If I help sisters who hate boys without telling my name, what will happen next [Chapter 6] [Volume 3]

The love between two sisters and that of a mother

It’s been several days since my date with Arisa and Aina… And also that scare we got from Sakina.

As agreed, Sakina is dedicating this whole week to her full recovery, so she should be resting at home relaxed right now.

—Hey, Hayato.


—You seem more cheerful than usual this week, don’t you?


During the break, Kaito made such a comment.

—I don’t know, I just have that feeling. Like you’re putting in more effort than usual.

I won’t say that observation lacks coherence. Because I am aware of it.

—Well, it’s just that I’ve found something I want to put some effort into.

—Oh, I see.

—I haven’t felt this way in a few years… It’s strange. Although I can’t go into details.

—That’s okay. If my best friend seems to be enjoying himself, that makes me happier than anything else.

—You and Souta are very understanding friends, you know?

Upon hearing this, Kaito chuckles and gives me a strong pat on the back.

Even though he pats me, he does it gently, so I don’t worry and just reflect a bit on my recent life.

This week, I’ve been going to the Shinjo house late every night, and while I’m helping Arisa and Aina, I also cherish my time with Sakina.

It may be a bit different to say I’m taking care of Sakina, who collapsed from a cold and overwork, but doing something for someone who has become a kind of mother figure to me… That makes me remember the past.

(By the way… This is bad. I’m starting to remember that day.)

I remembered the moment when I helped dry Sakina’s body. Especially when I touched her large breasts… Ugh.

—Hey, your face is flushed, you know?

—It’s nothing. I think it’s time to head back.


Just as I was about to return to the classroom, as classes were about to begin.

—Well, see you, sis.

Aina, who had come to visit this class, bumped into me on her way out.



I was a little surprised to hear a squeal that drew some looks, but when I held her, wrapping my hands around her waist, it seemed like a natural move for me.

—Are you okay?

—Yes. I’m fine ♪

Aina smiled faintly and then left with her friends.


—You always manage to help the Shinjo sisters.

—Well… Isn’t that quite normal?

Although to be fair, it’s not very common for someone to wrap their arms around someone else’s waist for support.

Hmm… I’m not entirely sure about this, but I think I did it so naturally because she’s Aina, and I’d probably do the same with Arisa.

—Well, alright. Let’s go in quickly.


When I returned to my seat, Arisa called me over.

—I could see a bit from here what happened. That girl is always so careless.

—Haha… Well, at least it was well received.

—Yes, by the way, a friend was very impressed with how Hayato-kun handled the situation earlier.


Maybe I saw a familiar face at that moment… Or is it just my imagination?

As I tried to remember who it was, just as the teacher arrived, Arisa, instead of saying something out loud, showed me her notebook.

—And if it had been me instead of Aina. Would you have helped me in the same way?

It was written like that, and I nodded with a wry smile, thinking it was obvious.

That was enough for Arisa, who smiled noticeably from ear to ear during class, to the point of catching the teacher’s attention.

—So… Shinjo-san, would you like to solve this problem?


—Oh… You seem to be in a very good mood, aren’t you?

—Really? Maybe something good has happened, who knows?

Watching that exchange, and noticing the boys’ interest in Arisa, I found it quite amusing and intriguing to a certain extent.

Arisa stood in front of the blackboard, and began writing equations with chalk in beautiful handwriting, and although the problem was challenging, she answered flawlessly, causing the teacher to nod in satisfaction.

—The answer is correct. You may return to your seat.


As Arisa returned to her seat after solving the problem, I murmured softly.

—You’re truly amazing.

—Of course. Because right now, I am radiating utmost happiness.

Well, I want to believe that my words brought that out in her.

Throughout the rest of the class, I felt as if, somehow, from the adjacent seat, a warm and mysterious aura was emanating, but every time I glanced to my side, Arisa was smiling, which made me feel that everything was alright.

—Domoto? Did something good happen?

—No, it’s nothing.

The seat opposite Arisa, where Inoue was sitting, noticed my sly smile, but I managed to conceal it.

After that, during the time between class and break, I couldn’t get Sakina out of my mind.

I’m aware that there is no danger, and that she must be resting, but the fact that she collapsed continues to weigh heavily on my heart.

(Ahh… I feel embarrassed by the moment I dried her body earlier, and looking into those sad eyes every time I leave her room, it makes it more painful.)

Those eyes… I can’t say why, but seriously, those eyes are dangerous.

Unconsciously, I forgot to go back to Arisa and Aina, and thought that maybe it would be better to just stay by Sakina’s side… Is that person really the same age as my mother?

Although I wonder about that, I guess it will remain a mystery of life.

—Hey, Hayato, let’s go eat!


Well, it’s lunchtime now, so I stood up with my lunch in hand and headed towards my friends.

Before starting to eat my lunch, I sent a message to Sakina asking if she was okay.

