If I help sisters who hate boys without telling my name, what will happen next [Chapter 4] [Volume 3]

A renewed determination

The days passed, and Friday arrived.

Tomorrow would be the long-awaited day of rest that we had agreed upon. I was excited about it, but there was also a small change at school.

—Ah, I see.

—So those are the rules.

During our free time, Aina had come to our classroom to be with Arisa; both were hunched over a smartphone.

I assumed they were gathering information for tomorrow’s date, researching the basic rules to ensure they would enjoy themselves. I even helped them with a few questions.

Unwittingly, I got excited watching both of them do research, and I was about to say something more.

But every time I did, they smiled at me a little ironically, as if it were a facet of me they don’t normally see, or as if they were saying, “So that’s the sport you’re passionate about.” Although, even if I didn’t have the opportunity to practice kendo in the future, I truly appreciate that gesture.

—What are they looking at?

—The kendo rules?

It seemed my friends were also interested in what those two were doing.

While I was worried about my two girlfriends, I quietly got up and headed towards Kaito and Souta.

—Hey, Hayato, have you really demonstrated your skills in kendo before?

—Why do you ask? Ah, right, you weren’t with Souta and me at that time.

Furthermore, I felt a bit uncomfortable talking about kendo even here.

Previously, during Halloween, I had shown my technique while wearing a pumpkin head, and Kaito, who was unaware of what happened the other day, seemed really interested in seeing it.

—Seriously, at that moment, the atmosphere around you completely changed. Hiding your face to unleash your true power, even your aura changed… Are you the protagonist of a Shonen manga or what?

—What do you mean by protagonist?

—Haha, I’m just kidding. But seriously, sometimes you do have the personality of a protagonist.

—Don’t call me a protagonist, it’s embarrassing!

I lightly nudged them both to signal them to stop talking more, but instead of stopping, they smirked mischievously, clearly enjoying the teasing.

—Jokes aside, you really have something special. Your personality is infectious, it’s thanks to you that we are friends.

—That’s true, and besides, you have a loving heart for your family, you’re very kind. And above all, you have great skill in kendo. You tick all the boxes to be the protagonist of a Shonen manga… Or a romcom.

—I don’t know what to think, honestly.

If having a loving heart for my family and being kind are enough to be the protagonist, then wouldn’t anyone qualify?

After saying that, they both smirked ironically.

—Well, if that were the case, we’d surely be envious of you.

—That’s true. And if you were to become popular among girls, that would be a problem for me.

—I don’t like how that sounds.

Well, with the elements they mentioned, combined with being popular among girls, it really paints the picture of an overly ideal protagonist.

However… It could be said that I am popular with two specific girls. I am very fortunate to have two beautiful girls as girlfriends.

—By the way, Hayato.


—Are you free tomorrow?

Upon hearing that, I immediately shook my head.

—I have plans for tomorrow.

—I see… My mother wanted to gather everyone again and prepare a big meal. She was so excited about cooking something delicious that I thought of making plans to stay one more night… Well, okay, we’ll leave it for next time.

—I’m sorry.

—It’s okay, no worries, buddy!

If I didn’t have plans for my date, I would have accepted immediately… But that’s great, not only is Souta excited, it seems his mother is also looking forward to seeing me.

—Give my regards to your mother. Next time, I’ll definitely come to visit.

—I will! My mother really likes you, you know? In fact, the other day, she started saying things like, ‘if only my son were like Hayato’.

—Well, that’s… Um, how should I take that…?!

This woman shows affection towards both me and Kaito, which is great, but maybe she should spoil her own son a bit more.

However, Souta doesn’t seem upset at all; he actually looks happy.

—Why are you so happy?

—Because isn’t it great that my family gets along with my friends, right?

—…Hey, Kaito, don’t you think Souta looks very handsome today?

—That’s true, he looks quite good. Hey buddy, what change did you make?

—What are you talking about? I’ve always been handsome.



—Could you have nodded in jest, please!

I’m sorry, we’re very honest with each other.

I apologized to Souta for my comment, while he pursed his lips. Just then the bell rang, so we returned to our seats.

—Well, I’m off, sister.

—Yes. Take care, alright?


After a beautiful farewell between the Shinjo sisters, Aina gave me a subtle wink.

Although the wink was meant for me, some guys misunderstood and, for no reason, started to get all riled up and shout as if it were directed at them.

—Don’t misinterpret things, idiots…

—Are you jealous?

—Yes, a little, but… I understand their feelings better than anyone.

Saying that, Arisa smiled wryly.

—…Yes, I suppose. Although it’s important to clarify that indeed, it was directed only at you.

—Thank you.

