Chapter 8: Immoral role-playing game

Immoral role-playing game

Tachibana-san is currently immersing herself in the bathtub. I’m still working out the details in my head about the events that led to my current situation.

After getting slapped by Tachibana-san, my mother came home. As soon as she saw her, she wanted her to stay home for dinner. My younger sister also agreed, bringing up the wonderful idea of letting Tachibana-san sleep in our house tonight, so she can play with her all night. 

To my surprise, Tachibana-san accepted the invitation and called her own home, saying she was spending the night at a friend’s house. Saying something like that is somewhat understandable, since she would’ve caused her mother unnecessary worry if she didn’t let her know that she would spend the night with a “friend.”

It’s a very strange situation, and it’s quite unusual to think that Tachibana-san would be at my house the whole night… Currently, I am sitting under the kotatsu in the living room. On autumn evenings, such furniture was a blessing from the gods. 

—Let’s play games and talk about girl stuff all night! — exclaimed my sister to Tachibana-san while preparing the video game console.

However, before that happened, Tachibana-san went to help in the kitchen since my mother called her. My mother seemed to be in a good mood judging from her humming.

—I’ve always wanted to do something like this with my son’s girlfriend… It’s a dream come true.

Upon hearing this, Tachibana-san became visibly flustered while peeling onions. Still, it didn’t end there since my mother dropped a bigger bombshell.

—Someday, I hope we can go shopping too.

—Yes… — replied Tachibana-san.

An air of sadness emanated from Tachibana-san’s reply. Deep down, she must’ve felt guilty for lying to my mother about being my girlfriend, likely because our relationship has an expiration date. Still, she seemed convinced to continue with such a facade.

—We also need to do something about Shiro’s clothes. It wouldn’t be right for him to go out with his girlfriend while he’s wearing such tacky clothing.

—That’s certainly true… I’d like to see him look less bland. — Tachibana-san nodded in agreement.

—Who says I don’t have taste? — I interjected.

—Shiro, you’re the kind of twisted man who thinks that not dressing fashionably is being fashionable. 

I wondered at what point their conversation took an unexpected turn for them to focus their attention on me and my abysmal fashion sense…

But now, there’s something more important to think about: it’s about what happened earlier. My mother hasn’t met Hayasaka-san yet, but my sister has already met her. Furthermore, she had already interacted with both Hayasaka-san and Tachibana-san. I need to quickly come up with a resolution. 

I decided to beckon my sister to come closer so we can talk in secret.

—What do you think of Tachibana-san and Hayasaka-san? — I asked.

—I don’t think either one of them is wasted on you, onii-chan. — my sister replied.

—…And who would you rather have as your sister-in-law?

—Ugh, are you trying to get your cute little sister to choose for you? That’s disgusting! You’re such a scummy guy…! Though… I still can’t decide. If I had to give an answer now, I’d prefer both of them to be my sister-in-law.

—You’re pretty greedy… as expected of my little sister.

After that, my sister got up and approached Tachibana-san so they could play together. We both made eye contact, but after a few seconds, she turned her head away. Since that slap she gave me earlier, she still hasn’t spoken to me. She’s probably still mad at me.

—Come on onii-chan, move! We want to play! — my sister yelled.

I got up from the kotatsu and retreated to my room. I closed the door and lay down on the bed. I picked up a mystery book that I haven’t  finished yet, and continued reading it. The night turned out to be the same as always.

Though there is a slight change—that is, Tachibana-san is staying here tonight—I had nothing to worry about since my sister and mother had everything under control.

As I turned the pages of my book, I slowly plummeted in the arms of Morpheus and fell into a deep sleep… After a while, a knock on the door caused me to wake up abruptly.

—I thought you were playing with my sister. — I grumbled, still drowsy.

—She’s taking a bath now. — replied Tachibana-san.

She entered my room and stood with an expression as if she wanted to say something. Despite the visible uncertainty on her face, I could still feel her pain. 

