—…I’m super nervous. 

It’s February 14th, Valentine’s Day, and after school, I made a quick stop before going to the Shinjo family’s house. 

—…Anyway, today was quite a busy day. 

The school was very busy because of Valentine’s Day. The boys were anxiously waiting to receive chocolates, and the girls were excited to give chocolates to the boys they were interested in, whether it was out of obligation or not. It was a typical Valentine’s Day celebration. 

Sota and Kaito were also very excited… 

They received chocolates from the girls in our class, and they were extremely excited and jumped for joy. Even though the chocolates I received were not obligatory, I was still happy to receive them… But the most important thing for me today was yet to come. 

I swallowed nervously and prepared to ring the doorbell. As soon as the sound was heard, hurried footsteps were heard from inside and Arisa opened the door to show her face. 

—Welcome, Hayato-kun!

—Forgive the intrusion.

I am relieved to see her smile, which does not remind me of the little misunderstanding we had recently.

Accompanied by Arisa, I walk into the living room, and the sweet smell of chocolate surrounds me as if to welcome me.

—Oh, Hayato-kun, welcome!

—Hi, Aina.

Of course, Aina was inside.

She was stirring chocolate in a bowl and looked adorable in her apron. But the most important was the chocolate she had smeared on her face, as if to emphasize her innocence and vibrancy.

—She’s making chocolate for me, Valentine’s Day chocolate. Ah, that’s so exciting. — I muttered to myself.

—Haha, you haven’t tried anything yet, you’re exaggerating.

—Exactly♪ Wait a little longer, okay?

Then I watched the scene of the two of them preparing the chocolate. 

It was true that I wasn’t bored just by watching them, but due to the good functioning of the heater, I started to feel sleepy.

Still, I fought sleep with all my might, trying not to fall asleep. And then, when I realized… I regained consciousness in the midst of a strange sensation. 


Something was in my mouth… And it was surprisingly sweet. 

Is it… Chocolate? When I slowly opened my eyes in my blurred consciousness, I saw a red-faced Arisa standing in front of me. 

(Huh?! What are you doing?!

The truth is, it wasn’t the chocolate that surprised me, but the fact that I had… Arisa’s finger. 

She had put chocolate on her own finger and put it in my mouth. So I had to act calmly so as not to bite her and hurt her. 


Cute? Are you telling me I’m a finger-sucking baby? 

—The chocolate is ready! 

I quickly turned my body towards Aina when I heard that word. 

With a satisfied smile on her face she had two prepared chocolates in her hands, both in the shape of a heart.

—What do you think, Hayato-kun? Isn’t it romantic? — Aina asked, visibly blushing.

—Yeah. The heart is the most recognizable form of love, right?

The chocolates were decorated with letters that formed the word ‘LOVE’ with white chocolate… Oh, I almost feel like I’m going to cry from emotion, thinking that these chocolates are made by them.

—Ugh! If I cry, the sweet chocolate will become salty!

—Hehe, is it that important to you?

Yes, it is! You have no idea how happy I am right now!

Of course, in addition to these two chocolates, several small cookies were also prepared, so I will be able to enjoy a lot of sweets.

The look and smell alone are tempting, but I’m also quite hungry since it’s still before dinner.

—Here you go♪

—Please accept it!♪

Both sisters handed me the heart-shaped chocolates, and I accepted them with excitement.

The size is not too big, which is perfect for not affecting my appetite for dinner. And apparently it won’t be a problem if I eat them both at the same time.

Well, if I had received them at school, I might not have been able to enjoy them right away due to a combination of excitement and fear of wasting them.

So without wasting any time, I set out to try it. And even though it was just chocolate, I couldn’t help but feel that it was better than anything I’d tried before.

—Hehe, it seems like you’re satisfied, right?

—Yes. This is the first time I’ve made chocolate for a boy.

—Yes♪ Hayato-kun, you are our first receiver!

—Yes! Hayato-kun, this is our first time…

Uh, that sounded a bit bad, right?

In the midst of this room full of smiles, I realized that I might be the one having impure thoughts when thinking about such things, and decided to concentrate on enjoying the chocolates.