—And that sentiment is mutual between us… My feelings for Hayato-kun and what I long for from you, they haven’t changed either.

—Arisa… We’re in the classroom.


Although the atmosphere grew a bit more serious for a moment, we quickly both remembered where we were and turned our gaze ahead.

There’s always something I think about whenever we have these conversations.

We wonder… if we’ll ever reveal this relationship. Of course, it’s not something we can openly announce that we’re dating, and I’m more concerned about how the three of us might be judged, that’s something I can’t bear.

(We might get into trouble with the teachers, or who knows…)

I’ve thought about it many times; no matter how precious our feelings are, no matter how pure this relationship is, it still boils down to being in two relationships simultaneously.

It could be considered unhealthy… No, in any case, it seems like we would draw too much attention from our surroundings, so there’s no choice but to keep this a secret… Or rather, I see no reason to reveal it, so for now, the only option is to conceal it.

(Well, there’s no reason to worry about complicated things. I just have to devote myself to them as I have been doing so far. I don’t regret being with them… And I hope they don’t either. I must keep my head held high, everything will be fine.)

To cheer myself up, I tapped my chest and straightened up. Although Arisa seemed to be observing me curiously, I made an effort not to react, trying not to be embarrassed by being watched.

And so, the day of the date arrived.


—…Alright, this should do.

I took some time in the morning to tidy myself up a bit.

Since I’ve never been very meticulous about my appearance, and since Arisa and Aina have always told me they like the ‘natural’ me, I can’t help but feel a bit unkempt.

I’m not particularly handsome, and my sense of fashion has its limits… Nevertheless, I feel like I should look my best when I’m with the two of them.

Despite that, the clothes I’m wearing are simply something I bought thinking it would be suitable based on what I saw in fashion magazines.


I had barely left the house when I received a message on my phone.

[Where are you now? I’m waiting for you with my sister.]

This message was sent by Aina. Although it’s just a text message, it seems she’s eager for my arrival. Why is my girlfriend so cute…? No matter how many times I think about it, she’s incredibly adorable!

—Well, then, I’ll head off right away!

After clearing my throat and calming myself, I hastened a bit to get to the Shinjo house.


However… I came to a sudden stop as I saw their house. I saw two figures in front of the house… Wait, are they Arisa and Aina?

—What are they doing?

They weren’t a pair of strangers or people planning to visit; they were clearly Arisa and Aina.

Were both of them waiting for me outside?

Thinking that, I couldn’t help but run towards them.

—Good morning!

—Good morning, Hayato-kun!

—Good morning, Hayato-kun!

As they greeted me with smiles, I let out a whisper of amazement.

I’ve seen both of them in casual attire many times before, but they look truly stunning! They are so cute and beautiful.

—Aina, it seems like Hayato-kun is mesmerized, right?

—Haha! That was the intention, sister.

—I’m not exaggerating when I say that you two look too beautiful. Thank you!

I thanked these goddesses for giving me such a wonderful sight. But, well… I wanted to take another closer look at them, so I decided to ask for permission.

—Can I look at you a bit more?

—Of course!

—Haha, look at me a lot!

—…Arisa, you seem a bit like an older woman, you know?

—An older woman?! Do I look that bad?!

I’m sorry, Arisa, for a moment I also thought the same as Aina… Although, now that I have permission, I want to look at her more closely.

—What do you think?

First, if I had to describe Arisa with one word while she’s dressed casually, it would be “elegant”… It really fits that description.

A subtle sensuality just can’t be hidden in that black dress, which splendidly wraps around her large, soft breasts…

—You look amazing.

—Haha, thank you♪

Well, now it’s Aina’s turn.

Unlike Arisa, Aina wore a sweater with bare shoulders. And, in terms of the neckline, a hint of her chest could be seen…

Although I didn’t want other men to see it, it was a feast for the eyes because it suited her so well.

—Yes, without a doubt, Aina looks incredibly beautiful too.

—Really?! That makes me so happy!

—Hey, is there really that much of a difference between us?


It seemed my response was more favorable towards Aina, or at least it appeared that way…


Although Arisa didn’t look at me with spite, she shot me an annoyed glance.

—No, no, it’s not like that at all!

—But it’s obvious you prefer my chest, right, Hayato-kun?

(What are you saying, Aina?!)

Well, maybe just a little…

—Well, I’m aware that I glanced at your neckline. But, besides that, I really think both your appearance and behavior are equally adorable and amazing in both of you!

After conveying that clearly, Arisa seemed to accept it, at least temporarily, but she seemed to be contemplating what the difference was between her and Aina.

—…Hayato, look at them. — Arisa said as she lifted her ample bosom.