—What’s wrong? — I asked.


She brought her nose near a part of the shirt I was wearing and inhaled deeply.

—You won’t smell my scent on this shirt. It’s freshly washed.

—You’re such a bore, Shiro-kun. — she replied, taking the brown paper bag that was on the table.

It contained the condoms that Hayasaka-san had bought earlier today.

—What’s this? — she asked, taking out her smartphone.

She started searching for information through the internet about condoms. After reading a lot of information related to its function, she also searched for content regarding the act in question. Considering the kind of girl Tachibana-san is, she likely hadn’t seen adult carnal acts in her life.

And just like that, I began to hear a woman’s voice gasping from her phone. Tachibana-san’s eyes were glued to the screen, unblinking.

—Tachibana-san, your nose is bleeding.


When the video she was watching concluded, Tachibana-san blew steam through her nostrils.

—This… can’t be possible… For some reason, I knew there was more to it than just kissing, but this…

—That kind of thing is also in shoujo manga. — I added.

—I only read the ones that are moe! — she said in an unusually high-pitched tone of voice. — I can’t believe it. You were about to do something like this with Hayasaka-san?


—Earlier, Hayasaka-san said that you two had already done very personal things alone.

—Nothing like this, though… We haven’t even gotten that close to each other. — I pointed out.

Tachibana-san looked at her phone again and kept watching adult videos one after the other. She seemed to be mesmerized with the content in question, causing her eyes to glaze over and her legs to squirm.

—I want to make it clear that at no time did it even cross my mind to do this with you when we were playing the love notebook games! — stammered Tachibana-san.

—Well, to be honest, it didn’t take long for me to realize–

After saying that, Tachibana-san throws her phone at my face. She looked very flustered.

—Not at all! That’s something only adults do… I like you a lot, Shiro-kun, but… I’m not ready to do those things with you yet…

—I can understand that.

What if we do it as the prize in the escape game? I thought. There would be no problem at all; I would go as a ghost, and it would be something like a joke. [ED/N: I didn’t understand what Kirishima was trying to say here at all, so I’m leaving it as-is.]

Despite defending such a proposition to no one in particular, I still had my doubts. I could seriously hurt both Hayasaka-san and Yanagi-senpai, even with the excuse of it being a joke.

—I want to be Shiro-kun’s girlfriend once. I think it would be wonderful if we could perform as a couple on the stage of the school festival. By having such a memory, it would make it easier for me to endure all the dirty things you do with Hayasaka-san.


—Then, it’s decided. I’ll be the prize. If you don’t participate, you leave me no choice but to enter in the contest with another boy. Now, tell me, will you still refuse to participate? — declared Tachibana-san.

—I still don’t think it’s right.

I understand Tachibana-san’s desire to have a memory of us as a couple, but it’s too risky to do so on the stage of a festival. If I participate, I run the risk of hurting Hayasaka-san, and above all, Yanagi-senpai will no longer be able to hide his discontent.

—Well, if that’s what you want… — I said.

I took out a notebook from my desk drawer. It contained a series of games written in great detail about what a man and a woman have to do to be closer to each other… Yes, I’m talking about the love notebook.

—We’ll play another game. If I win, you will give up your idea of us participating in the contest as a couple. If you win, I will do as you ask.

Hearing my proposal, Tachibana-san put her hand on her chin and made a thoughtful gesture before making a decision.

—Okay. What kind of game will it be?

I started flipping through the notebook until I found an interesting one.

—What do you think of this one? Immoral role-playing game.

Clearly, this was not the common role-playing game most people associate it with. Tachibana-san took the notebook and started reading its description and rules.

—Hmm, as long as everything we do stays within the game, I’m fine with it. It’ll work as an excuse for me… Okay, let’s do it.


That’s how we started the immoral role-playing game.


People who usually play role-playing games make use of virtual characters in a fantasy world created by themselves, or determined by the numbered selection of characters provided by the game. 