—What’s up?

—Oh, no, it’s nothing. Well, I’m starving, let’s eat!

—Let’s go!

—Darn, I’m really hungry. Thanks for the meal!


[Location change, Shinjo house]

—Ah… I feel much better. Aside from fainting, it wasn’t such a severe flu… No, it’s not right to say it wasn’t a big deal, after worrying my daughters and Hayato-kun so much.

Following her illness, Sakina sighs and quietly remarks that she is dedicating a whole week to her recovery.

Despite the usual atmosphere, she looks visibly more energetic. It seems she will definitely be ready to return to work next week.

—…It’s not right for Arisa, Aina, and even Hayato-kun to worry so much about me. How careless of me.

Just as she expresses those words, Sakina ironically smiles and shakes her head as if wanting to undo them.

(It’s unavoidable to have worried others, especially if I were to say it was a mistake, Hayato-kun… He probably wouldn’t be upset. However, Arisa and Aina… At this point, they would undoubtedly be furious, wondering what they were thinking to say such a thing.)

—Thank you for the food.

Since there is no one else at home, it is natural for Sakina to take care of meal preparations.

Well, there is no issue with that, nor is it a bother. The simple fact of being able to eat without problems and carry out household tasks like washing dishes is certainly a sign of her recovery.

—Hmm… I’m fine, but I promised myself to rest without fail this week, so I can’t afford to break that promise.

(It’s quite a problem…)

With that ironic smile, Sakina quickly returned to her room.

In a sense, Sakina has that sense of restlessness, as if she is not doing anything due to her hardworking nature. However, with a steely determination, she manages to contain those feelings and lies down on the bed.

—I can’t calm down… I really can’t. But Arisa and Aina are taking care of the laundry and other tasks, so there’s nothing to do… Although, I have nothing to do either.

It’s clear from her expression that she is quite frustrated.


However, at that moment, Sakina finally notices a notification on her phone.

—Arisa, Aina… And even Hayato-kun too?

A message sent apparently during lunchtime seems to have filled her with joy.

Although the individual characteristics of Arisa and Aina were clearly imprinted in the words, the message showed their genuine concern, making Sakina feel embarrassed about her current situation.

—Haha… Hayato-kun, you really are…

Her thoughts were on the verge of turning towards sorrow, but Hayato was the one who brightened Sakina’s mood.

Sakina, how are you feeling? If anything happens, please let me know immediately. No matter what, I will drop everything to go there. After school today, I will come home. See you this afternoon.”

Sakina stared at the message sent by Hayato, and she was so happy that she couldn’t help but read it out loud.

—Hayato-kun… Why are you such a good person? I can’t help it… I can’t help it.

Involuntarily… Sakina tilts her head, as if pondering what she was about to say next.

—…What’s happening to me?

Sakina sits, gazing at her phone screen.

As she reads the message sent by Hayato, she starts to feel her body warm up and her heart beat rapidly.

—What’s happening to me? Could it be a fever relapse? No, something is different.

This is probably sheer emotion… Sakina feels happy and excited at the same time upon receiving Hayato’s message.


As she utters Hayato’s name, Sakina reflects on the days since she fell ill.

Arisa and Aina… The presence of her beloved daughters was obviously significant, but the addition of Hayato added immensely more inside Sakina… His already significant presence became even greater.

“Sakina-san, are you okay? Is there anything you need me to do for you?”

Hayato always asked that question and visited his room… Making her feel like she had a child.

—Hayato is kind, he looks so much like you.

What those words mean was that she was talking about her late husband, who is no longer with us. 

Not only did her figure always consider Sakina and her daughters as the most important thing, but she also sent messages in this way, just like her husband… Although she tries not to think about it, her husband’s kindness inevitably overlaps with Hayato’s image.

The lonely, painful gap in Sakina’s heart, that’s where Hayato’s kindness directly infiltrates.

—I don’t…! This is not right! What am I thinking?!

With a gentle tap on his cheeks, he put the brakes on feelings that shouldn’t be embraced. Even so, her heart was still pounding, and Sakina, putting down her phone for a moment, hugged herself, suppressing the inappropriate passion.

—Ha… ha… ha… ♪ 

However, this intensity did not produce an unpleasant sensation at all, but rather something pleasant. Originally, Hayato was a trustworthy figure to leave his daughters behind, while also being a kind person that he could rely on, which made him someone nice. 

—Hayato is my daughters’ boyfriend… My daughters’ boyfriend… 

Although she said that to herself, her body didn’t listen to her at all, rather it seemed to tell her to relax and let loose, as if giving orders to the brain. 

—Ah… My daughters inherited my huge breasts…

(When I walk they sway, when I cross my arms, they change shape, just like when I put on clothes. And when I squeeze them a little harder, the sweet stimulation turns into an electric current that spreads throughout my body.)

