If I help sisters who hate boys without telling my name, what will happen next [Chapter 3] [Volume 3]

Pumpkin knight

After the opening and the enrollment ceremony, we had to adapt to the new rules that second-year students are subjected to, adding to it the relationships with the new classmates, everything was very exhausting.

But finally came the night when Arisa and Aina would stay overnight at my house.

—Wow… It looks delicious!

On the table around which we were seated, the bubbling sound of Sukiyaki could be heard.

Initially, we had planned for them to spend the weekend at my house, but we decided to celebrate the well-deserved break from the week with an impromptu dinner.

The dinner was so well-prepared that you could hear a voice telling you: “Eat it quickly, it’s delicious, your stomach will love it!”

—Thanks for the food!

—Thanks for the food!

—Thanks for the food!

And so, our well-deserved dinner began.

Though we were three people, we adjusted the amount to ensure that we could all finish the food.

Even if there were leftovers… No, the goal is to eat it now, I’m not leaving anything for later.

—Mmm… It’s delicious!


When we took a piece of meat into our mouths, both Aina and I exclaimed at how delicious it was.

While we openly expressed our emotions, Arisa ate quietly without raising her voice.

—…Yes, it’s really delicious. — Arisa said in a calm tone, conveying her impression of the meal.

While we enjoyed this luxurious dinner, each of us shared our experiences and thoughts during this first week as second-year students.

Being here, enjoying a pleasant dinner with my two lovely girlfriends… It’s wonderful, I can’t find another word to describe it.

The start of the second year has been incredibly peaceful and happy.

Since I got closer to them, my life has been more fulfilling, although it seems like we are accumulating rather than spending. I think we’re doing well, right?

—By the way, Aina.

—Yes, what’s up?

—When you were leaving, I noticed you had something with you, what was it?

—Oh, it’s nothing. Just something I thought about throwing away.

—I see.

What are they talking about?

When I turned to Aina, she was just smiling as she usually did… Though I’m a bit curious, I continue to glance at her.

—If you want, I can tell you later.

—That doesn’t sound like it’s nothing at all…

—That’s right♪

Wait, did something happen that I’m not aware of?

However, from Aina’s attitude, it doesn’t seem to be something dangerous or worrying, so at least that reassures me.

Still, I decided to ask.

—It’s not something dangerous, right? I don’t need to worry about anything?

—Haha, that’s correct. There’s no reason for you to worry… Thank you, Hayato-kun.

I don’t think it’s something she should be thanking me for.

My concern for Aina is the same as I feel for Arisa, both are very important to me.

It’s not out of obligation. I don’t worry about them begrudgingly. I truly care for them, and that’s why I want to protect them, that’s why I worry.

—Now, Arisa, Aina… Let’s…

Wait… Stop there, Hayato.

What did I just say? What words was I about to continue saying…?



—What’s wrong?

I inevitably fell silent, so Arisa and Aina looked at me anxiously.

I shook my head, trying to tell them it was nothing… But over time, I finally understood: I was about to make an outrageous proposition to them.

(I was just about to suggest… That we bathe together.)

I thought it was a stupid idea… But it certainly seemed like I was about to say that.

Because I valued them too much, loved them too much… And above all, because of my previous attempt to touch their bodies spontaneously. It was undoubtedly the result of desire and jealousy towards both.

(…Even so, if I had suggested we bathe together, they would have definitely been scared.)

I felt a deep sense of relief thinking that it was lucky I didn’t rush things.

After smiling as if I had reassured myself after my sudden silence, the two of them stared at me, seemingly suspicious.


As I thought I would end up revealing everything if I let myself go with the flow, I focused on praising the delicious beef as I ate, trying to silence the two as they began to express doubts.


After finishing enjoying a delicious sukiyaki, it was time for a heavenly bath.

As I undressed, secretly, I felt the desire to enter the bath with the two resurfacing… Well, after all, I am also a guy.


I turned abruptly when I was completely naked.

