Chapter 7: Mansion of the Spirits

Mansion of the Spirits

—Why?! Why?!

Hamanami cried in despair.

It happened on a cloudy day on the local bus as it crossed winding mountain roads.

—Why are you making such a fuss?

—Why not?! You’ve thrown me into this super immoral quartet! This bus is going to the first corner of hell!

Inside the bus, in the front seat, Yanagi-senpai was reading a book. Then Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san sat in the middle, while Hamami and I were at the back of the bus.

—But it was you who asked for this, Hamanami.

—That’s true, but…

A relative of Hamanami’s was having trouble selling a mansion in a resort town, so he consulted Yanagi-senpai, whose father was also in the real estate business.

Yanagi was to photograph the exterior and interior of the mansion, and Hamanami was chosen to accompany him.

Since the resort also had tennis courts and other facilities, Yanagi invited Tachibana-san so that the four of us could enjoy a kind of date while doing the photo shoot. So both Hayasaka-san and I went along with the plan.

—But everything’s fine, right? It seems like Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san are getting along well, too. Even on the train, I saw them holding hands. 

—You obviously don’t understand! — Hamanami protested — Really close girls don’t hug each other! It’s like they’re saying: ‘Let’s get along’ but inside they’re secretly fighting. 

—Oh really? But right now I see them sharing candy and having fun together. 

—Please take a good look! — Hamanami exclaimed — Hayasaka-senpai is offering a candy bar with a smile, right? Well, that candy bar is stuck in Tachibana-senpai’s cheek.

I decided to ignore the tense scene between the two as they huddled together and forced a smile. 

The bus arrived at its destination, and we followed Hamanami to the place we were looking for. 

In the summer this place would be a cool village full of sunlight filtering through the trees and lush greenery. But now it was winter and the sky was threatening to rain, while somewhere a crow could be heard cawing.

Crossing the arched path formed by the trees, we reached the top of the hill where the Western-style mansion stood. It was made of brick, with a balcony and an elongated shape with triangular roofs on both sides. 

—It feels like a crime scene. — Tachibana-san commented while holding his hair to keep the wind from ruffling it. 

—Then why did Hamanami’s relative decide to sell this mansion? — I asked. 

—Because he wants to leave. — Hamanami answered with a lost look. 

Then, without looking directly at us, she showed us the screen of her smartphone. On it was a website that collected horror stories, and this mansion was featured.

The website mentioned cases of former owners who died tragically and stories of servants who went mad while living in the mansion. 

—They call it the “Mansion of the Spirits.”




After we left our luggage in the living room, Yanagi went outside before it started to rain to take pictures outside. Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san, still holding hands, were arguing about the furniture in the room.

—How about we explore a bit? — I suggested leaving the living room with Hamanami.

The interior of the mansion was as elegant as the exterior. There was an impressive lobby with a high ceiling, a floor covered with a red carpet, a large dining room with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and antique wooden furniture.

We walked down a long hallway and entered one of the many guest rooms.

—It looks like a hotel.

—The electricity and running water work well, so we could open it as a hotel anytime. — Yanagi explained.

Inside the room, there was a large bed and a simple desk. Hamanami sighed at the sight.

—This mansion… It certainly has an eerie feeling.

—Are you serious or just trying to scare us?

—I am quite sensitive to spiritual energies. That is why I often get into trouble. I also have a lot of problems in non-spiritual aspects.

—Oh I see.

—Huh? Why do you have such a calm expression? It’s because of you, you know! — Hamanami exclaimed.

—For now, we are all following the rules and we are in a stable situation. So there is no need to get upset.

—No, we are not stable at all. We are all accumulating stress. From the moment Tachibana-senpai decided to become Yanagi-senpai’s girlfriend, the rotation system fell apart.

—Well, I guess you have an important point…

—Yanagi-senpai must be aware of that, too. Still, will he work to change things in the time remaining?

—Could it be that Hayasaka-san was included in the rotation system?


When we talked in Miyuki-chan’s room, she said: “Have Yanagi-kun approach Hayasaka-san. If Hayasaka-san breaks down, Shiro-kun definitely won’t be able to leave her”. Tachibana was only thinking about being with me. It wasn’t a lie when she said she would do anything to make it happen. 

I am sorry that I have such a complicated personality. But that’s just for now. After everything is over, I won’t do this anymore.