—This feeling… Oh no, that’s not right, Sakina… You can’t do it anymore.

Sakina’s rationality was already on the brink of the abyss.

Soon after, the emotions that had been suppressed and were about to explode, it was Hayato who prevented Sakina from fully waking up the woman sleeping inside.



What came back to her mind was the frantic voice of Hayato that she heard in her confused consciousness. 

(It’s not that she’s remembering it now, but it’s also something he showed me when we were alone talking in this room.

“In reality… Seeing Sakina faint, without realizing it, I shouted ‘mother!'” — Hayato said, showing a vaguely embarrassed expression at his slight confession. 

This incident was deeply engraved in Sakina’s memory, and indeed, it had the power to calm the burgeoning fervor, to soothe the forgotten woman’s desire, and to restore her serenity, with the magical word ‘mother.’

“I told Arisa and Aina about it, but when I saw Sakina faint, her image blended with that of my mom. That’s why I’m really happy that Sakina-san is safe and has recovered.”

(At that moment, how many times had she thought like that about Hayato…? How wonderful it would be if this boy were her son.)

—Hayato-kun is like a son… Hehe.

The smile that bloomed when she imagined that was so charming, but it also carried in her eyes a deep love and affection, the image of a mother.

Sakina had asked Hayato many times to treat her like his real mother. Of course, Sakina was not unfamiliar with thinking of Hayato as a son… Perhaps even more than she realized.

—Hayato-kun… You are my son.

That was Sakina’s determination.

From now on, she decided to love Hayato more than before… She decided to love him as a blood son.

“What happened this time was something I caused… But I won’t worry Hayato-kun with something like this again, nor will I show him a sad and lonely face like the one I had.”

Sakina held her smartphone, displaying Hayato’s message, close to her chest. She maintained occasional contact with her maternal grandparents, who were currently her only family, and due to the complete trust they had in her, Sakina was responsible for him.

—Arisa and Aina spend their days as Hayato’s girlfriends, and I spend mine with Hayato as if he were my son… Just imagining it makes me want to twist and turn ♪

Sakina, with an expression of ecstasy, seems unstoppable.


Arisa and Aina are trying to immerse Hayato in a swamp of love, but Sakina wants to take on a maternal form of love. Now, the real siege network of Hayato by the Shinjo family has been completely completed.

—Why don’t you come back soon…? I want to love you… I want to love you very much, Hayato! ♪ 

If people saw the current Sakina, they would surely question everything, except her daughters.

It is obvious that Sakina’s behavior is strange, but Sakina has common sense, so she wouldn’t normally lose control…

—I seem to have gotten too excited. I feel like my temperature has risen a bit. I should rest quietly until the afternoon. 

(Of course, after all, if I get too excited, my body will probably heat up.)

It’s the kind of comment that seems to have been made.

—Good night for now.

Saying that, Sakina lies down and murmurs in her dreams. Both Arisa and Aina have two strong desires. One wishes to be dominated and treated like a servant, while the other wishes to be a mother. However, Sakina also harbors a great desire in the corner of her heart. And it is nothing more than a hybrid of her two daughters’ desires.


[Hayato’s perspective]


A sudden tickle on her nose causes a giant sneeze.

Fortunately, I was able to cover my mouth with both hands, so there was no damage. But if I had done so inconsiderately, it might have splashed Souta and Kaito, who were sitting in front of me.

—You have a cold?

—I don’t think it’s a cold. Maybe someone is talking about me.

—Oh, I hope they are not bad rumors, I will make the person who is talking about you regret it.

For now, Kaito should try to control his violent temper. Nonetheless, I am not worried, as his sense of responsibility prevents him from acting rashly. Though it pleases me that he is kind to me.

—Well, if anything happens to you two, I will do my best to protect you.

—Haha, I have no doubt.

—Hey, April is almost over, isn’t that great?

—Yes, it’s almost Golden Week… After that, the midterm exams are coming.

—Ugh, what a hassle.

But it is true that May is a month full of events. 

For about five days, there is Golden Week, followed by the midterm exams. I used to think a lot about exams and they bothered me, but ever since I started studying with Arisa and Aina, even that time became enjoyable.

—What’s up, Hayato? You’re smiling at the mention of ‘exams’; you’re a masochist.

—Why do you say that? During exam time, we study, and besides, thinking about the results makes it fun.

—Studying is fun…?

—Don’t look at me like I’m a monster.

Although I replied with a surprised look, I didn’t really think studying alone was fun. But with my two dear girls by my side, always willing to patiently explain things when I don’t understand, and during breaks, the best remedy is waiting for me… In that kind of environment, even the tough study time becomes enjoyable.

—Thanks for the meal. Well, I’m off.

—See you later!


After finishing lunch, I returned to my seat. 

Arisa, who was sitting beside me, had not finished lunch with her friends yet, and they were still chatting animatedly at their respective desks. However, she smiled at me sideways as I returned.