The place where I directed my gaze was the entrance door that connected to the hallway from the changing room…

(Why did I suddenly look at that place?)

As I scratched my head, confused by this strange feeling, I decided to let it go and entered the bath.

Just as I was about to turn on the shower faucet to wash myself, I definitely heard the sound of the door opening.


Faced with this sudden fact, I stood frozen.

Behind the door, I saw two shadows moving… I would prefer not to imagine it, but unless they were thieves or something like that, those two shadows could only be Arisa and Aina.

—Hayato-kun, you just entered, right?

—And don’t you dare lie to us, we know when you do.

Upon the cheerful voices of both girls, I couldn’t control my astonishment.

Although we were separated by a door, I hurried to hide my lower half in the presence of these women. Clearly, it was a reflex act, not because I wanted to… Right?

—What are you two doing…?

—We’re going to wash your back.

—Yes, that’s why we came!

Wash my back…?!

At that moment, what came to my mind was something Aina had done before. And even though I was already fully extended, it was too late… Both sisters had entered.

—We came to tease you.

—Yes, we’re going to tease Hayato-kun!


Although I kept my lower half hidden with my hands, my appearance at that moment was undoubtedly incredibly pitiful.

However, what surprised me more than that was the appearance of the two of them.


The girls were wearing swimsuits.

Aina was in a black bikini, and Arisa in a white bikini… I thought they were only worn at the pool or beach, so I was speechless to suddenly see them dressed like this.

—I think this should be more than enough.

—Yes, we even thought about this, you know?

Well… It’s not okay just because it’s a swimsuit.

After that, they had me sit down, and they cleaned my body with a towel and soap, thus fulfilling the purpose for which they had come.

—Aah… This feels amazing.

—Is there anywhere that itches? I’ll clean you all over!

—Thank you…

Both the conversation and the situation lent themselves to be a completely erotic scene.

But… I never thought my fleeting desire to bathe together would be fulfilled in this way, it was a complete surprise to me.

(Could this be a stimulus from God for me to do my best as a second-year student?)

If so, I want as many stimuli as possible! I really feel that way, I want even more of this.

—Haha, who would have thought we would wear swimsuits outside of summer.

—Well, if Hayato-kun likes it, we’ll have more chances to wear them.

—…I like… — I murmured.

As soon as I expressed my feelings, I felt both of them smiling happily at me.

In our bathroom, there is a mirror hanging on the wall, slightly fogged up by steam, but it perfectly reflected the bodies of both of them, including mine.

A bikini with a small amount of fabric covering their ample bodies. It’s the best!

—Anyway, this year I plan to buy a new one. When summer comes, I want Hayato-kun to choose a swimsuit for me.

—Eh? Me…? Do you really want that?

Arisa nodded, followed by Aina.

—Choose one that’s super cute. But if Hayato-kun wishes, a more daring swimsuit is also welcome!

—…A more daring swimsuit?

What kind of swimsuit could be more daring than the one they’re wearing now…?

What I imagined was something like… Barely covering the tip of the chest, or even showing almost the entire bikini area… No, no, no! It’s dangerous to think about that in this situation!

(Stay calm, Hayato! You can’t allow impure thoughts to invade your mind!)

And there I was, trying my hardest to keep every thought that isn’t dangerous to little Hayato under control.

Although my alter ego asked me if it was time to wake up, I ignored him… Or rather, I couldn’t do anything but ignore him!

As I desperately struggled, Arisa and Aina took a more distinctive action.


—That’s it… Hehe…

—…Done… What do you think?

My body shook as if I was having convulsions. There was nothing he could do about it.

This was because they both placed foam on their big breasts, and proudly displayed it from both sides as they began to move towards me.

—Wait a moment! You two who are—…?!

Although I was taken aback, they both rubbed their bodies against mine with flirtatious voices.

The soft sensation along with the slimy feel of the soap overwhelmed me, creating a sticky and lewd sound.

(…This could be a problem.)

It will be a matter of time before this triggers an inevitable reaction.