That’s what she told me. 

So Tachibana and I spent some time together. When Miyuki-chan came back from the mini-market, she told me that it was time to go home.

During this time, Tachibana wants to be Yanagi-senpai’s girlfriend in a very puritanical way. And if everything goes as she thinks, then the four of us will be in harmony. 

—You could say that this is a soft landing plan that Kirishima-senpai has come up with, right? 

—Exactly. And it makes sense, because Tachibana-san is trying to fulfill my wish of not hurting anyone before being with me. 

—But what will happen if Hayasaka-san and Yanagi-senpai really end up together? That means you’ll have to let them go, right?

—Yes, if that happens… I intend to do that.

—What really matters is what Hayasaka-senpai thinks, right? Even if Tachibana-senpai and Hayasaka-senpai agreed, she must have her own intentions.

At that moment, Hamanami looked at me with a strange expression.

—What are you doing, Senpai?

—What am I doing? I’m looking for something that fits well around my neck. The extension cord doesn’t work at all… Oh, this towel looks good. It fits very well.

I wrapped the towel around my neck and pulled it from behind.

—Yes, it is very comfortable. — I murmured.

—Kirishima-senpai… — Hamanami said, looking at me with an indescribable expression — According to the Internet, the second owner of the mansion died by hanging himself with a towel.


—Supposedly it was in a guest room on the second floor overlooking a Japanese oak tree. Looking out the window, we see a majestic Japanese oak tree in the distance. 

—….I think it’s better if we leave now. 

—I suggested with a feeling of fear. 

—Yes, let’s leave this room as soon as possible. 

At that moment, thunder boomed so loudly that it engulfed the entire mansion. 

—The lights flickered. It looks like lightning struck nearby. 

But Hamanami did not react. Her gaze was absorbed in a specific place in the mansion, without moving.

Following her gaze, I saw two maids standing at the end of the long dark corridor. Their pale, expressionless faces were looking at us. 

I took a few steps back, breathing heavily as Hamanami staggered towards me, trying to use me as a shield, but we both got tangled up and stumbled as we tried to escape. 

—Take Kirishima-senpai, he is the one who has a soul without salvation! 

—No, let it be Hamanami!

The lights in the mansion dimmed, and each time they came on brighter, the maids came closer to us.



Overcome with fear, both Hamanami and I cried out in despair.




—There is no reason to be afraid.

The person who said that was Hayasaka-san, as she approached me in her maid’s outfit with her arms crossed.

After all, it was her and Tachibana who were dressed like that. So it was a false alarm.

After that tense moment of terror, we continued the tour of the first floor of the mansion, splitting up to take pictures of the interior.

Tachibana-san and Yanagi-senpai took care of the second floor, while Hamanami, still a little shaky, waited in the living room.

—Well, it’s not so scary now, but there was certainly an eerie atmosphere back then. — I commented.

They both had blank stares, and when they spoke, their voices blended together as if they were twins.

I remember we found the maid’s clothes in the closet and commented on how cute they were, but neither of them remembered changing.

—And what do you think? Do I look pretty now? — Hayasaka asked.

—Yes, it suits you very well.

—Hehe~ Master, ask me for anything you want!

Using the excuse of acting like a servant, Hayasaka took the opportunity to be selfish and sweet.

—It’s just that we haven’t seen each other for a long time. I am sorry if I make you feel uncomfortable…

It’s true, we haven’t spent much time together lately.

Hayasaka was suspended because of her part-time job, and her mother scolded her, so she was forbidden to leave the house.

—Have you been good?

—Yes. I watched movies and a lot of videos on the Internet. It’s a good way to distract myself.

—Are you going back to school next week?

Because of what happened between us in art class, I’m sure we won’t be able to get back together the way we used to.

—Yes. And don’t worry, everything will be fine. — Hayasaka replied with a serious tone — As long as you’re with me, I’ll be fine.

She had always expressed that she didn’t care if people frowned on her as long as she was with the person she loved. She prefers to be the one despised by society than to be a porcelain doll who has to please others.

—Oh, I just got a message. — Hayasaka-san said suddenly, showing me the screen of her phone.

It was a selfie of Yanagi-senpai with his arm around the shoulder of Tachibana-san, who was wearing the maid’s outfit to show that they weren’t doing anything private when they were alone.