—No… Seriously, they are delicious! A loved one’s chocolates are the best!

I made a victory gesture and raised my fist to the sky.

Seeing me like this, Arisa and Aina smiled with joy. Watching them, I ate two heart-shaped chocolates.

And the cookies, we shared them among the three of us…. And then, at that moment, Aina made a proposal to me.

—Hey, Hayato-kun. Do you want to eat some more of the chocolate we have left?

—Huh? Well… if you two did it, then I want to eat a lot.

I guess we can save dinner for later. However, there was something that puzzled me a bit. Both Arisa and Aina were nodding to each other.

Hmm? What are they up to?

—This is also like a surprise, so can you close your eyes for a moment?


I wonder… What are they up to?

When I close my eyes, I can only perceive information through my sense of smell and hearing… There is still the smell of chocolate in the living room, could that be the clue?

—It’s a little cold, right?

—Well, we let it sit for a while… Ah, it tickles me!

—I feel it too… It’s a little embarrassing!

—What are you talking about, sis? It’s to make Hayato-kun happy!

—Hayato-kun… Yes, you’re right! We can’t allow ourselves to be embarrassed!

Cold, ticklish, and embarrassed… What’s going on here?

A vague image formed in my mind of what it could be… But it can’t be true. It can’t be real… Although with Arisa and Aina, that image suddenly becomes more realistic.

—That is enough, right?

—That’s right… Hayato-kun, you can open your eyes now.


No matter how many times I say it, I can’t wait for it to come true… But with these thoughts in my mind, I opened my eyes in fear and was stunned by the scene in front of me.


Probably at this moment, my mouth will open and close repeatedly.

This was because the two girls in front of me were naked and had chocolate smeared on their beautiful skin.

By the way, this was exactly what I imagined, so for a moment I couldn’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

—W–What are you two doing?!

…Well, it’s quite natural to ask that question.

As I hurried away, the two of them slowly approached me… When I hit the wall, I lost my escape, and they slowly approached me… Very slowly.

—This is our last surprise for you…♪

—Yes, that’s it! Here we are, Hayato! Lick it or we’ll never get dressed and be like this for the rest of our lives!

—Are you two really going to go that far?

The two girls in front of me covered their bodies with chocolate… More specifically, the area of their boobs.

Not only was the environment muddy, but so were the tips of her nipples. Although I didn’t know how to react, I couldn’t deny that it was a very stimulating sight.


—Look, Hayato. No matter how hot it is in the house, I don’t think it’s a good idea for two girls to keep their upper bodies naked forever, do you?


Is this my fault!?

Damn it… But it’s true that my heart is beating fast right now and I really want to jump on them… I can’t resist anymore.

So I swallowed and slowly approached her.

—Come here… And lick anything you want.

—Please, Hayato-kun♪.

There was no excuse in the world to get out of this without disappointing Arisa and Aina… And even if there was, who would be stupid enough to resist such a situation?

—Here I go…

—Yes, yes♪


As I approached, both of them raised their ample breasts at the same time.

Which one should I choose? Which one should I lick first?

While thinking about it, I braced myself and opened my mouth…




After that, when everything was over, the two of them got dressed again.

I can’t get what just happened out of my mind… When I see their faces, I remember what I just did to them, and my face turns red.

The angels and demons seemed to be hovering over my head in an eternal circle, but in the end I managed to resist… I resisted and licked all the chocolate the two had spread on their cleavage…

Really, I just want someone to praise me for that… You have no idea how hard I tried not to pass out.

—Hayato-kun, your face is very red.

—Are you okay?

—You two…!

I was about to shout out how incredibly naughty and adorable they are, but I stopped myself.

They both laugh quietly at my reaction… Honestly, there are so many things I want to say, but it’s also a weakness of falling in love that I can’t express myself as strongly.

While I’m lost in thought, the two of them cuddle up next to me.

—Even though we know it’s wrong… We did it because we really care about you. Because we believe we can give you all of us, so we’re willing to do anything for you.

—That’s right! Anything is possible because it’s you, Hayato-kun… Hehe! Isn’t our love amazing? 

They both whispered these words on both sides of me. I took a deep breath… And then I hugged them both. 