—Oh, Domoto-kun!

—Are you okay?

—Yes, I’m fine.

I gave Arisa a relaxed expression and proceeded to leave the classroom and head to the bathroom.

(Have you read my message, Sakina-san?)

Should I check it when I return to the classroom?

She has always responded quickly to my messages so far. Perhaps she has already done it a long time ago. I would be very worried if I check my phone and see that there is still no response from her.

Aaggh, I must stop torturing myself in this way. If I continue like this, I will end up overwhelmed.

—I should stop having these conversations in my head… — I murmured quietly in an empty bathroom while looking at my reflection in the mirror.

My face looked normal, but it clearly showed signs of worry… I thought I couldn’t go on like this and washed my face after washing my hands.


After drying my face with a tissue, I left the bathroom feeling fresher. As I headed back to the classroom, I saw the teacher coming down from the third floor carrying two large boxes.

I thought it looked dangerous because it didn’t seem to have good visibility, and he was staggering a lot. So I hurried towards him.


—Hmm? Oh, Domoto, what’s up?

—Aren’t those boxes heavy?

—Honestly, they are heavy. I lifted them together so I wouldn’t have to do it twice, but it turned out to be a bit exhausting.

I sighed deeply and quickly took one of the boxes.

—Let me help you, it’s dangerous to go down the stairs if you can’t see the floor well.

—I’m sorry. Thank you, Domoto.

—Don’t worry. I think it’s important to earn some points in situations like this.

—Haha, you’re really honest.

Educational reports are important during high school life.

Teacher Yanai didn’t seem to be bothered by my words. With a forced smile, he began to walk, and I followed him.

—Honestly, I was hoping to have a student help me, and it turns out that it’s you, Domoto. You are truly a kind student.

—I blush hearing that.

—Those are the qualities that make teachers think highly of you. What do you think about running for student council president next year?

—Those kinds of things are not for me.

—Really? I thought it would be perfect for someone like you, Domoto.

I shook my head as if to say “please stop” with seriousness.

The role of student council president is, in a way, the face and representative of the students… I don’t see myself in that role, nor do I think I would have things I would want to do or that I could rally other students.

—What are they talking about?

—The teacher just said that I would be good as student council president… Huh?

I hadn’t been aware of the person speaking to me, so I responded by pure instinct. And that voice was incredibly familiar to me.



—Yes, I’m Aina Shinjo, of course!

That’s right. Unexpectedly, it was Aina who was next to me all the time.

In fact, I naturally called her by her name. But it seemed that the teacher didn’t mind much if students addressed each other that way.

—Domoto-kun as student council president?! How did that conversation come about?

—Are you wondering how it all happened? Well, it turns out that…

Then the teacher began to explain how that topic came up.

Not only did Aina join in so naturally, but she also helped me carry these boxes to the teachers’ lounge.

—Thank you for your help, Domoto. Thank you, Shinjo.

—No problem. Well, I’m off.

—See you later! And, Yanai-sensei, take care of your back!

—Don’t worry! I’m still young… Huh?!

It seems that Professor Yanai, influenced by Aina’s smile, tried to do squats at that moment, but the crunching sound that followed resonated in a way that was shocking just to hear.


—Help! Helppp!


—Take him to the hospital!

—What are you doing…?

—They’re acting like idiots.

Suddenly, all the staff started making noise, so Aina and I sighed in unison and went out into the hallway.

—Somehow, adults are not so different from us, right?

—Haha… It seems that way, or rather, I think a good atmosphere has been created, don’t you think?

—Yes, it’s the atmosphere. Even the vice principal got involved. Our school is truly peaceful.

—Yes, it sure is. Even though we are away from the teachers’ lounge, we can still hear loud voices… And Yanai-sensei is definitely enjoying himself.

—Hey, Hayato.


—We’re still on break time… Why don’t we go somewhere together?

Aina smiled mischievously and stuck out her tongue in challenge as she said that.

She definitely had a suggestive air, but I simply accepted her proposal to go to a place where there weren’t many people.

—Where are we going?

—Where…? Mmm~♪

Aina replied enigmatically as she led me to the back of the gym.

Hardly anyone comes here, it’s a quiet place, although I had heard that it used to be a spot where troubled students came to smoke.

Aina took my hand.

—I’ve been looking forward to this! — Aina said, jumping on me.

I knew she would do something like that as soon as we got there, so I stretched out my arms and caught her in mid-air.

Although I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to flirt in a place like this, if she wanted to, I would do my best to reciprocate, because she is my lovely girlfriend.

—You know, I usually get the impression that this place is where bullies gather to harass other students or do other things. But, with so many trees and vegetation, it’s a charming spot.

—Yes, that’s right. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I brought you here, Hayato-kun.

Even though it’s within the school grounds, we don’t often visit this place.