I held back to prevent my strength from increasing, but one more truth imposed itself on my mind with an intensity that seemed to burn me. 

At this moment, they both were pressing their bodies against mine and were taking off their swimsuits.

(What the hell are they doing?!)

Although it was only the top part, the absence of the swimsuit directly transmitted the sensation of her flesh.

With the slippery feel of the soap, the large peaks of her breasts moved freely, changing shape on my body…

—…This Makes me feel a little strange.

—Yes… But this feels really good.

Please… Please don’t… Don’t sigh near my ears like that.

Lascivious sounds echo in this bathroom… There are many sounds, but for me at this moment, everything converges in one sense, the sense of the lascivious.

This is dangerous… It’s not that I’m going to go wild and lose control, I just feel like I’ll collapse and be overwhelmed. I tried to escape from both succubi. But I could not.

—You can’t escape.

—Exactly, hehe.

With enormous strength, both girls trapped me completely in their arms.

If there were life points that represented my rationality, they would surely be being cut down mercilessly… To the point where you would think: ‘What difference does it make? Isn’t it okay to do whatever you want?’

But… How far would I go if I gave in here? What if something unexpected happens…? These concerns, even though I have desires for both, contain me.

—I can’t take it anymore! I’m going to esca—!

Trying to force myself away from these two beautiful women, who might as well have been succubi, was a mistake.

This was because my feet slipped on the foam beneath me.




After my feet slipped, the three of us lost our balance.

Out of instinct, my body moved to prevent the two from getting hurt, ending up trapped underneath them, making things even more complicated.


The big breasts of both of them ended up on my face.

At this moment, it no longer mattered whether there was foam in my mouth or whether my back hurt slightly… Rather, it might be preferable to even die like this.

—Hehe, how about we now remove the foam and wash you completely…?

—Yes, I think you’re ready, Haya—… Ah!

Suddenly, both girls were surprised by something, and that brought me back to reality.

Being face up, without anything covering me… That implied that both of them had witnessed what was happening to my body.

The reaction after this action was immediate.

—Thanks, Arisa, Aina.

—Hey, Hayato-kun…

—Wait a moment, Hayato-kun…

After expressing my gratitude to them for washing me, I immediately got out of the shower, dried myself in a hurry, and changed into my pajamas before leaving the locker room.


I let out a long, deep breath.

I felt that leaving so abruptly was perhaps not the most appropriate, so I opened the door a crack to thank them again and make sure not to create any misunderstandings.

—…I’m sorry, I’m just tired…

Tired… Incredibly tired… But at the same time, it was wonderful.

Little by little I realize that, deep down, I do want to do those things with them… My body was clearly responding that way.

—…I’m going to drink some iced tea.

To cool off, I went back to the living room and drank iced tea in one gulp.

After a while, Arisa and Aina returned with their pajamas. Seeing them, I remembered what had happened before, and my body became warm again… I had to force myself not to show my excitement.

—Why are you so red, Hayato-kun?

—I’m not sure…

You both know what’s happening with me, right?

Well, at least I enjoyed something delicious, and they didn’t seem to be mocking me… It seemed like the attack in the bathroom was an extension of some kind of ‘thank you for your hard work’.

At first glance, what we did may seem excessive… It was Aina’s idea to please you. Although I must admit I also contributed.

—I see that you two were really excited about the idea.

While the two of them had fun, I blushed and felt uncomfortable.

However, seeing their smiles, I realized that this moment was actually so happy that I had been smiling the whole time since the middle of that situation.

All I had left to do now is sleep. But suddenly, Aina drops a small bomb.

—Do you remember what I mentioned during dinner? About that thing I had…

—Oh, yes, I remember.

—Do you want to hear about it?


—It’s a love letter.

The mention of a “love letter” caught me by surprise. It seemed that Arisa wasn’t as surprised as I was, but she was clearly interested and staring at Aina.

Noticing my reaction, Aina assured me that there was nothing to worry about and continued.