—I love them so much. 

As I whisper these words to them, they both hug me tightly.

(Dear Mom and Dad, right now… I’m so happy, but I think you can see that there are a lot of hard things for me too.

It’s only been six months since we started dating and we’re already at this point on Valentine’s Day…

I have no idea what the future will be like, but I feel a lot of excitement and nervousness… I think these feelings are unique because they are with Arisa and Aina. 

Well, even though I was being a little serious… It seems that there will be more challenges in the future. But I hope I can go through the rest of my happy life with them… No matter what happens, I will be there to protect them and face any difficulties that arise. I will be with them for the rest of my life. 

Since I started dating them, we’ve spent Christmas together… We’ve also spent the winter holidays and New Year’s together, and now we’re sharing this moment on Valentine’s Day. 

Just these experiences have made the days so intense and full of unforgettable memories. But I know that these experiences are just the beginning… I have many more emotions and happiness to discover as we spend each day together. 

—I am so happy…

This whisper escapes my lips. 

And then, with a soft kissing sound, the two of them kissed me on both cheeks… And whispered softly close to my ear. 

—Me too. 

—Me too. 

It was natural for him to respond with an even tighter hug. 

Before the winter vacation started, they promised me that we wouldn’t be bored at any point during the vacation… And not only that, but even on this Valentine’s Day, there wasn’t a single boring moment… It was really fun. 

This will continue in the future… In fact, I think we have even more intense and happy moments ahead of us than before. Just thinking about it, I can’t help but get excited.




—I see. So that’s what happened.


That night, after receiving the chocolate from Arisa and Aina, I sat in front of Sakina.

Actually, I also received chocolate from Sakura-san when she returned from work, and that chocolate had an aura of luxury even from the wrapping… To be honest, I hesitated a bit before accepting it.

(But it was delicious…)

Of course, the chocolate I received from Arisa and Aina was also delicious, but the chocolate I received from Sakina was also truly exquisite.


—Is the beer good? 

—Yes. It’s delicious. 

I can’t drink alcohol yet… I guess I will one day, right? 

We’ve already finished eating and both girls are enjoying a nice bath together… Meanwhile, I’m here waiting for them to come out of the bathroom with Sakina.

—But I cannot deny that I told them a lie… Or rather, I hid the truth, and that made them worry…

—I didn’t personally see what happened, so I can’t be sure, but now that I’ve heard your explanation, I can understand why my daughters were so worried. Although I personally wasn’t worried at all. 

We had already put the matter with Saeki behind us, but when I heard that Sakina had noticed something strange about her daughters, I decided to tell her the whole course of events. 

Although I thought she would blame me for worrying her, as expected, she didn’t get angry at all. Instead, she looked at me with tenderness and trust.  

—That means… You trusted me?

—Yes. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t trust you.

Oh… Is she really telling me that?

Even though she should be drunk, she surprised me a bit when she stared at me… Wait, Sakina-san? Why did you get up and come to my side?

Without understanding what was happening, Sakina, who was sitting next to me, brought her face closer to mine. She mixes the pleasant scent of it with the smell of alcohol, but it doesn’t bother me at all.

—Hehe♪ We’re pretty close.


Sakina just smiled… But her seductive smile slightly raised my pulse rate uncontrollably. She placed her index finger in the middle of my chest and moved it gently, as if drawing a line, while she continued to speak.

—I didn’t know exactly what was happening, but I reminded the girls of certain points. No matter what happens, don’t worry… Because in that moment, I will make you happy.

—…Did something like that really happen?

Of course I don’t have any information about this conversation, but the fact that something happened that I’m not aware of makes me feel a little embarrassed.

—What do you think, Hayato-kun? What would your reaction be if I made a statement that would make you happy?


She came closer to me… I want to say something to her, like: “You must be drunk, right?” But her face is red and her eyes are a little glassy, so I wonder if she’ll even forget this interaction tomorrow.

As I think about it, I feel her push me lightly with her body. Until I was knocked down on the couch and she was on top of me with a charming smile.