—Even if we have classes or practice in the gym, we don’t need to come here… But the sound of branches rustling in the wind adds a charming touch to this place.

—Hey, Hayato-kun.


—Don’t you think this place is like a hideaway because of the branches and leaves falling right in front of us?

—Actually, it’s not that private.

—Haha! You shouldn’t say that.

Although our view may be possibly obstructed by the branches, Aina’s beauty is obvious, so there’s not much point in trying to hide.

However, at this moment, I noticed that Aina was behaving somewhat unusually. It seemed like she hadn’t brought me to this place just for a romantic time.

—Hey, Hayato-kun. Take a look around us with just the minimal movement. — she said in a whisper.

Following her words, I looked around with subtle movements, and then I realized.

—…Who’s there?

While it was evident that someone was there, I was worried that they had witnessed a compromising moment. Although understandable given our relationship, while I was concerned, Aina continued to speak calmly.

—It’s not like he’s been following me from the start, he just saw us as we turned that corner at the end of the hallway.

—So you noticed, huh?

—It was me who brought you here, Hayato-kun. I was paying attention, you know! — Aina replied with a smile.

Impressive… Even though I was attentive to our surroundings, I didn’t notice that person who could be seen a bit from here.

Aina chuckled softly and then mentioned something that surprised me even more.

—He… is the first-year guy who wrote me the love letter.


A love letter… I remember hearing about that.

I knew Aina showed no interest in the author of the letter, so I didn’t pay much attention to it… But seeing that person in person made me feel an unpleasant sensation in my chest.

I don’t want to lose Aina… I don’t want anyone to take her away. It was a feeling of possessiveness that overwhelmed me.

No, it’s a natural emotion as a couple. This is not something new for me, and it is not bad to feel a desire for exclusivity towards my girlfriend.

Also, I find it nice that both Aina and I show those kinds of feelings of mutual exclusivity.

—We haven’t talked much, we only ran into each other a few days ago, when I went to the staff room with a friend, but it seems like he fell in love with me at first sight. He handed me a letter the other day, asking me to go out together, but I didn’t respond. And I also found another letter this morning.

—I see…

While she was talking about that situation, Aina leaned towards that boy, and took my hand, bringing it towards her chest.

—Ahn~ — Aina let out a cute and excited voice.

Looking at me with bright eyes, she not only seemed happy, but her words warmed my heart even more.

—That boy can’t see you, Hayato-kun. Why don’t we show him some love? It bothers me too, so maybe we can teach him a lesson… Hehe, aren’t I a little evil?

—So you think? But I also feel the same way.

—Yes Yes. Like this… Touch me more…

Aina manipulated my fingers on her chest, demonstrating its softness with calculated pressures.

—I like it. I like it when you touch me like this, Hayato-kun…

With wet eyes, she turned around and then leaned toward me.

—Oh, Aina?!

—Phew! Whoa!

Aina was looking at a certain point of mine with an expression that a girl should never make.

I can’t help but feel like she has a heart symbol in her eyes, but I feel even weirder when I see Aina breathing heavily, like she’s excited.

—It’s okay… I’m not going to cross the limits. This is just to show you what we do… In this position, I can make you understand enough to break her heart!


I am simply overwhelmed by the strength of Aina.

The hanging branch still blocks my view of the boy’s face, but from this side, I can clearly see the path… And the freshman boy was no longer there.

I place my hand on Aina’s shoulder and give her a reassuring pat.

—Aina, it’s okay, he’s gone now.

—Y–Yes, I understand…

Aina stands up abruptly, and we gaze at each other in silence for a while… What is happening here? Someone, please come and help!

Oh no, it would be terrible if someone came here and saw us.



But as we continue to look at each other, the uneasiness gradually fades.

There were ten minutes left until the end of lunch. It surprised me because we had such an intense moment that I thought time had flown by.

—Shall we go back in five minutes?

—Got it. So, why don’t we relax a little more?


Even though our uniforms might get a bit dirty sitting in the shade, we sit on the ground.

Although there were only four steps, thanks to the slope, we were comfortable, but there was one detail; if someone were in front of Aina, they could see her underwear from that angle.


—Are you tired, Hayato-kun?

—A bit. But I’m worried about something. Do you think that boy won’t come back again?

—I don’t think he’ll come back. Anyway, if he does, I won’t hold back this time, hehe…

—…That was quite embarrassing.

—Really? I was so happy and excited! So…

Aina trembled while pressing her abdomen.

—Please, stop that! That kind of behavior affects me a lot! Of course, I like seeing Aina do that, and it’s very cute, and it makes me happy to think she’s excited about me, but it’s very dangerous!

—I… thought I could have a baby just by smelling it.


Hey, Aina-san… Please stop staring at my crotch.

When I looked at Aina with a frown, which was unusual for me, she elbowed me in the shoulder and apologized.