They strictly adhered to the rule of sending each other pictures periodically. However, the way Yanagi-senpai had his arm around Tachibana-san’s shoulder seemed provocative.

—Tachibana-san lets Yanagi-senpai do that because she is determined to be her girlfriend.

—Do you have that much confidence in them? Maybe they took the photo after they kissed.

—No, they are definitely following the rules…

—Haha, Kirishima-kun, you worry too much. — Hayasaka replied between laughs — But you shouldn’t be like that, you have me, so don’t make that face.

All this makes me feel nostalgic.

—I want to ask you something.

—What is it?

—Why did you agree to all this?

—Because I trust you, Kirishima-kun. — She said with a smile — To be honest, I don’t understand any of this. As soon as I heard Tachibana-san’s suggestion, I just accepted it without thinking about the details. I tried to put it into perspective, like originally Yanagi-kun was my number one and stuff like that. But now I’m not so sure. I’ve become a mess, people are writing obscene things about me on the bulletin boards at school, and my mother is crying because I’ve been suspended. I only have Kirishima-kun, and I don’t understand anything anymore, but if you’re here, I’ll be okay.

Hayasaka-san’s eyes became distant for a moment, but she quickly smiled again.

—Anyway, it’s because I trust you, Kirishima-kun. If you are here, I can be Yanagi-kun’s girlfriend without any problems. If anything goes wrong, Kirishima-kun will fix it for me. I just have to do what Kirishima-kun says, right?

While we were talking, Hayasaka-san clung to me like a cat again, as if to show me her affection.

—I wish we could sleep here. So I could spend the whole night cuddling up to you, Kirishima-kun.

—I don’t think the rules allow that.

—Stupid rules. — Hayasaka replied with a soft voice.

It was a careless statement from Hayasaka. However, part of her wish came true.

After the photo session was over, a clap of thunder sounded and turned into a violent storm. When we looked outside, a curtain of water appeared in front of us, preventing us from getting out.

—Both the trains and the buses have stopped running… — Hayasaka said, looking down at her phone with displeasure.

Yanagi and Tachibana had just entered the living room.

—It looks like we can’t leave until tomorrow, we’ll have to spend the night here. — Yanagi said.

There was really no problem spending the night here. The electricity and water worked, and although it was a little dusty, the beds were spotless. Except for one small detail…

—What are we going to eat? I don’t think we’re going to die from going a night without food, but I don’t think it would be the best.

—Don’t worry, I’m ready. — Hayasaka-san replied and took some snacks out of her bag.

There was everything from classics like Pocky and Happy Turn to exquisite sweets like Dorayaki and Agemanju.

—Do you always carry so many sweets?

—Hayasaka nodded happily.


—What’s wrong? Kirishima-kun? Don’t you like candy?

—I never said that.

It’s not that I don’t like it, but I don’t like the idea of gaining weight either.

Anyway, we had planned to spend the night here until we could leave in the morning.

A few hours later, however, the situation would take a dangerous turn.

The front door did not fit properly, and due to the storm and the strong wind, it looked like it could open at any moment. So we all tried to find a way to keep it closed.

—I have an idea.

Yanagi-senpai said as he wrapped a chain around the doorknob that he had brought from the tool room.

—Do you really have to put a lock on the chain, senpai?

—It is the only way to make sure the door will not open.

—Even if you say that, it seems more like you are trying to prevent us from escaping from this place…

—Is it what it seems? — Yanagi replied with a lost look.

—It certainly is what it seems.

—It certainly is what it seems.

Both Tachibana and Hayasaka said in unison while still dressed as a maid. They also had their hands clasped together and looked very somber with their eyes lacking light,

—Come to your senses!

Hamanami slapped Yanagi-senpai’s cheek and shook Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san’s shoulders.

—You two! You are under the influence of something evil!

According to what I found online, there were even cases of murder in this mansion, and the culprit had blocked the entrance with chains and padlocks to prevent the guests from escaping.


Clarity returned to Yanagi-senpai’s eyes. However, this is where the difficult part begins.

—About what I mentioned before, I will continue with my proposal…

Yanagi-senpai frowned.

—Even though I was the one who suggested it, it is quite painful. Continuing to approach a girl who isn’t interested in me…

Yanagi-senpai once again realized Tachibana-san’s true feelings. Even though they went out together and hugged, he could sense that it was all out of obligation, which made him feel even worse.

