If I help sisters who hate boys without telling my name, what will happen next [Epilogue] [Volume 3]


The end of April is near…

Once April is over, May will come, and a quite long vacation will start… Normally, this time of year was not particularly exciting for me, but this year is different.

—A trip to the hot springs… Huh?

A trip proposed by Arisa and Aina. Apparently, Sakina had already agreed, so, with my approval in the end, the trip was scheduled.

—Even if it’s just for a few days, we have to make the most of it.

—Since we are already here, we decided to take a trip. Hayato-kun, relax with us both mentally and physically!

Sakina has already regained her health and returned to work, so there is nothing to worry about. At first, I wanted to refuse it, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of traveling with the Shinjo family.

Well, with the plans for the next weekend that will surely be engraved in my memory as the best memories. I felt a little uncomfortable with the atmosphere around me.


—Hey, my boyfriend is terrible in bed, you know?


—Yes, yes. Well, I guess since he was a virgin until now, I can’t blame him for it, but still, I wish he could please me more.

—Oh, I see.

While visiting the shopping center and enjoying an ice cream as part of a break, I heard that conversation from behind me.

Behind me, with a bush in between, some college girls were having a discussion…

The topic was too vulgar to be talking about it in a place like this. I felt like they shouldn’t be having that conversation here, but there was no one else nearby besides us… Moreover, they probably didn’t even realize my presence.

—Of course, there’s also the satisfaction aspect in teaching, but at the end of the day, if you’re going to do it, you want to enjoy it, right? So, in that sense, I would love for him to make more effort.

—Oh, I see.

—And you, how are you dealing with it?

—You don’t need to worry about me. At least, I am having good, satisfying sex.

—Oh, wow…

…I guess I should just move from here.

But even though I felt like I should have moved, I couldn’t help but continue listening to the conversation of the young girls despite feeling a bit guilty.

—But surely, when the person has experience, you feel more secure, right?

—Exactly. Although it doesn’t mean that anyone is suitable, there is definitely a big difference between someone with experience and someone without.

I see… That’s what it means. However, listening to these kinds of conversations doesn’t change anything for me in terms of what I should do.

—Well, in my case, it doesn’t matter much to me. If I can have sex from time to time, it’s fine by me.


—Yes. It’s not like I’m pressuring or begging to do it, but there’s no doubt that if we do, we’ll be happy. The more we embrace each other naked, the more we enjoy it, the more we fall in love and care for each other.

—Oh yes, I understand! I completely understand that feeling!

After that exchange, the girls seemed even more excited, but I thought I couldn’t keep listening beyond that.

I overheard an incredible conversation…

Such candid conversations were common, but I had never heard anything like that before.

I understand that intimacy between partners is the ultimate expression of love, but still, I am curious about whether you can really feel such happiness.


I was lost in my thoughts.

Without a doubt, I have decided to refrain from such acts until I become a more reliable man, to the point where I can confidently assert that I can take responsibility. 

In these times, it wouldn’t be so strange for a high school student to have that experience… However, after careful consideration, I came to the conclusion that it was not yet the time for me.


It’s not that I lack interest; in fact, I desire to be in an intimate relationship with both Arisa and Aina… Honestly, I do have that desire!

But still… I…

—Ugh… I better head home.

All of this is because of those young girls… But at least, I learned something. Thank you!

—It’s almost time to meet with both of them.

Today is Saturday, which means Arisa and Aina had planned to visit me at home.

The clock struck eleven thirty. Since they had said they would come before noon, I started hurrying back.

—Ah, Arisa!


When I called her by name, Arisa ran towards me.

—Hey, where is Aina?

—Aina will be a little late. Although I think she will arrive around twelve thirty.

—I see. Then, let’s prepare lunch and wait for her together.

—Yes, let’s do that.

We entered the house together and left our things in the living room, where Arisa approached.

—I will prepare the food a little later. For now, I just want to be like this for a while.

—Got it.

I caressed Arisa’s head and we sat on the sofa, both of us staying embraced until time passed by. 

While we were like this, I recalled what had happened before.

(…Can happiness be found by doing very naughty things…?)

Personally, being like this already makes me completely happy, but… What about Arisa? 

Sure, I think she is feeling joy in the same way as I am… But, is she expecting more from me?

(No… there’s no need to think about it.)

I know that both Arisa and Aina already want a deeper relationship, that much is clear… And until I can take on that responsibility, the situation will remain as it is.

I won’t change my way of thinking because I value both of them, but somehow, for some reason, I end up saying things like these.

—Hey Arisa… Can I touch your breasts?



Arisa blinked several times and finally opened her eyes in surprise… 

No, that’s not nice! What on earth was I saying!?

—Hayato… What’s wrong with you?

—Ah, no, it’s not what it seems like! It was like I was possessed by a spirit. Uh, yes, that’s…

This is not okay. I’m having a panic attack!

Perhaps my sudden action is due to the influence of the conversation I overheard between those college girls.

Although it doesn’t excuse the fact that it was too sudden. Am I weak-willed?

—I’m sorry, I said something absurd…

—It’s okay. Come on, if you want to touch them, you can.

Almost as if she was inviting me, Arisa swayed her chest with a gentle movement.

My gaze shifted between her beautiful face and her two large breasts, but Arisa simply smiled as she saw me like that.

—Since we are a couple, there’s no need to hold back, right?

I nodded at Arisa’s words… So, I reached out and touched her gently.