—I have a playful side ♪

—It’s too stimulating to be just playful.

To conceal the cheeks that surely blushed as she remembered what happened before, I looked up at the sky, took a deep breath, and exhaled.

Aina probably noticed my reaction, but it’s just a form of youthful resistance, it can’t be helped.

(However, that posture was dangerous…)

Aina stared at me with excitement, even at the lower part of my body… Even if I think about it rationally, from the outside, the posture we were adopting could easily lead to a misunderstanding…

—Are you blushing?


It’s inevitable not to blush.


[Perspective of Aina]

—So, Hayato-kun. See you after class, okay?

—Yes. See you later.

I waved to Hayato, and we parted ways.

Returning to class together, not knowing if anyone will suspect anything, is it really worth keeping this a secret?

—Phew… Haa.

But why does this happen?

As I return to class after parting ways with Hayato, my breathing becomes more rapid… I understood that this was not pain but excitement… It can’t be helped, right?

—…That man’s scent… It’s so intense… Mmm ♪

This is bad… Remembering that scent makes me feel dizzy.

I wasn’t even thinking about the freshman boy who wrote me the love letter. My mind was filled only with what happened before.

—Ah, Aina, you’re back… What’s the matter?!


My friends looked at me in surprise. Why?

—Your face is all red. And you seem flushed… Or rather, you seem excited.

—What are you saying…?!

But after they mentioned it, everything made sense. I returned to class recalling what happened before; I still couldn’t forget that aroma.

I struggled to contain the trembling in my body… But it was futile. Because a sweet excitement runs through my entire being.

—Hey, you’re being very bold!

—Eh? I don’t think I did anything strange.

—Your attitude is incredibly bold!

—I don’t understand what it means to have a ‘bold attitude,’ silly!

I told my friends it wasn’t a big deal to have to hide it, but knowing Hayato-kun’s scent is something I could boast about to my sister… It will be fun to tease her after class!

—…I wonder if mom is okay.

But, even so, I worry about mom. Although she looked completely recovered, it was the first time mom fainted… If that were to happen several times, I couldn’t bear it, and I might even come to hate God.

—Now you look depressed… Are you okay?

—I’m fine. I’m sorry for worrying you.

—Hey, are you really not running a fever?

How rude… Well, I guess I have to forgive her, considering my sudden changes in expression.

As I sit at my desk, getting ready for the next class, the only things that come to my mind are Hayato, my sister, and mom.

(Of course, my sister and I work together to do more than our share of the household chores, and Hayato also helps us a lot… Besides caring for mom, he always looks out for us… Oh, enough already.)

Really, how wonderful is Hayato?

I know he’s a good person. But precisely because of that, I also understand how hard he works.

(He cares for mom, he cares for us… But perhaps Hayato doesn’t take care of himself enough, right?)

I feel like his dedication to us makes him neglect himself. He may not see this as a burden at all, but he definitely needs time to heal!

—Well, let’s start the class!

—Quick, stand up and bow!

Oops, class has started, I have to focus!

I diligently copy down what the teacher says and what’s written on the blackboard in my notebook. After the Golden Week holidays, there will be exams; I have to make sure I’m prepared for that!


A smile escapes me. The reason is that I remembered studying with Hayato… Hayato really pays attention when my sister and I explain things to him.

He is learning from both of us. I definitely need to make more effort, right?

Moreover, it’s fun for the three of us to study together. And he thanked us for teaching him, but in reality… That’s not all. It genuinely delights us when Hayato tells us that sincerely.


With every charm I discover in Hayato, my heart longs for his presence more. And that significant part of me yearns for him. I want to have him, I want to accept everything from him.

—I can’t stop thinking about having a baby… I want one.

…Oh-oh. It slipped out unintentionally.

I quickly looked to both sides, but it seemed like no one had heard me, so I felt relieved.

As my excitement increases, I revisit what happened before…

—Ahh ♪

That scent… I remember it all. I like Hayato’s scent… But that aroma consciously stirs in me a desire to have a child just for him.

I’m burning up… If I were at home, I would have surely… Done something alone.

I tried to distract my heat by swaying a bit. However, at that moment, I noticed the boy next to me blushing and lowering his gaze.

I wondered what was happening to him, but my friend’s words came to mind: “His aura is incredibly erotic!”

Maybe he was giving off pheromones? Could it be that by thinking daring thoughts myself, I was spreading pheromones around me, justifying that reaction? Well, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that only Hayato is the one who knows that I imagine daring things, and only with him do I want to experience those kinds of things forever.

—I can’t wait for the end of class to arrive.

I murmured those words and decided to focus a bit on the class.


As soon as classes ended, I went straight to the Shinjo house without making any stops. In the end, both Arisa and Aina joined me on the way back, and we returned together. But for some reason, I stopped in front of the entrance gate.


—What’s wrong?