Though, the game we were about to play was not one that we could qualify as the ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’ type of role-playing games. As the very name ‘immoral role-playing’ suggests, the roles that both men and women will play will be a step beyond the shameful or perverted.

We could consider roles such as butlers and ladies, maids and masters, etcetera. Though, the spicier the role, the more exciting the game. The first one to break out of character or show too much embarrassment will lose the game.

—The first one to break out of character or be too embarrassed loses. — remarked Tachibana-san.

—So, what role do you want to play? — I asked.

Ideas began to blossom in our imaginations. A boss and his secretary, a younger brother with his older sister, a queen and her minion… However, none of them felt difficult enough for both Tachibana-san or me to feel ashamed of.

Tachibana-san’s gaze focused on the desk. There lay a dog collar that I had bought for Hikari when taking it for a walk in the park.

—No way, Tachibana-san… — I said, as I began to realize Tachibana-san’s decision.

—We made a deal. I want the characters to be a dog and its owner. — decided Tachibana-san.

I gulped as I heard those words. 

—And… Who will be the dog? — I asked.

—Me. — said Tachibana-san, nonchalantly.

—No, I think that would be too much.

—I let Shiro-kun lick my feet the other day. So, I’ll be the dog this time… I’ll be right back.

Tachibana-san left the room. When she came back, she was wearing her school uniform. 

—I’m ready… I can now play my character properly.

She proceeded to wear the collar on her neck, and I attached the leash on the dog collar. In terms of her attractiveness, the image that Tachibana-san was giving off marked a ‘before and after’; the collar with the leash took her ‘after’ image to the next level.

—Let’s do a couple of tests first. — said Tachibana-san.

—That sounds right to me.

I slowly pulled the leash and had her walk around my room. Tachibana-san crawled on all fours and followed me like a dog. I can feel my member rising.

The slightly embarrassed expression that Tachibana-san wore also gave her a certain charm.

—Sit down.

Despite the order I gave her, Tachibana-san turned her head to the side, and began sniffing me while on all fours.


She did not try to resist in any way, instead, she jumped towards me from her position. It caused me to fall backwards on the bed; Tachibana-san was now on top of me. Then, using her hands like a dog’s paws, she started squeezing my cheeks.


—I’m a bad dog.

—Calm down!


Tachibana-san bit my neck after refusing my request. And if that wasn’t enough, she started vigorously biting on the place where Hayasaka-san had made the mark of her hickey.

—Ow, ow, ow, OW, OW, OUCHHH–!

This is not satisfying at all… She’s biting me very seriously to the point of bleeding, and not to mention the teeth marks she will leave…

—You’re a bad dog!

—Yes. I’m a bad dog, so you must beat me, scold me, and train me. Only then you will have an obedient dog that will do whatever its master says. — said Tachibana-san, unashamedly. 

After saying this, Tachibana-san’s gaze became somewhat melancholy and expectant. This is getting more serious than I imagined. Both of us are about to cross the line between a true master and his dog.

—If you don’t train me quickly, I will become a very selfish dog that refuses to listen to her master.

Tachibana-san continued to bite my neck, so I had no choice but to cross the line.

—That’s enough! — I shouted while slapping her rear. 

Tachibana-san’s body shuddered slightly as she let out a bark in an erotic voice. She continued to sniff my neck as if preparing to bite me, so I had to hit her again. 

Another erotic bark came from Tachibana-san’s lips, and her cheeks turned red.

—So, Bitch Hikari wants to eradicate Bitch Hayasaka’s scent? — I asked.

—Woof, woof.

—I understand your feelings, but you must not hurt your owner.

To discipline her properly, I hit her more on her hips. Every time I heard her erotic barks, it made me feel weird. I have no way of knowing if it’s in a good way or in a bad way.