Aina, seeing this, didn’t lag behind and also lifted her bosom while laughing.

—Hey, Hayato-kun. Aren’t my breasts a bit more attractive?

—Eh? Stop teasing me; there’s no way I wouldn’t be attracted to your breasts.

I say this in the sense that it’s absolutely impossible.

As both of them already know, I really like their breasts… Just posing that question should be sacrilegious.

—Hey, Hayato-kun, sister. I don’t think it’s a good idea to talk about breasts outside the house.

—Oh, right.


Aina made a valid point, so we quickly stopped talking about that topic.

Instead, I decided to remind them once again how great they looked in the clothes they were wearing.

—But seriously, both of you look very beautiful today.

After I said that, they both hugged me tightly.

We need to get to the place early, but it’s typical of us to kill time like this, so let’s enjoy this moment to the fullest.

—And Sakina-san?

—Mom is at work. But it seems like she’ll be able to come home early today.

—I see… And do you think she’s feeling okay?

—Eh? Yes. This morning, she was just like always.


…So she’s okay.

That lingering sense of discomfort I felt last time has been bothering me, but if her daughters say she’s okay, it puts my mind at ease.

—Great! Then let’s go now!



And with that, we set off towards our date today.

After we had distanced ourselves considerably from the Shinjo house, we began to see the town’s gymnasium, which was also the venue for the tournament, so I took another look around.

(…It still amazes me how a simple pair of sunglasses can make such a difference.)

Sakina had provided sunglasses for both of them, and truly, just by covering their eyes, their appearance changed drastically.

They became women who could do it all, or rather, their level of maturity skyrocketed.

They possessed an unparalleled beauty. So much so that they continued to attract the gaze of everyone around us.

They represented a symbol of both their style and their charm; even without seeing their eyes, they clearly showcased the beauty of Arisa and Aina, taking it to the extreme.

And while they received admiring looks, I was met with cold glares mixed with hatred and envy… I suppose it’s understandable.

—We’re almost there.

—The town’s gymnasium… We don’t usually come to events like this.

—Yes, it seems to have already started. How about we head to the second-floor stands?

After exchanging words with the reception staff, we finally entered.

At that moment, a very familiar atmosphere to me, reminiscent of my high school days, greeted us.

The sound of shinai striking, the cheers of the audience, and the voices of the competitors as they struck… All of it felt nostalgic.

—Hayato-kun, Hayato-kun.


—You are really engrossed in this.

—Ah, I didn’t realize I had leaned so far forward.

Certainly, for a brief moment, I forgot that both of them were by my side. There were several matches going on simultaneously, and I was deeply focused on the participants…

—Hey, hey, sit down and tell us.

—Come on, Hayato-kun, sit between us.

Both girls took my hand and seated me between them.

By the way, there were also several adults present, and there were probably several participants from school clubs… In other words, there were many people, and the atmosphere was quite lively.

—Hey, Hayato-kun.


—We often hear the fighters’ voices, but the place is quite calm, is this how it usually is?

—Oh, good question, Arisa-kun!

—Hahaha! Hayato-kun’s excitement is through the roof!

Of course!

Arisa asked the question, but as I explained, I also glanced subtly at Aina.

The excitement was undeniable, but as both of them smiled while watching me speak, I was sure everything was fine.

Kendo is a sport that values respect a lot, which is why fighters often remain silent, except when executing a technique. By the way, although it rarely happens, if someone cheers during the match, or does something similar, they can be disqualified instantly.

—Wow… It’s quite strict, isn’t it?

—Yes, it certainly is.

But normally, simply doing something that shouldn’t be done would lead to disqualification for dishonor, so those who engage in such behavior probably don’t even practice kendo. In reality, I’ve never seen that happen.

From our perspective as spectators, it’s not something we need to worry about. The fighters perform their techniques, three judges evaluate them, and that’s how the result is determined… Kendo is simply that, over and over again.

—I see.


As I nodded, both Aina and Arisa continued to watch the competition; however, Aina muttered something.

—Compared to the moment when Hayato-kun executed his technique… There isn’t as much intensity in these competitions.

Upon those words, I was momentarily stunned, considering the impression I had left in her memory, and then I smiled ironically.

Although the fighters continued their respective matches, each offering an exemplary demonstration of what kendo is, in some way, it wasn’t much different from when I scored a point against Inoue… Or at least, that’s how it should have been.

—I had the same impression. Of course, we’re not downplaying the current participants, but after seeing that strike by Hayato-kun, it’s hard not to feel that way.

—Arisa does too, huh…?

Both of them seemed excited discussing that moment.

With it being mentioned so often, I feel curious about seeing myself from a more objective perspective.