—It’s from someone I don’t even know. In the letter, he mentions that he is a freshman… A newly enrolled student.

—Wow, the guy moves fast.

—Usually, that kind of thing doesn’t bother me. And when I saw that the letter had things written that incited feelings, I stopped reading it immediately.

—I see…

Although I tried not to worry, the idea of my girlfriend receiving a love letter still bothered me a little.

Confessions, dates… Those kinds of things have a lot of charm.

—Are you worried?

—Well, I was a little surprised… But I’m not worried.

It’s because I know that both of you won’t leave my side.

Although, of course, I shouldn’t be overly confident and neglect my relationship with them. I must continue to make an effort to spend time together and value them.

—Not only do I trust you, I will never let you go.


Aina was hoping to hear words that would make her feel secure, so being direct and playing it safe was the best approach in this situation.

She looked at me intently, nodded, and then touched her belly as if moved.

After observing Aina, Arisa and I exchanged ironic smiles, decided it was time to sleep, and turned off the light.



—Can you say something similar to what you said to Aina to me?

It truly wouldn’t be fair to say such moving and comforting words only to Aina, so I said them to Arisa as well.

—Arisa is mine, you belong to me, and I won’t allow anyone else to have you either.

—Yes… Good night!

Her face instantly brightened, which made me smile before lying down on the bed.

(…That was embarrassing…)

Although I noticed that the sheets where both sisters were lying moved slightly within my field of view, I quickly fell asleep.


Moving on to the next year and having kohais is something only special during the first week or so.

On the following week’s Monday. That is, today, everyone was as usual. Looking and acting like the living dead.

—Water… I need water…

Well, I think I exaggerated by calling him a living dead.

The person passing in front of me was Souta, who was wandering in search of water. It was during physical education class, and he had been running a marathon all this time.

—Water! There’s water!

Finally, Souta reached the faucet and began drinking water in big gulps.

—Don’t drink too much, you’ll feel sick afterwards.

Although I also started to feel very thirsty, so I drank water in big gulps from the faucet next to him.


—The water is delicious.

After that, we stayed in the shade of a tree cooling off.

This time’s marathon was a usual school exercise at the beginning of the new term, but we ran about five kilometers.

—It’s incredible how Kaito is still brimming with energy; after running that marathon, he went to play soccer. Unlike you and me, who are struggling to stay alive.

I share Souta’s sentiment, although I partly understand it, because Kaito has been training his body for many years.

—Well, there are still about 30 minutes of free time left, so it’s a relief, right?


Although it has been the same since last year, the students have pleasantly surprised us by receiving a long free time period after physical education activities.

If you still want to exercise, you can do it as you like, and as I mentioned before, if there are enough people, just play soccer or something like that.

—How about we go to the judo dojo? We can relax on the tatami until it’s time to return.


Following Souta’s invitation, we headed to the dojo together.

Although it’s called a judo dojo, it seems that members of the kendo association also use it, as there are few members in the judo team.

And now that I think about it, this is the first time I’ve been to the dojo.

—Excuse me… Uh, did I just interrupt?

When we arrived at the dojo, there was already a student relaxing. It was Inoue, the boy who sits next to me.

—Domoto and Miyagai? It’s unusual to see you here.

—Hello, Inoue-kun! I thought to spend the remaining time here.

—I see, that was a good idea, it’s very cool here.

—In that case, let’s invade a bit of space!”

Souta and I took off our shoes and entered the dojo as we sat next to Inoue.

—Ah… It’s so cool.

—Yes, I like the smell of the tatami.

This distinctive smell gives the feeling of Japan’s traditional and nostalgic aroma. I suppose it’s also because I grew up accustomed to tatami mats, as my grandparents’ house mainly had Japanese-style rooms.


While contemplating whether I should nap until it’s time to return to class, I saw it.

Something that was placed in a corner of the dojo… It was the kendo equipment and the bokken (wooden sword), I couldn’t look away, I guess the reason being it was the first time I had seen them in a long time.



—Is it possible for me to touch that kendo equipment for a bit?