The more she barked, the more cheerful her tone of voice became. She’s really enjoying this a lot. She was no longer a high school girl; she was  now a bad little bitch who had to be educated. With each hit I gave her, her cheeks became redder, and her breathing more agitated.

As a result, instead of continuing to bite my neck, she began to lick it.

—You slapped your owner, too. Don’t do it again, you are forbidden to do it.

—Woof, woof.

As if to convey an apology, she began to lick the place where she had slapped me.

—Don’t do anything bad again. — I said, as I embraced her. 

—Woof, woof…

Tachibana-san hugged me back, and her body trembled with pleasure as she wagged her imaginary tail… She’s so tender.

—Okay, okay, you’ve been very good. — I said, while stroking her head.  — Well, I guess we’re starting to take this seriously now.


We went around my room again: Tachibana-san walked on all fours, while I pulled on her leash.

—Sit down!

And in a very obedient way, the dog—that is, Hikari—did just as I imagined she had to have done during the first time we tried this.


She extended her right hand to me.

—Roll over.

Tachibana-san rolled on the floor and laid on her back showing her stomach, so I reached over and started stroking it. She seemed very happy about it.

—Woof, woof!

Then, she got up and licked my face. 

—Would you like something to drink, Hikari? — I asked.

—Woof, woof!

—Well, give me a minute.

I left my room, and headed for the kitchen. I sneaked in and grabbed a shallow dish for Hikari to drink from. Then, I took some milk from the refrigerator and poured it into the dish.

When I returned to my room, I saw Hikari waiting for me in the same position I left her in.

When I placed the plate on the floor, Hikari walked over to it and started drinking the milk.

More and more, I felt the need to make this version of Hikari all mine. I want to hold her like this forever in my arms.

—You have milk around your mouth.

I approached her and started licking around her lips. Then, she licked me back very happily.

—Hikari, how about we go for a walk? — I suggested.


—Okay, let’s go outside.

So, we left the house and headed to a park a few meters away from where I lived.

For obvious reasons, Hikari wasn’t walking on all fours like she did in my room. But, she still had her collar on and I was holding her leash.

For a moment, she tried to go in a different direction from where I was going, so I tugged on the leash, then patted her hip to make her obedient again.

—Behave yourself, we’re outside. — I warned.

I don’t know if it’s just my delusion, but I think Hikari really likes to get spanked.

At my abrupt rebuke, she looked a little more submissive compared to a moment ago, so I continued to caress her neck, her eyes narrowing in happiness. 

Since it’s late, there are very few pedestrians around this place. Every now and then, a car passes by, but there’s no way that anyone could find us in this unusual situation.

I tried to convince myself that there is nothing wrong with this, and that we shouldn’t be embarrassed either since we are only taking a walk in the park. There’s nothing weird about that, right?

After a short walk, we arrived at a physical activity center where there was a gym and a baseball field. These places were usually full of people during the day, but during the night, it was another story to tell. This is supported by the fact that the most we could see were a couple of people running, and they were far away from us.

We crossed the tree-lined boardwalk, and then entered a grassy area located at the back of the place. It was a nice, thoroughly hidden spot. This gave Hikari the freedom to get on all fours again. 

I took her off the leash and let her do what she wanted.

For a reasonable amount of time, we played ball, I fed her chocolate, and stroked her beautiful back.

When it was time to explore further, we wandered down a grassy path that led to another section of the site. There, two people were visibly sitting on a bench. They were a young couple who were cuddling and doing other kinds of things that engaged couples usually do.

As soon as they became aware of our presence, they began to awkwardly arrange their disheveled clothes. When the couple turned to look at us, they were really surprised.

—Hey, does that girl have a collar around her neck?

—Yes… And she’s also wearing a school uniform…

—I bet he’s one of those fetishists who forces girls to get on all fours and makes them lick all kinds of places on his body.

—A friend of mine has done it and she said it was a pleasant experience. The desire to dominate and be dominated is uncontrollable during such an act: the owner wants to continue to give her lots of affection, and the girl playing the dog wants to obey her master’s every desire, anyway.