—I’m sorry…

Tachibana-san said with an apologetic expression.

—Hikari-chan is not to blame. I’m the one who forces things. But I’m also a weak man, so on a stormy night like this, I can’t help but long for someone’s affection.

Her gaze shifted to Hayasaka. Senpai already knew that Hayasaka was the one who loved him the most. Perhaps it was Tachibana’s kind but superficial attitude that affected him deeply.

With her hand on his forehead, Yanagi-senpai expressed herself with a desperate look.

—I’m a weak man, and I long to be loved by someone, so… Let’s anticipate the exchange of partners, let’s advance the rotation…




At night, I would lie on the bed in the room and hug Tachibana-san.

The room was barely lit. The candles on the chandelier were flickering.

Since lightning had struck and there was a blackout, we had no choice but to use some candles.

The mansion seemed like a world of its own, isolated from earthly reality.

And it was in this strange atmosphere that the proposal was made.

—Why don’t we change partners for one night?

Yanagi’s proposal was accepted without question. Tachibana-san and Hayasaka-san responded in unison with an “okay“.

And as expected, Hamanami was quick to express her fear and dissatisfaction with this proposal, saying that we were scarier than the paranormal phenomena that happened in this house.

But to be honest, none of us paid any attention. So being with our respective partners, each of us entered a different room to spend the night.

Unfortunately, none of us could take a shower because the hot water in the mansion was not working.

At first, Tachibana was embarrassed not to have showered, but once we were in the same bed, she clung to me and whispered my name over and over, like a puppy wanting attention.

—This time I will follow the rules properly.

Tachibana said these words while she let out a wet sign, looked at me with seductive eyes, and from time to time squeezed her pelvis as if she couldn’t contain herself. 

In manga, girls are sometimes shown pressing their breasts against someone to express such intentions, but experiencing this sensation is even more destructive. 

—You know, Shiro-kun. Earlier, Yanagi-kun praised me for the maid’s dress and hugged me several times. He hugged me so tightly I thought my spine would break, stroked my head, and whispered in my ear: ‘I love you, Look at me’. And as her girlfriend, I stroked his back in response. 

Without thinking, I hugged Tachibana-san. I hugged her so hard that her waist arched away from her, stroked her head, and whispered in her ear that he loved her, that he loved her. 

—I… I want to continue to be your girlfriend, Shiro-kun. 

She said as she raised her chin, but then quickly lowered her face. Instead of kissing me, she gently bit my shirt several times. 

That stormy night, we hugged each other and melted into each other in the darkness of the mansion.

I really wanted to do it with her, but I couldn’t. 

In front of the bed was a table with a chandelier and a cell phone. 

On the cell phone screen, Hayasaka was shown being hugged from behind by Yanagi-senpai while lying in bed. Their eyes met across the screen and Hayasaka smiled sweetly. 

That’s right, the limit of physical contact was only up to a hug. To check if this rule was being followed, they were broadcasting a live video of each couple sleeping. 

Yanagi-senpai was holding Hayasaka-san from behind, so they were both facing the camera. 

In our case, Tachibana-san and I were hugging, so only I was looking at the camera. The broadcast had the sound muted, so I couldn’t hear what they were saying. 

But Hayasaka and Yanagi seemed to get along very well. Considering that Hayasaka was the person Yanagi liked the most, there was a high possibility that things would be better between them than with Tachibana. 

No doubt he seemed happier when he was with Hayasaka than when he was with Tachibana. Being with someone who loves you more than the person you love can be a dilemma that many people face in life. But he didn’t have time to think about it. 

Incomprehensibly, even though I had such a beautiful, docile, and completely adoring girl in my arms, I couldn’t help but feel envious when I saw the phone screen.

The warm, wet feeling of Hayasaka’s body was still present in my mind. And Yanagi felt it at that moment. 

The situation is so chaotic that I feel like my head will explode. 

To avoid the impulse to do the same to Tachibana, I look away and see Hayasaka flirting with Yanagi. 

It is obvious that we are both testing our feelings. 

After about two hours, I reached my limit. 

The reason was that Tachibana moved her body impulsively. Taking advantage of the fact that she was hiding under the sheets, she put my thigh between her legs, and even through her pants I could feel how wet she was down there. 