—Wait, wait, Sakina-san…

—Hehe~♪ It’s so warm in here, Hayato-kun~♪

Oh yeah, she’s definitely under the influence.

Just as I was mentally preparing to take care of her until the girls returned, she suddenly stood up and started lifting up her clothes.

—I have you trapped~♪


“Trapped”… As the word implies, my head was completely covered by Sakina’s clothes.

Aside from the darkness that filled my field of vision, there was an overwhelming softness that enveloped my face… What is she doing?!

—You shouldn’t resist, you know? The clothes will stretch if you do.

—Oh, I understand.

While I was internally scolding myself for my passive acceptance, I was a little surprised at myself for not being so nervous in this situation, maybe thanks to Arisa and Aina.

Even though I was looking for a way to escape, she dropped a bomb that made me jump.

—The words I said before… They are not lies, Hayato-kun… I love you very much.


And with that, I felt like I’d lost the game.

But at that moment, I heard her calm breathing from above, and it seemed that Sakina had fallen asleep in this disturbing situation.

—You’re rea–… What are you two doing?!

—Hayato-kun and Mom are merging!

—Don’t say merging!

After that, thanks to Arisa and Aina, I was able to escape from Sakina’s “Heavenly Custody”.

—This can’t be happening.

—I felt a great disturbance in the force…


We went from the living room to Arisa’s room.

Although I managed to get out of her mother’s custody, Aina is there, ready to reprimand me, and unable to say anything, I look down.

—Aina, Hayato is not to blame, she was in quicksand… Our mother’s.

—I know, I know. But still… I have to learn to lock Hayato-kun up like she did with her clothes!

You don’t need to learn that, seriously!

But it was certainly a fascinating turn of events that made my heart flutter… It was certainly a moment that would have made a certain number of men in the world quite jealous to the point of shedding tears of blood.

Just imagine the situation. Having your head trapped between the breasts of the beautiful mother of your two beautiful girlfriends… There came a point where I wanted to die, not out of shame of course.

—Now that I think about it… Since Mom met Hayato-kun, she usually gets drunk to the point of being happy. I guess that shows how much he trusts you.

—Yes, exactly. Even though it can be a little problematic sometimes, seeing Mom like that makes us feel happy too. — Aina added.

—If you put it that way, I feel grateful.

Saying that, I lay down on the floor and let out a tired sigh.

Then Arisa started to bump her knees, which was clearly an invitation from her to use her lap as a pillow. I quickly walked over to her.

—Hahaha, how funny, Hayato-kun is acting like a doggy. — Arisa commented between laughs.

—He’s cute, right? Let’s just relax like this.

We remained silent and enjoyed a quiet moment without moving.

Even though there was no conversation, I could feel that not only I but also they were satisfied with this atmosphere.

Aina, who had her head resting on my stomach, gradually moved her face closer to mine… Only to be stopped by Arisa’s palm.

—Hmm! What are you doing lil sister? Now is the time to slow down, right? I know how you feel, but be patient.

When Arisa said this, Aina countered by puffing out her cheeks.

—You say that, but don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to. You’ve been pressing your breasts against Hayato’s head at regular intervals!

—That’s not…

…as Aina said, I could feel her hitting my head from time to time, but I tried my best not to notice.

Both girls started arguing about this and that, and I was still on my knees watching them, but it was no less enjoyable.

(…What is that feeling of accomplishment, like you’ve overcome a wall, even if it wasn’t particularly difficult?)

With that in mind, I intervened to mediate between the two of them, but that only made the situation worse…


—What side are you on?!

What kind of question is that?! It’s obvious that I’m on both sides.

Today was a very special day, Valentine’s Day, and the way we ended it was very lively and loud.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending a lot of time with them in the future, and it’s very exciting to imagine what that will be like.

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese

Aina and Arisa are two twin sisters who are quite popular among the high school students, but there are rumors that both of them hate men, although there is one exception… There is a young man who stands out from the rest and is the exception to this rule, as it was he who saved both sisters and their mother from a fateful fate.

Now the two sisters want to pour all their love and desire into him, while one pampers him with her big breasts, the other wants to be his faithful servant.

Thus begins the comedy/romance/harem of these two protagonists.


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