—You seem to be very well informed regarding the subject. I don’t suppose you’ve done it before with another man?

—Not really. But, we could give it a try.

After the rather spontaneous conversation between the couple sitting on the bench ended, they quickly left. 

So, there are people who do these kinds of things for fun and pleasure, huh? Now I understand why there are certain couples that like to hang out in the park at night.

I don’t understand this. I’m just a guy walking his dog. My relationship with Hikari is simply that of an owner and his pet.

—I wonder what those two were trying to do here during the night… — I wondered.

—Woof, woof!

If they found it weird that I’m in the park at night with a girl dressed as a schoolgirl with a collar around her neck, it’s because they’re the ones in the wrong. 

—Hikari, do you desire to be dominated by me?


Hikari was somewhat flustered, but affirmed such a desire.

—Do you want me to spank, scold, and discipline you?


—Do you want to be at the mercy of your owner?


—Are you going to let me do whatever I want with you?

—Woof! Woof! Woof!

—Lay on the ground!

Hikari laid on her back on the grass, and there seemed to be a lot of anticipation in her eyes regarding what I would do with her next.

—What an erotic dog you are!

My thoughts became fuzzy, and I could no longer distinguish my cute and tender Hikari from the sensual and perverted Tachibana-san who made me go crazy. 

On mere impulse, I grabbed her hands and placed my legs on either side of her own legs. Hikari began to bark anxiously, her eyes unfocused. She was finding it harder and harder to focus on playing the role of a dog.

—I have to discipline you properly.

I moved to her lips and kissed her eagerly. At times, I thrust my tongue into her mouth with the intention of teasing her. Her ecstatic expression was becoming more and more noticeable, and her panting could be felt with every breath she took.

I began to put a little more pressure on her thighs, and held her hands firmly.

—I’m going to make you mine.

—Woof, woo…ff…

—Dogs don’t wear clothes.

I untied the ribbon on her shirt, her breathing becoming more agitated. Then, I unbuttoned her blouse, causing the skin on her chest to be exposed. Tachibana-san began to bark with a little difficulty, and it was getting more complicated with each button I unbuttoned on her shirt. 

The next thing I did was to pull her skirt up a little, further exposing her thighs. In turn, Tachibana-san squirmed in embarrassment. 

Tonight, she wasn’t wearing a camisole, so her underwear was exposed. It had a pale blue color.

—Woof, woof.

Tachibana-san started licking me, either to hide her embarrassment, or because she wanted to continue playing her role as a dog, trying to stay in character. Then she stuck her tongue in my mouth, swirled it passionately, and at the same time, sucked on my lips. 

Moments later, Tachibana-san pulled her lips away from mine and started licking my neck until she felt the mark of her bite, making her remember what had happened between me and Hayasaka-san. 

As a result, she began to growl and tried to bite me again.

—Be a good girl!

Since she was lying on her back, I slapped the side of her hip. Her reaction made her hips rise a little, and unconsciously, Tachibana-san began to rub her crotch on my leg.

—Wa…. Aaahhhh.

Hearing the sound of pleasure emitting from Tachibana-san’s mouth was really addictive.

—Behave yourself.

I hit her again from the side.


Tachibana-san pressed her hips against my legs again and gasped sweetly. I think she’s about to lose her mind.

She’s a very sensitive girl. In other words, such sensitivity meant that it was not only limited to her mind and her observational skills. Her sensory organs are also very acute, so even the slightest, most gentle shock would have a great impact on her whole body.


Even after spanking her multiple times, she bit me again on my neck, this time, it was softer. It was as if she was asking me to punish her again. 

—Do you want me to continue disciplining you? — I asked.


Following Tachibana-san’s requests, I hit her again. As a result, her little gasps turned into moans.

—Haah, haahn… S–Shiro-kun… something’s wrongg with meee… haah, haahnn….