They were soft… Incredibly soft, they had the power to make me want to keep touching them, just as I had felt with Sakina.


What on earth am I doing?!

Despite quickly withdrawing my hand from Arisa’s chest, I have thought many times that, up until now, I have touched that place countless times, and on many occasions, I have felt its softness with the palm of my hand.

But… It is the first time that I have verbally expressed the desire to touch her like today…



—There’s no doubt that it made me very happy, you know? If it were something that Aina and I asked you to touch, it would be different, but for you to say it… You’ve never done it before. Is something going on?


If I’ve come this far, it would be awkward to stay silent… Thinking like that, I explained why I was “possessed” by that desire. Arisa found it amusing as she let out a giggle and then moved closer to me.

—So that’s it. I understand, you’ve been holding back all this time, and I found it strange that you suddenly felt the desire to touch me.

—…I’m… I’m sorry for asking you that.

—There’s no need to apologize. In fact, I was glad you asked me.

Arisa gently tapped my chest.

Her gesture seemed both charming and tempting, and as I grew nervous, Arisa moved closer to me.

With her cheek resting on my chest, she could clearly feel the beating of my heart… If that’s the case, then there’s no need for me to make an effort to hide it anymore.

—I’ve said it before, but both Aina and I desire an unbreakable and inseparable relationship with you, Hayato-kun. We want you to never stray away from us no matter what happens, and to never even consider drifting apart from us… We want you to immerse yourself completely in our love, from head to toe.

—I… I think I’m already completely immersed.

As I said that, Arisa shook her head, as if indicating that it wasn’t enough yet.

Staring at me intently, her eyes seemed to focus on a point almost obsessively… At that moment, her beautiful blue eyes seemed to cloud over and darken, and it scared me.

But she’s only looking at me… And it’s reassuring.

—Our yearning knows no bounds. The more Hayato-kun thinks of us, the more and more we want you…


—I know you value us… But if we seek that absolute bond, it’s inevitable that we also desire intimacy… Right, my lord?


It’s sweet… Those are such seductive words that numb my mind.

Arisa, who normally gives off a cool and stern impression in public, changes only in front of me into a submissive and provocative girl… Not just that contrast, but also Arisa’s allure captivates me and doesn’t let go.



At that moment, Arisa lightly pushed me, causing me to fall, and she fell on me, embracing me.

Just like a small child who rejoices in the success of mischief, Arisa stuck out her tongue and, with a flirtatious air, continued with these words.

—To be honest, we are also enjoying Hayato-kun’s resistance game against our temptations!

—I assumed you were in a similar position to mine as well.

—True, but it’s also fun.

Hmm… It really annoys me when they say it’s fun, but I can’t respond because I also find enjoyment and excitement in this exchange.

—The more careful Hayato-kun is in our progress as a couple, the more he thinks of us. But those feelings make our emotions towards Hayato-kun stronger, they grow even more.

—…So both of you are unyielding?

—Yes, I suppose. So, this is a kind of declaration of war. Aina and I probably won’t change our stance. Therefore, you must be prepared, okay?

—Uh, yes…

Arisa was smiling happily, it seemed like she was teasing me, and realizing that, I hugged her even tighter.


—…Taking advantage of me without hesitation like this, how cruel you are, Hayato-kun.

Well, I guess after enduring so much effort normally, it’s a way to let off steam… They take advantage of me, so I don’t hesitate to take advantage of them in this situation.

As we both lay back relaxed, Aina finally arrived.

—Hello, Hayato-kun and sister, I see you’re being very affectionate and lovey-dovey!

—Welcome, Aina. At the moment, I’m receiving affection from Hayato-kun.

—That’s not fair! I want you to pamper me too, Hayato-kun!

Although Aina frowns and pouts cutely, can she not do it right next to me? Her sexy black lace lingerie is fully visible from underneath…

—Oh, Hayato-kun, so naughty~

—It’s incredibly cute how she doesn’t seem embarrassed at all, right?

—…Kyunn ♪ I’m going for Hayato-kun~!



Aina jumped and pounced on Arisa and me.

(Wait, wait, this is very dangerous!)

Still, I managed to catch her firmly, and from that moment on, we spent a relaxing time together as three.

Seriously, this moment is amazing… But, as Arisa said, will there be even more challenging things in the future, especially in the… intimate area? Damn it!

Although I must stay within boundaries, it’s regrettable that I anticipate that… But well, it’s inevitable, right? I’m just a guy after all.

—Oh, I almost forgot.

—What’s up?

Suddenly, Arisa went up to my room and returned with… a pumpkin in hand.

She then began to affectionately stroke the pumpkin, holding it tenderly, as if it were something precious.

—It feels cool and nice.

—How great! Now it’s my turn!


What’s happening…? Seeing Arisa hugging the pumpkin, I feel like they are teasing me, as if they are trying to trade me for that thing.

I don’t like that, so I lightly tapped her on the head.


This thing might become my biggest rival in the future.

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese

Aina and Arisa are two twin sisters who are quite popular among the high school students, but there are rumors that both of them hate men, although there is one exception… There is a young man who stands out from the rest and is the exception to this rule, as it was he who saved both sisters and their mother from a fateful fate.

Now the two sisters want to pour all their love and desire into him, while one pampers him with her big breasts, the other wants to be his faithful servant.

Thus begins the comedy/romance/harem of these two protagonists.


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