Then, with subtle movements of her hips, she began to pull at my sleeve as if begging for something. 

We had reached a point where we had crossed several boundaries. I thought about continuing and forcing some kind of denouement for the four of us. 

But it would be too cruel to show Hayasaka and Yanagi what Tachibana and I were doing.

It’s a way of completely destroying yourself, choosing Tachibana out of desperation, and destroying everything around us.

It was not a good option to have to think about making decisions in this very confusing situation.

—I’m going to drink some water. — I said as I walked away.

Having said that, I left the room.

I took the candelabra and walked down the hall to the great hall, where I tried to drink water from the bowl. But someone was already there… Hamanami.

—I can’t sleep. Can’t you either, Kirishima-senpai?

—It is difficult in this situation.

—We don’t have to talk about anything, right?

—The four of us will make a video call.

—Aaah! Aaah! Aaah!

As usual, I told Hamanami everything. At first she was very angry and said she didn’t want to hear it because it was scary. Then she calmed down and spoke more calmly. 

—Well, I guess escaping here was the right choice. Anyway, those three have been acting a little strange since they arrived at this mansion. 

—You’re right. 

—If you want, we can talk here all night. 

Anyway, the movie was coming to an end. Tachibana-san arrived at the great hall while rubbing her eyes. 

—I feel sad when Shiro-kun isn’t with me… — she said, clinging to me while she was still half asleep. 

—At times like this, Tachibana-senpai is so sweet. — Hamanami said, stroking Tachibana’s head.

While we were relaxing on the couch, Hayasaka and Yanagi also joined us. It seemed that none of them could sleep. 

So the five of us ended up spending the night together in the great hall. Anyway… It was the moment when the grandfather clock struck midnight. 

—Why don’t we play a game to make the time pass faster? 

This was Yanagi’s suggestion. But no one had cards like the card game. Although we could search inside the mansion and maybe find board games like chess or backgammon.

But before that, Yanagi found something.

—What is this?

Senpai found a piece of paper that was placed next to the chandelier in the middle of the sofa.

—I wasn’t here a moment ago…

I recognized the scroll. It should have been in my coat pocket. How did it get here?

—Don’t open it, we shouldn’t open it! — I shouted.

I tried to stop him, but he had already opened the paper.

—True Game of Love… — He read aloud.

It was the love game that was supposed to be included in the True Love Notebook that Kunimi-san gave me when we met on Orientation Day.

I had also heard that this game was specialized for love quadrants like us. 

—Let’s play it. — Senpai said. 

—Wait a minute. — I interrupted. 

This game wasn’t something we could just say, “Let’s try it” and give it a try. The name of the game written on the paper was “Game of Surrender”. 

The premise was simple: The four members of the love quadrilateral would form pairs and sit opposite each other. Each pair would have to imitate the actions of the other as if they were reflected in a mirror. 

Specifically, in our current situation, Tachibana and I would be one pair, while Yanagi and Hayasaka would be the other. So if Tachibana and I kiss, Yanagi and Hayasaka must also kiss. 

—This is not something we can take lightly. We have to imitate exactly what the other couple is going to do, and the actions have no limits, as indicated in the instructions. 

Rules like hugging have been completely eliminated. 

—But what if one of us asks the other couple to stop? — Yanagi asked. 

In the hypothetical case that Yanagi and Hayasaka tried to base each other off, just saying the word “stop” would end it. 

However, as a penalty, I would not be allowed to have a relationship with Tachibana in the future and would only be able to get close to Hayasaka. 

That’s basically what the game is about, deciding who you feel the strongest for.

—If I have girl A by my side, and I really love her, then I shouldn’t care what any other girl does. If I can kiss Girl A, but prevent Girl B from kissing another guy, that means I chose B over A. So in a love quadrilateral, choosing B over A would be the interpretation… 

On the other hand, if Yanagi decides to give up and stop my kiss with Tachibana, it would mean that he ignored Hayasaka, who was next to him, and would therefore be forbidden to approach her. 

—Are we really going to do that? Our actions will not be reasonable at all, and everything will get out of control. 

—Are you seriously questioning this, Kirishima? Don’t you think we crossed that line a long time ago? — Senpai said with an unusually serious expression — I realize that my feelings are all mixed up. I think this game will help us to simplify our relationship a lot. 