Both of them looked at me with concern, but I don’t even know what’s wrong with me. All I have to do is enter this house as always… See Sakina-san and feel at ease.

However, my feet remained still. As if I felt something strange about this house.

—No, what am I thinking…? I’m going to go in.

Thinking it was just my imagination, I opened the door and entered.

—I’m home.

Saying “I’m home” upon returning here has become a common thing for me.

I took off my shoes and put on slippers, at the same time Aina ran towards where Sakina was. Arisa and I exchanged ironic smiles.

—That girl is never still.

—But I understand. Arisa, sometimes you get nervous too.


It may not have been so obvious, but Arisa also couldn’t completely hide her anxious expression.

Until Aina returns, I guess I’ll stay here, and when she does, I’ll go see how Sakina is.

—Here, take your tea, Hayato-kun.

—T–Thank you… You’re a good maid.

As I said this, Arisa’s reaction in handing me the tea cup was noticeable.

She quickly left the cup, sat beside me, and with a smile, it seemed as if she was just a maid by my side.

—Ufufu, is there anything else you’d like to order?

I don’t like the word “order.” Although I am somewhat responsible for this situation, Arisa seems to be seeking an order, so… what should I do?

—It seems like mom has completely recovered!

As Arisa and I stared at each other, Arisa arrived excitedly, saying something that made us feel relieved.

—You can wait until later, right?


Oh, it seems like she won’t let me go. Even though she had a mischievous smile, she looked so good that she seemed like a villain from an evil organization. With such a perfect face, any expression suited her.

—Okay, I can wait.

—Perfect, then I’ll go see her.

—Alright, I’ll follow you.

Well, it’s time to see Sakina.

According to what I heard from Aina, she seems much better, but I still insisted that she rest well this week. Maybe for Sakina-san, this might be boring, but it’s something I can’t overlook.


Standing in front of Sakina’s room, I experienced that feeling again. Similar to what I felt in front of this house… But somehow, I felt compelled to knock and enter.

—Welcome back, Hayato.

To my surprise, Sakina was sitting on her bed, looking at me with a somewhat different expression than usual… Or rather, she felt much gentler.

But why? At this moment, the Sakina in front of me resembled my mother.

—Um… I’m sorry, Hayato-kun. I got carried away and started wondering how it would feel to treat you like my own son.

—Ah, I see…

I’m not entirely sure why, but maybe because they are both mothers, but I saw such a high level of similarity that I was about to call her ‘mother’ again.

—Ah… Aina mentioned it too, but it seems like your health has improved a lot, right?

—Yes. Honestly, resting for so long can get quite boring.

—Haha… That’s true.

Even though I like to take it easy, I can’t stand boredom. And when I expressed this sentiment, Sakina smiled like a mischievous child and said something unexpected.

—Even if I’m lying in bed all day, if you’re here, Hayato-kun, I wouldn’t get bored at all.


I asked again, but quickly realized it was a mistake.

Sakina’s behavior suddenly changed, and she continued speaking while looking at me. Every word she said made my heart race.

—If Hayato-kun is in bed with me, I will surround you with my arms and never let you go, press my body against you tightly, hold you all the time. And not just your arms, but also your legs, all the while whispering in your ear: ‘Thank you for caring for your mother, and in return, I will heal you a lot’.

—Heal me…?

—Well, so you’re interested?


A soft scent emanated from Sakina and filled my nostrils.

Unable to resist, I turned my back to Sakina and headed towards the door.

—I’m glad to see you’re well! Well then, I’ll be going.


I briefly heard her voice filled with disappointment, but I left the room without paying attention.

My heart was pounding heavily on the left side of my chest, reminding me of Sakina’s disturbing influence on my attitude and behavior.

—Why does Sakina-san today seem to have reached the pinnacle of motherhood?

I thought to myself. She was so erotic yet so maternal… Huh? Why am I talking about something so erotic and maternal? I better go back to the girls…

—Ah, welcome back, Hayato-kun.

—How was mom?

—She seemed fine.

I see. Then, I’ll go see her right away.

I returned to the living room, and as if we were trading places, Arisa headed towards Sakina.

—Hayato-kun, good luck!

—Good luck? What do you mean—…

—Come here, Bang Bang!

Aina tapped the sofa, asking me to sit next to her.

I didn’t need to hurry like that; I was going to sit down anyway.

—Mom is okay, right?

—Eh? Oh, yes… I feel more at ease.

I remembered what happened before, which left me a bit tongue-tied. For some reason, I feel like I just escaped the clutches of a black widow.

—Hey, Hayato-kun. Wasn’t the lunch break amazing?



The lunch break… Those were words that evoked erotic and disturbing memories. Despite trying not to think about that moment, hearing it directly from Aina, I reacted in an exaggerated manner and ended up spilling all the tea on her face.

—I–I’m sorry!