I wonder what would happen if I directly touched that sensitive part of Tachibana-san? With this in mind, I let her go and placed my hands on her underwear, both top and bottom.

—Aaah… aaaahnn… no, nooo… Shiro-kun… stooop…!

Finally, she couldn’t hold on any longer and grabbed my hand. Even during such a moment, her body began to move on its own. Her movements suggested that she wanted to feel something between her thighs.

—I… I don’t want to do the thing in that video., but… my body won’t stop moving on its own… why?

That wasn’t the end of it, since it has been a while since something began to brew inside Tachibana-san. As a result, she had finally climaxed in pleasure, drenching her underwear.

—Nooo… it caaan’t b–be… Shiro-kun, d–don’t look at meee, it’s… it’s too embarrassiiinnggg… Aaaaahnnn…!

Her scream was extraordinarily loud; drowning in pleasure, she arched her body as she trembled repeatedly.

Even in the darkness, I could see how the color of her underwear changed from how drenched she had become. It was such a sensual sight, enough to make me think that it looked rather pleasurable. Beneath me lay a breathless and exhausted Tachibana-san.

—Shiro-kun… I… I can’t take it anymore… I’m going crazy… I like you… I like you a lot, Shiro-kun…

Her tone of voice was weak, and the little strength she had left, she took my hand and continued speaking.

—I… I don’t feel ready to do it with you. But… It’s true that I want to be a submissive dog for you: someone that Shiro-kun can subdue and treat to your full pleasure. It’s just… I’m still too embarrassed to take that next step with you. I’m not as ready as Hayasaka-san was…

—Tachibana-san. You lost,” I told Tachibana-san.


—You’ve been out of your role for a while now.

It was the rules. The first one to break out of their character, loses.

—……..Shiro-kun, you’re a very cunning man. — She turned her head to the side, sulking and red-faced. 

Like I said earlier, this was all part of a game; I was simply acting like an idiot, but nothing we did today was serious. Shame on me for treating her like a dog and hitting her like that.

—The game is over. But… I think we could at least continue kissing and cuddling more. No need to do anything lewd. — Tachibana-san expressed with a tone of embarrassment, continuing to look in another direction.  — And well… I guess… you can keep hitting me a little…

—Are you sure about that?



It was very late at night. I was lying on my bed, thinking about the carnal acts that couples usually do when they are alone. There are many opinions about it, whether it is something that should be done before the age of 20, or that it should only be done with the person you really like or love. 

There are still a limited number of people who see such intimacy as something very special, and I include myself in that group. Perhaps I may come to take it too lightly when I’m older, but as a teenager, it still means a lot to me.

I believe that to do such an act with someone is to show them the ultimate expression of love, or the irrefutable proof of being lovers. When I decided to date Hayasaka-san on the sly, I made it a rule that I would never kiss her.

But things don’t always go the way you want to, do they? I guess both of us found a special meaning to justify such an action. But at the rate we’re going, Hayasaka-san has gotten to the point of wanting to do it with me. So much so that she took a day off from school to buy condoms from the drugstore.

What would happen if I do itwith Hayasaka-san? I suppose that would bring about a significant change in my emotions and in our relationship as we know it.

These are very risky changes that we will have to come to terms with. It’s a little scary for me, to be completely honest. 

But on a coin, there is always a flip side, and such a side belonged to Tachibana-san. What if I did it with her? She’s not just any girl, since she’s supposed to be the woman I love the most and wish to be with.

While I was lost in my thoughts, I heard a light knock on the door.

—Are you asleep?


The person who knocked on the door was Tachibana-san. Ever since we came home from the park, she had locked herself and my sister in her room. I imagined she was already asleep.

—Can I come in? — asked Tachibana-san.


—Shiro-kun, turn around.

Tachibana-san approached my bed and lay down in a way that our backs were pressed against each other.

—…I think it would be better if we don’t play those games for some time. — said Tachibana-san.