—Oh, are you curious? Of course, go ahead!

Curiosity… He’s not entirely wrong, I do have curiosity, but I’d prefer if he didn’t look at me with that expectant gaze.

As I walked, Inoue followed me. Souta had already fallen asleep, making some noise, clearly showing his lack of interest from the start.

—This equipment and the bokken have a lot of history, right?

—These are things that have been here for a long time. And even though they are inexpensive, getting new equipment costs quite a bit of money…

—Yes, that’s for sure…

—Well, it’s really something that extends to any sport, getting good-quality gear is usually very expensive.

However, among all that, the equipment used in kendo is really expensive. I’ve heard that even the cheapest gear can cost around 150,000 yen.

—What about giving it a try?

—Are you sure?


By the way, even though I asked if he was sure, I actually felt a bit uncomfortable.

After all, kendo equipment often smells quite bad. I even remember being surprised in high school by how strong the smell was.

—And if you like, we can have a little match, is that okay with you?

—Do you really want to go that far?

—Come on, maybe it will pique your interest even more!

It seems that Inoue is fully invested in this.

Regardless of how skilled he is, facing off against each other is not something that excites me, I just want to test myself.

—Well, I guess we can give it a try.

—Really? Great, I’ll also put on the gear!

A huge wave of nostalgia washes over me as I put on the equipment. And finally, I put on the mask.

(…Haha, I wasn’t aware of how much I missed this feeling.)

I feel just like when I wore that pumpkin head.

For a long time, hiding my face has strangely heightened my concentration, allowing me to make moves that even I couldn’t believe… It’s a fact I discovered through practicing kendo.

Although the view through the mask isn’t very wide, it’s still a familiar sight to me.

I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s as if by hiding my face, I can give my best…

(Hmm, sometimes I wonder if I have a dark side that I’m not aware of.)

—I’m ready, what about you?

—I was born ready!

Both of us were ready.

The moment we faced each other with our shinai… Inoue, startled, slowly stepped back.

—What’s wrong?

—…Ah, it’s nothing… Hey, are you really Domoto?

—Besides Souta who’s over there sleeping, do you see anyone else here?

With an ironic smile, I raised my shinai.

Oh, once again Inoue stepped back.

—What’s going on?

—F–For some reason, I felt a chill down my spine. You give off a different vibe.

—A different vibe? I’m the same as always. Nothing bad is happening.

—It’s a lie! It’s obvious that something is different!

Wait, weren’t we supposed to fight?

To be honest, I was a bit impatient to fight, but I was concerned about Inoue’s new kendo club, so I decided to ask him about it.

—By the way, do you think you’ll be able to gather enough members for the club?

—Oh, thank you for asking! Actually, we already have five members! Although they are all beginners, they want to participate in team competitions!

—I see. That sounds great.

It seems they have already gathered members… Haha, it’s all very nostalgic.

Although in kendo tournaments, a shout is let out when launching an attack, most of the time it’s quiet.

Being the only one they can rely on, I always have to work harder, and cheering on my teammates, even in silence, fills me with enthusiasm.

—Good luck, Inoue!


—Honestly… At first, I thought they were just doing it to pass the time, but it seems like they’re taking things seriously, right? That’s great.

—Haha, exactly! I thought I would get bored soon, but it feels as great as being a samurai, you know!

—Haha, I understand.

It’s a bit childish to want to do it because it looks cool, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

As we enjoyed a laid-back atmosphere, Inoue, recalling our purpose, quickly raised his shinai.

—Well, then, let’s practice a bit! You said we would do it in a relaxed manner, right?

—Sure, I won’t go back on my word.

Maintaining a defined distance, we faced each other.

Then, Inoue’s voice echoed like a signal.


At that moment, as I heard that voice, I took a step forward.

Despite being just that simple movement, I recalled my high school days, and many nostalgic memories flooded my mind.


That muted voice belonged to Inoue.

Before I realized it, I had rushed towards him and managed to land a solid hit on his head.