The next time I have the chance to face Inoue, perhaps I’ll record the match on my phone and observe myself.

—Oh, look, look.

—He scored, didn’t he? Yes, a point!

—This time it’s the other one, sister.

—They’re staring each other down. Neither of them is moving at all…

Meanwhile, both of them were quite engrossed in the match.

I’m not sure if they were aware of it, but every time Aina and Arisa spoke, they squeezed my hands tightly.

It wasn’t painful at all, and I was glad to see both of them enjoying themselves so much.


Casually, my eyes landed on a group in the spectator section.

I assumed it was a kendo club from some school… And there, I recognized a familiar face.

A boy who was my classmate in high school, a member of the same kendo club.

Lately, I’ve unexpectedly come across old connections, like my ex-girlfriend Saeki, so past relationships can’t be ignored.

However, unlike Saeki, that boy is definitely someone I’d prefer not to talk to.

—Hey, Domoto, so your parents aren’t home anymore?

—I’m trying to keep you company because you’re alone, why are you being so rude?

—Being alone because your parents aren’t there is so depressing, right? Right? Do you feel lonely?

The unpleasant and grating voices resurfaced in my mind over and over and then faded away.

Though it was an unpleasant memory, we never encountered each other after going to different high schools, and even though we were classmates, we were in different classrooms, so we rarely saw each other.

(I suppose, because I had an edge over him, he behaved that way…)

As members of the same sports club, we naturally competed occasionally. But every time we did, I won… Now that I think about it, most of the times he mocked me were after a fight.


—Is everything okay?

Once Arisa and Aina noticed my obvious silence, they became concerned for me.

To not cause them unnecessary worry, I smiled to reassure them. After all, I had no intention of speaking to that guy.

But usually, in situations like this, I feel that somehow or other, interaction arises in some way. That’s how “flags” happen.

No, I don’t want it to turn into a “flag” in any way!

—It might be that if Hayato-kun were there, Arisa, my mother, and I would be cheering for you. It would be lovely, right? After the competition, hugging Hayato-kun and saying to you, ‘Good job, you looked great’… Kyaa!

It’s really heartwarming to see them imagine something like that. But Aina, please don’t say things like that in public; I don’t want to attract attention here.

However, I didn’t try to let my guard down, I hugged Aina’s shoulder, displaying it to those around us… As if I was saying that she was mine alone.

—To do something like that in front of other people, how bold… But you know what? Be prepared when we get back home, Hayato-kun.

Is that comment something pleasant for me?

However, Aina, who made such a comment, was clearly closer than she had been a moment ago, almost leaning her shoulder against mine, clearly showing a rivalry.

—Are those three in the same relationship?

—I don’t know, one of them must be his girlfriend, right?

—Who knows, maybe they’re siblings.

—A beautiful sister… Or perhaps an older sister? How jealous…

Although it seemed those words came from the people behind us, this time, Aina hugged me even tighter, as if she were demonstrating it. And Arisa, on her part, leaned on my shoulder.

—They seem to have a really close relationship.

—What kind of relationship is that?

—He’s the luckiest man in the world.

—Even with those sunglasses, the two of them… Aren’t they incredibly attractive?

The nearby people seemed more interested in us than in the competition, and though it was strange that there were so many people and we didn’t know any of them, perhaps that also showed that the world of kendo, in a sense, isn’t so close for everyone.

—Oh, Hayato-kun!

—Hmm? That person is… 

—So you also noticed?

In the spectator section, I didn’t see any familiar faces. But right below our view were the kendo club members led by Inoue, looking serious.

—It seems like they’re having a tough time, doesn’t it?

—Yes, it’s possible.

I nodded at Aina’s words.

At this moment, the kendo club members led by Inoue were competing in a team tournament… And they were losing decisively.

Although Inoue, with whom I had a confrontation, fought bravely, it was evident that he lacked the necessary experience to compete against more seasoned opponents.

—Oh, he lost…

—The movements are completely different. Seeing it this way makes it clearer.

Even for them, it seemed like Inoue and his team’s techniques were not up to par. However, they seemed to reach a conclusion.

—But they seem to be having fun, don’t they?

—Yes, they look satisfied, like they gave it their all.

Indeed, Inoue and the others seem to be laughing and enjoying themselves despite the defeat.

Although they surely feel some disappointment from losing in a competitive event, they give off the impression that they greatly enjoyed participating together in the tournament. Their attitude is so infectious that one can’t help but smile seeing them.

(Despite the uncomfortable memory, it’s really good to be able to enjoy with others in that way.)