—I agree, we were very stupid.

—I don’t want to go through something like that again. Just forget everything that happened today.

It was normal to feel ashamed and regretful after something like that. Again, our hormones and stupidity took over.

—I may have wanted to go this far with you because I didn’t want to lose to Hayasaka-san… I’m even surprised at myself.

—Now that you mention it, it’s quite unusual for you to be like this. You always had the image that you didn’t care about anything.

—So, I was… Until I saw what you were doing and what you were about to do when I was hiding in your closet.

—…I’m sorry.

—I’ve realized that I’m always second in everything. Holding hands, kissing, and everything that has to do with dating in general. Hayasaka-san was always the first in everything.

—What do you mean?

—I also want to do something for the first time with you, Shiro-kun. I think that’s why I tried to do something so extreme earlier tonight. I didn’t have the courage to cross that line though… If things go on like this, Hayasaka-san will surely get your first time. Right?

Tachibana-san still hasn’t understood that my relationship with Hayasaka-san is based on our agreement that if things with her—that is, Tachibana-san—don’t work out, I will then be able to push my feelings to Hayasaka-san alone. But, what would happen if Tachibana-san found out about this?

We’re at a very delicate time in our relationship right now, so telling her would likely make the bees in the honeycomb go on a rampage. 

—I want to go with you to the school festival. — said Tachibana-san.

—You know we can’t risk doing that. — I reasoned.

—Hey, Shiro-kun.


—I want to slap you again.

An awkward silence took over the room. I guess such an atmosphere is natural since she bluntly told me about what she wants to do right now.

—So, does that mean you’ll be spending the school festival with Hayasaka-san?

—I don’t know.

—Well, it would happen anyway. You’re so kind and gentle, but an idiot at the same time… Forget it, keep doing your stuff with Hayasaka-san. — Tachibana-san said very sadly as she slowly got up from my bed. — I still intend to be the prize in my escape game. If you won’t claim me as yours, then I’ll enter the contest with the first person who wins.

—You promised me you weren’t going to set yourself as the prize when you lost the game.

—I don’t care about that stupid game.

I got up from the bed due to the sudden outburst Tachibana-san was having.

—So, what do you want me to do?

—I want us to go to the festival together and compete in the contest. I want to make memories with you. That’s all. I don’t want anything more than that. I promise I’ll be a good girl and I’ll put up with anything, whatever it takes. — demanded Tachibana-san.

—I… I can’t do that.

—Then, let’s do something you haven’t done yet with Hayasaka-san… I don’t care if it’s something lewd.

—But a moment ago you told me that you’d be ashamed to cross that line.

—I know… But I still don’t want to lose to Hayasaka-san. So, I have no choice but to do it. I might be embarrassed and reluctant at first, but… I don’t dislike it at all…

Tachibana-san was completely losing her composure. This attitude on her part is quite unusual. Maybe, for the first time in her life, she’s experiencing the feeling of having a rival. Her unattainable image of being a girl that no one overshadowed is being threatened.

—No… I have my limits too, and I’m not going to force you to do that. — I answered.

—You just don’t have the courage to do it. You seemed very relieved when I told you I didn’t want to do it because I thought it was embarrassing.

—You’re wrong. I think it’s okay to be sneaky sometimes. Maybe if you behaved more rationally, we wouldn’t be in such an inconvenien–…

Before I could finish my words, Tachibana-san gave me another slap. She lowered her head and attempted to hide her sorrow with a gloomy expression, silently returning to my sister’s room.

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

I’m fine with being the second girlfriend

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese

Kirishima and Hayasaka are two classmates who have a secret relationship in public.

In their school life they pretend that they don't know each other, but behind the scenes there is much more to them than people can imagine. The two get into a relationship that is difficult to break and ends up being impure, unhealthy, and complicated, as the relationship between them was nothing more than an affair that simply created a love triangle before Kirishima's first love and his second love.


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