In kendo, victory or defeat is determined by the referees, but I suppose Inoue will consider it a loss, given that he received a clean strike to the head.



With the confrontation resolved, I exhaled as I removed my mask. But at that moment, an unexpected voice echoed.

—Incredible! You’re amazing, very, very cool!



Both Inoue and I were extremely astonished as we shifted our gaze towards the entrance of the dojo. This was because they were there.

—The Shinjo sisters?! —  Inoue exclaimed aloud.

—What?! An enemy attack?!

Souta, who should have been sleeping, also sprang up.

Arisa and Aina… Especially Aina, with a look of great interest, observed us, clearly interested in entering the dojo.

—Hey, can we come in too?


Inoue responds with extreme nervousness to Aina’s question.

Unlike the smiling Aina, Arisa seems concerned with an ironic smile, but it was obvious she couldn’t hide her interest as she looked around.

Inoue has completely lost control, behaving strangely, like a broken toy.

So, I gently slapped his cheek to help him regain composure.

(But I am curious about why both of them are here, or rather, when did they arrive?)

Perhaps they were here all along without us noticing.

—I was watching while you two were facing off! And as soon as I blinked, Domoto-kun had already struck Inoue-kun…! It was so amazing! Hey, hey, is that shinai so light that it allows you to move quickly?

—Do you want to touch it?


—I don’t mind, what about you, Inoue?

—Y–Yes, of course!

Haha, it’s understandable that Inoue is nervous considering it’s the famous sisters, it’s quite a funny scene to observe.

—…It’s quite heavy.

—Yes, it is. I guess since I practiced kendo in the past, I’m already used to it.

—Wow! That’s incredible.

Anyway, although their arrival here was sudden, time continued to pass.

As Inoue and I removed our protective gear, Aina was staring at me. And as I wondered what was going on, she opened her mouth.

—Hey, hey, can I try on that mask? — she said, pointing with her finger.


Try this on…? Considering the sweat smell it has accumulated, I can’t just readily offer it.

But at that moment, the bell rang.


–Oh-oh, I think it’s time to go back.

Saved by the bell. I would have felt bad for Aina to have to wear something as disgusting as this.

And so, all of us hurried to clean up and then left the dojo.

After changing and returning to the classroom, I had a moment to chat a bit with Arisa before the next class began.

—When Aina and I were considering what to do with the remaining time, we saw Hayato-kun’s back. That made us wonder what you were up to.

—Oh really?

—Yes, and we decided to follow you. That’s when we witnessed something very interesting. Seeing you with those protectors and mask on… It was like seeing the pumpkin knight, it was awesome!

—Hmm… I’m not so thrilled about being called the ‘pumpkin knight’.

—Oh, really?

That means it feels like when they called me the ‘pumpkin knight’ after that incident, right?

—Domoto, Domoto.

—Hm? What’s up?

Pausing momentarily my conversation with Arisa, I turn my gaze to Inoue. who was visibly excited about something, he approaches me and starts talking.

—A while ago, I heard something amazing from Miyagai… Is it true that in high school you made it to the national kendo competition? That’s incredible!

—Oh, so he told you that.

—Why didn’t you say that before, you idiot?! Well, I guess amidst the chaotic moment we had in the dojo, there wasn’t a chance to mention it. Still, that’s impressive!

—Haha. Well, I’m surprised too. I didn’t know I could still move like that.

—No, seriously, it was amazing! Hey, can you teach me some techniques?

—I guess it’s fine as long as I’m in the mood…

—Sure! I’m excited!

Although I agreed to help him, I don’t think I can teach him something like what I did today unless he has the slightest chance of getting close to me and landing a hit.

But I can’t deny that I felt valid for the nostalgic feeling today.

And along with that feeling, I remembered Arisa, Aina, and also the incident with Sakina. Although I chuckled at the idea of becoming strong in that way, it seems to be a positive trait in me… Yes, I don’t think it’s wrong.


After dinner at the Shinjo house, the women’s conversation quickly turns to today’s kendo.