I guess he was right. This game was a way to force us to decide our true feelings from the outside. Who will we choose between the two girls? And besides… 

—We can leave things as they are if no one gives up.

That’s how it is. Since the game allowed unlimited actions, we would go as far as we could. If no one gave up, our relationships would be decided in the end. 

In other words, if there was no surrender, our pairings would be set: me with Tachibana and Yanagi with Hayasaka. 

—If we do that. Then I suggest that neither you nor Hayasaka-san surrender. — Tachibana said.

Tachibana certainly didn’t have to give up. From her perspective, if Yanagi and Hayasaka fell in love, she would have no reason to intervene, no matter how close they became. 

And… There was a possibility that Hayasaka would quickly abandon Yanagi who was within her reach. 

—Do you agree with that, Hayasaka-san? 

—Yes, it seems good to me. 

Hayasaka smiled kindly and accepted, establishing the rules of the game of not giving up.

This had become a real endurance competition between Yanagi and me.

If I give up, I will only be able to be with Hayasaka.

If senpai gives up, he can only be with Tachibana.

If neither of them gives up, the current situation will remain as it is.

Suddenly, the air in the room became even more tense, as if announcing the final phase of this meaningless test.

—…I’m going to wash my face.

Senpai left the great hall with a serious expression on his face. Seeing that the water container is empty, Tachibana holds it with both hands and goes to the kitchen.

—Is everything okay? —I asked Hayasaka — I have to admit that I felt jealous when I saw you sleeping next to Yanagi. But if you really love Yagani-senpai more than anyone else, then I am willing to support you without giving up even if he does something that…

—It’s okay — She replied with a happy expression — After all, I think of Yanagi-senpai the same way I think of you. So if I look at it that way, I don’t care what happens. 

—Well, that means… 

—Huh? Did you think I still liked Yanagi-kun? Ugh, that’s a thing of the past, you know? 

Hayasaka clung to me, taking advantage of the fact that Senpai and Tachibana were not present. 

—If I’m really the one you like the most, wouldn’t you want to avoid this game? 

—Yes, of course I don’t. But… 

—Then why do you want to hurt me again? Even if you don’t want another guy to touch me, you’ll flirt with another girl while remembering how miserable I can feel… But that’s okay, I’ll accept that you hurt me a lot. But in the end, I want you to be nice to me, okay? Hehehe, I’ll probably end up falling in love with Kirishima-kun again. After all, I trust you, Kirishima-kun. 

It seemed that Hayasaka had reached the point of no return, no matter what I said or how bad things got, she really wanted to be with me.

—Won’t Kirishima-kun be the one to give up in the end? I know you can’t stand to see Yanagi-senpai and me getting so close, so he’ll stop us, right? Then it will be the final end. But I feel a little sorry for Tachibana-san. She had to wait so long, and she was just used to satisfy physical needs and then discarded. Then I will have to comfort her and give her lots of sweets.

—Hayasaka-san, I would like to ask you, hypothetically speaking, if I had not chosen you, how would you…?

—Huh? That makes no sense. Because you are Kirishima-kun. You are always on my side. For me, there is no one else but you. However, if for some reason you don’t choose me…

At that moment, Hayasaka-san’s eyes went blank.

—In that case, I would give my heart to anyone who wanted me. I would give it to anyone. After all, I’m worthless. If I can’t be with Kirishima-kun, then I’m not needed. So I’ll get rid of myself.


Hamanami, who had heard everything from a short distance away, shouted with a desperate expression.

—Please stop! Stop this madness and don’t play this macabre invention!

But we had already reached that point, and there was no stopping it. Yanagi-senpai and Tachibana-san returned.

In the living room, in front of the flickering candle flames, Yanagi-senpai and I sat across from Tachibana-san and Hayasaka-san, while Hamanami fled the scene.

—Shall we begin?

The three of us nodded in response to Yanagi’s question, and the game of Surrender began.

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese

Kirishima and Hayasaka are two classmates who have a secret relationship in public.

In their school life they pretend that they don't know each other, but behind the scenes there is much more to them than people can imagine. The two get into a relationship that is difficult to break and ends up being impure, unhealthy, and complicated, as the relationship between them was nothing more than an affair that simply created a love triangle before Kirishima's first love and his second love.


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