something quite typical for her age and she moved restlessly with a blush on her face, like something out of a girl’s manga.

—Kiss me.

From the lobby, it looked like Tachibana-san had seen my shoes and asked: “Is Shirou-kun here?”

—No, Miyuki-chan, this…

—I know how much you like my sister, Kirishima-san.

I tried to stop her, but she intervened and kept insisting.

—So let’s forget everything that happened today. But first, please give me a kiss to say goodbye.

I looked at Miyuki and tried to find the right words but the situation seemed to have reached a point of no return.

Meanwhile, Tachibana-san’s footsteps came even closer.

—Shirou-kun, are you here?

She walked past Miyuki’s room and then returned.

—Hurry or my sister will find us!

—No, more importantly, have you never kissed anyone before?

—No, it’s my first time… And I want it to be you, Kirishima-san. — she replied shyly.

—Miyuki-chan! Is Shirou-kun here? — Tachibana asked from the corridor.

Miyuki pulled my shirt and brought her face closer to mine.

—If you don’t kiss me, I’ll scream.


—It’s okay, you didn’t do anything wrong. You can say that you were threatened by me, which means that you would not be betraying my sister.

Tachibana-san’s footsteps stopped in front of the room.

—Miyuki-chan, are you there? — Tachibana asked from the door.

—I mean it, Kirishima-san, do it.

Judging by the tone of her voice, it was obvious that she was not hesitating.

Her face still had a childlike expression, and despite what they were doing, she looked fresh and brave.

Inside me, there were two conflicting emotions:

To keep Miyukis innocence intact… Or much of it. Or to tarnish that purity with my lust.

And through this dilemma, I…




To cut a long story short, Tachibana-san didn’t discover us and nothing else happened between Miyuki and me.

—Oh, sister, it’s good that you came, I have a surprise for you, guess who came… — Miyuki said as she went to the door.

This made Tachibana panic and from the other side of the door, she looked very upset.

—Wait a minute. I just came back from my piano lesson and I haven’t…

And so Tachibana-san hurriedly left, leaving a trail of loud footsteps behind her.

—What just happened? — I asked in disbelief.

—When my cute sister comes to see you, she takes a lot of time to pick out her clothes and comb her hair. Besides, her piano lesson is very intense, so she will at least take a shower before appearing in front of you.

Meanwhile, we also get ready. We wiped off the sweat with towels and put on our T-shirts.

—Kirishima-san, don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone what happened today. I love my sister very much. — Miyuki said as she buttoned her shirt — I was a little silly today, but I’ll keep this memory in my heart and we don’t need to talk about it again or worry about what might happen in the future. I just wanted to do something more mature.

And so we both had nothing more to say, we just remained silent. 

After a while, Tachibana-san entered the room. She was wearing a white blouse and a long black skirt, looking elegant and refined. 

—Did you come to see me? — Tachibana asked shyly, looking away. 

In her, a personality with relentless cruelty and a docile girl always coexist. 

—I heard that you were depressed, so I… 

Before I could finish my words, Tachibana-san rushed over and hugged me, pressing her face against my chest. 

—Then maybe you should go to the grocery store. — Miyuki suggested, trying to read the atmosphere. 

But Tachibana-san, without letting go, walked over to his sister and said over my shoulder: “I’ll punish you for this later.”

—Why? I was the one who brought Kirishima-san here to help you, sister!

—You were alone in your room.

—That’s your argument?!

—Yes. So there will be punishment.

—Ah~! Mom~! My sister is unfair~! — Miyuki shouted as she left the room.

—Tachibana-san, why don’t you show some compassion towards your sister?

—I don’t care what happens to my sister.

As she looked up, her expression seemed to beg me to care only for her.

—You came to see me because you care about me, right?

—Yes, and also because I wanted to ask you something. Why did you accept Yanagi-senpai’s proposal?

Tachibana-san became Yanagi-senpai’s temporary girlfriend. But according to what Miyuki told me, she also locked herself in her room because of it. What exactly is she planning? 

—I did something terrible to Yanagi-kun, and yet he did many things for me. 

Even though she became involved with me as Yanagi-senpai’s fiancée, he broke off his engagement to free Tachibana-san and made sure that his father continued to support Tachibana-san’s mother’s business. 

It was a demonstration of great sincerity, and in the end, Tachibana-san developed feelings of gratitude toward Yanagi-senpai. 

—So I decided to become his girlfriend, just as he wanted. It will be for a limited time, and I will also agree to the rules of no kissing or hugging. After that, I will ask Yanagi-kun to disappear from my life.

After all, Tachibana had no intention of becoming Senpai’s real girlfriend. All of this was just a way to repay the favors she had received and to make up for the betrayals of the past. 

—I know I’m a terrible woman. But I still want to be with you, Shiro-kun. — Tachibana said as she grabbed my shirt — And so you will no longer have to suppress your feelings for him. You don’t have to feel guilty anymore for being with me. I will return what I received from Yanagi-kun, I will return everything, as much as possible. I’ll do it so that you don’t have to feel guilty… I’m so sorry, I know it’s painful now, but you have to be strong.

Tears began to flow from her eyes as she held me tightly. And she continued to speak.

—To compensate, I let Yanagi-kun touch me a lot. After all, I have to act like his girlfriend, right? If I do that, he will disappear from my life. I won’t let him go further than a hug, but I will let him do certain things within the established limits. Sorry, I know you don’t like to hear this, even though I’m your girlfriend.

Well, she clearly noticed that I was jealous.

—When this is all over, you can overcome my memories. I hope you will punish me for doing such embarrassing things that make me cry. So please wait patiently for this storm to pass.

Tachibana lifted her chin and approached me like a pleading puppy, pressing her body against mine. However, he quickly regained his calm expression and continued.

—This time I’ll make sure I follow the rules. If I don’t, I know you’ll get worried and jealous again, right, Shiro-kun?

The only reason she existed was so that I could choose her without hesitation and without looking back.

That was the motivation behind everything Tachibana did. 

She was willing to become a bad-tempered girl and let a boy she didn’t like touch her, just to be a suitable girlfriend for me. Or so she thought. 

But in her mind, there was one possibility missing: the possibility that I would choose Hayasaka-san. 

Of course, Tachibana was also aware of this possibility. But… 

—I know Shiro-kun, you will definitely choose me. 

Tachibana hugged me again and hid her face in my chest while she continued to talk. Her warm breath made my chest heave. 

—Because we… We took that step. We exchanged something as important as our first time, and that is how I became your girl, Shiro-kun. That is why I will do anything for you. 

Immediately after that, she hugged me even tighter and pressed her head into my chest even harder, as if she was trying to suppress something. 

—But… If you still choose Hayasaka-san and abandon me… I would rather see you die, Shiro-kun.

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese

Kirishima and Hayasaka are two classmates who have a secret relationship in public.

In their school life they pretend that they don't know each other, but behind the scenes there is much more to them than people can imagine. The two get into a relationship that is difficult to break and ends up being impure, unhealthy, and complicated, as the relationship between them was nothing more than an affair that simply created a love triangle before Kirishima's first love and his second love.


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