—No, it was me who said something strange all of a sudden…

Nevertheless, spilling the tea from my mouth was the worst thing I could have done.

All I could do was clean her face with a handkerchief… But instead of looking disgusted, she seemed… Happy?

—I got sprayed a lot, didn’t I?♪ But since it was Hayato-kun, I don’t mind at all! ♪


—What are you two up to?

Ah, Arisa has returned.

After explaining what happened, Arisa looked in astonishment, as if saying ‘What are you doing?’ and took a towel to clean Aina’s face.

—What are you doing?

—You’re right, I’m so sorry.

It seemed that Arisa wasn’t completely upset, as she smiled warmly while alternating between looking at me and Aina.

After all that, I started working on the household chores. As usual, I volunteered to clean the bathroom and then quickly moved on to cleaning the hallways and more.

—Hayato-kun, do you want to use the bathroom first?

—A–Are you sure?

—Of course, no problem.

—I see, I was going to wait until dinner was ready, but I’ll go first, thank you.

After freshening up, I left the bathroom and helped prepare dinner.

Everything turned out quite calm, in fact; after we had dinner, while Arisa washed the dishes, Aina and I folded the laundry.

—This goes here… And this goes there.

—Haha, Hayato-kun, aren’t you embarrassed folding our underwear anymore?

—No, it’s not that I don’t think anything of it. But yes, I’ve gotten a bit used to it.

—I see♪ I loved how you blushed so adorably while staring at our bras. I really liked that, you know.

—I wasn’t staring at them!

—Yes, you were. Don’t lie, Hayato-kun.


—Haha! Don’t get all worked up!♪

You shouldn’t tease me like that!

It’s not that I hadn’t had many opportunities to see their underwear, but while folding it, it was the only occasion when I saw it up close… So, as I held it in my hands again, I just thought, “wow, their breasts really are big.”

—Alright, we’re done.

—I’ve finished too.

Despite everything, I managed to get through today.

Usually, at this hour, there isn’t much to do at the Shinjo house, so all that was left was to go home. However, I felt strangely exhausted.

It had reached the point where even Arisa and Aina noticed it, as they called out to me just as I was about to leave the entrance.




At their synchronized voices, my body automatically turned towards them.

—You seem to be accumulating a lot of fatigue, don’t you think?

—Yes, since the day mom collapsed, Hayato-kun… You’ve been exerting yourself a bit too much, don’t you think?

—Do you think so?

Upon hearing that I had been exerting myself too much, I was surprised.

I hadn’t considered it a burden at all, but I was aware that the fatigue had been accumulating… I just couldn’t help it.

I did it because I wanted to… Because I wanted to make an effort for them.

—We understand that you do it for us. And we couldn’t be happier about that feeling. But…

—If you push yourself too hard and something happens to you, Hayato-kun, it would be really terrible, don’t you think?

—Yes, I understand.

—And, I want to say it again, Hayato-kun: your consideration is incredibly appreciated… We are very happy. But if we settle for that, we would also be mistaken.

—That’s why we thought it would be good to talk to you again… Hayato-kun, try not to push yourself too hard.


Saying that I do everything for the two of them is not a good idea now.

—Maybe I was too tense. Sakina’s collapse was not an unrelated matter for me. And in general, I have been thinking about Arisa and Aina all the time.

—It’s because you’re too kind, Hayato-kun.

—Yes, yes. Now that mom is okay, relax a little, don’t you think?

I nodded in understanding. At that moment, I experienced a release, as if something tense was slowly escaping from my body, which surprised me when I realized how tense I had been.

—Then, I’m going home. But before…

Before saying goodbye to them, I hugged them tightly and said:

—Could you keep telling me these kinds of things in the future? It’s not that I’m angry, but rather… I want you to pay attention to me.

I didn’t want to be scolded, but rather I wanted a warning. To feel valued, to know that I matter to someone.

—Haha, understood! However, in return, we’ll spoil you a lot later!

—Will that be enough…?


After we finished our conversation, I left the Shinjo house.

—Phew, it’s been a hectic day… Really, this week has been a bit of everything.

Although I was very happy to introduce kendo to Arisa and Aina, the incident with Sakina was something that pierced my heart.

But we all supported each other and overcame the worry… Our love and bonds have surely strengthened even more.

I’m glad that Sakina is well again. Well, I guess I’ll continue reflecting on the feelings I have towards her.

Sakina’s presence has become significant to me… Almost like that of a mother. I felt that very clearly.

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese

Aina and Arisa are two twin sisters who are quite popular among the high school students, but there are rumors that both of them hate men, although there is one exception… There is a young man who stands out from the rest and is the exception to this rule, as it was he who saved both sisters and their mother from a fateful fate.

Now the two sisters want to pour all their love and desire into him, while one pampers him with her big breasts, the other wants to be his faithful servant.

Thus begins the comedy/romance/harem of these two protagonists.


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