Aina started the conversation enthusiastically, and Arisa joined in, with Sakina also showing interest.

—Wow, that’s incredible. I would have loved to see Hayato-kun doing kendo.

—Well… I didn’t expect it to become such an important topic of conversation.

I thought this would be more of a passing matter, but it turns out it had really stirred the hearts of Arisa and Aina.

I had noticed that Arisa was quite excited when we returned to the classroom, but I didn’t expect it to be this exciting.

—I agree with what my sister said! You really are like the pumpkin knight.

—Exactly! That gaze peeking slightly through the mask! The posture that rejects the rest! The overwhelming strength that decides victory in an instant… Haah♪! It was wonderful, Hayato-kun.

Um… Why are they talking about me as if I were the final boss in a video game?

I really can’t keep up with the enthusiasm of these two girls. And I would prefer not to be called the pumpkin knight.

—Oh, Hayato-kun.


—I’ll pack the leftover beef stew in a container for you to take. Heat it up for dinner tomorrow, okay?

—Yes, thank you.

Oh, the idea of being able to enjoy that delicious beef stew again tomorrow really makes me happy!

Seeing my face filled with satisfaction, Sakina smiles slightly and, whether intentional or not, lightly pets my head.

—…Oh, I almost forgot.

While watching Sakina fuss over the stew, I suddenly remembered something Inoue briefly mentioned at school about a kendo tournament for citizens.

I don’t have any intention of participating, but maybe I could go and watch a bit.

When I arrived at that idea, I proposed to Arisa and Aina to go together.

—Really? I would love to go!

—Of course, I’m excited about the idea because it’s not something I see every day.

I thought they wouldn’t reject the idea, but both seem quite enthusiastic.

As Arisa said, they rarely have the opportunity to witness a kendo tournament, and I’m excited to watch a sport I used to practice with them.

—Thank you both for showing interest and accompanying me. I’m not sure if I’d call it my ‘hobby’, but in any case, thank you for joining me in something I’m interested in.

—It’s no big deal. Besides, isn’t it normal to want to watch a competition that the guy we like participates in?

—Yes, that’s true. Isn’t watching sports together like a date? Maybe if it weren’t related to you, I wouldn’t have been interested, but for that reason, these kinds of occasions are important to me.

Certainly, if they hadn’t seen me at the dojo, they probably wouldn’t have been interested in kendo at all… But also, this seems somewhat like a miracle that arose from our connection…

—…It’s kind of emotional.

—Eh? What are you talking about?

—Nothing, forget it.

By the way, both seem to be planning on wearing the sunglasses that Sakina gave them on occasions like this.

Even though it’s a date on a holiday, we must be cautious… I’m not sure if sunglasses will be enough to disguise, but anyway, I’m excited to see these two wearing something like that.

After it got late, I decided to head back home, and they all stopped at the door to say goodbye.

—Hayato-kun, please take this.

—Thank you!

I took the beef stew that will surely be my meal for tomorrow. But for some reason, I found myself staring at Sakina.

—Is something wrong?

—…No, nothing.

Although I found myself staring at her, there wasn’t really anything specific, so I looked away.

Why was I so intrigued by Sakina…? Deep down, I didn’t want to admit it, but I had an uncomfortable feeling.

(…Or is it just my imagination?)

Despite feeling a bit uneasy, I prepared to leave the Shinjo house.

—I’m very excited for the weekend. Not just for the date but also to see the tournament.

I was so happy as I made my way back home, cherishing the beef stew that exuded a warm feeling and love.

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese

Aina and Arisa are two twin sisters who are quite popular among the high school students, but there are rumors that both of them hate men, although there is one exception… There is a young man who stands out from the rest and is the exception to this rule, as it was he who saved both sisters and their mother from a fateful fate.

Now the two sisters want to pour all their love and desire into him, while one pampers him with her big breasts, the other wants to be his faithful servant.

Thus begins the comedy/romance/harem of these two protagonists.


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