Although I no longer have opportunities to experience that kind of satisfaction that kendo offers, I reflect that I can constantly feel fulfillment and satisfaction in my everyday life thanks to the presence of Arisa, Aina, as well as Souta and Kaito. It reinforces the idea that it’s important to cherish our connections with others.

—Thank you both for reminding me of the past and for making me realize once again the important things…

After hearing my words, both of them briefly widened their eyes in surprise, nodded, and at the same time, they gave me a kiss on the cheek…

—Haha, we felt so happy that we couldn’t resist even though we’re in public.

—Yes, yes, in response to your kind words. You deserve a surprise kiss.

—…You’re so dramatic.

Ignoring the voice of complaint coming from behind, we continued watching the competition without parting for a single moment throughout the morning.

And so, by midday, after the morning program had concluded, we decided to leave the sports pavilion. Although I felt a bit nostalgic as we departed, I was satisfied to have been able to watch so many matches just in the morning.

—Hayato-kun, that was really fun! ♪

—Yes! If we have the chance, let’s come back together again! ♪

—Haha, of course!

It’s truly comforting that both of them said that. If this weren’t a public place, I would like to embrace them without reservations and express my gratitude.

—I think it’s about time to go to a family restaurant, don’t you think?

—Yes, that sounds like a good idea.

—Of course!

Well, for now, let’s leave everything related to kendo here.

After lunch, we planned to enjoy the rest of the day by doing some shopping and having fun together until the evening.

—But in reality, it turned out to be a good opportunity, didn’t it?

—Yes, definitely. It’s so much fun when our interest in something grows, and if it also leads us to meet people with similar interests, it’s even more wonderful!

As I watched the two enthusiastic girls conversing, I smiled warmly while getting lost in their happy faces.

Perhaps I am observing them like a Buddhist.

After walking a bit from the sports pavilion, we headed to a family restaurant for lunch before deciding what to do next.

—Going shopping sounds good, but you know what? I’d like to clear my mind by singing at the top of my lungs.

—Go singing?… If Hayato-kun is okay with it, I wouldn’t mind.

Do they leave all the choice to me?

Although we have gone singing together in the past, I know that Arisa is a bit off-key and that concerns her a bit.

—Arisa, would you like to sing with me?

—Of course! — responded Arisa eagerly.

With Arisa’s sudden change in mood, Aina laughed, and that’s how we headed to a nearby karaoke.

However… a problem arose there.

—Excuse me. Currently, we only have small private rooms available, but they are meant for groups of two, so with three people, it might be a bit…

The reception staff mentioned that the larger rooms were already occupied and only the smaller private rooms were left.

—Well, I don’t mind being in a cramped space.

—Nor do I. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.


Being in a small private room with two young ladies… A situation that sparked some unusual ideas.

Although Aina said she didn’t mind, Arisa looked at me with slight nervousness. She was probably imagining something similar.

—Um… Then, yes, please, let’s take that private room.

Well, we’re normally together at home, so it’s not much different in a private room.

Even though I was the one who made the final decision to use the room, I was a bit bothered by the male staff’s gaze. Should they really look at customers like that?

—Well, then I’ll take you. If you need anything to drink or otherwise, don’t hesitate to call us.



After all that, we were led to the private room.

I felt it wasn’t as cramped as I expected, but if we tried to fit three chairs together, it would definitely feel a bit crowded.

—Okay, although I think it might be difficult to move when someone needs to go to the bathroom.

—That’s true, I think we’ll all have to move.

Well, apart from the space issue, I don’t think it’s a hindrance to enjoy this time together.

Well, since we’re at a karaoke, it’s clear what we’ll do, right? Sing.

—Is it okay if you sit in the middle, Hayato-kun?

—Yes, of course. Anyway, I thought if I told either of you that I would stay at the end of the seats, you would stop me.

Upon hearing that, they both widened their eyes in surprise, but quickly let out a simultaneous giggle.

—Indeed, that would have happened.

—You’re amazing, Hayato-kun! Do you already know everything about us?

No, actually, there’s a lot I don’t know… I still have a lot to learn from them. But maybe this is progress.

Although I thought that, while sitting in my chair, I said:

—The truth is, I’ve learned a lot since I met you. But I want you to teach me more details about you. I want to know every little detail… Because I love you so much, Arisa and Aina.



Now that the atmosphere has become lively, let’s sing our hearts out!

As Arisa and Aina approached me to see which song to choose, they wondered who should be the first to start.

—Um, can I go first today?



Shyly, Arisa offered to go first. She probably wanted to ease the initial impact by singing first… but the truth is, I love her voice.

Arisa took the remote control and selected a song.

—You know, I really love your voice when you sing, so have fun and let loose. — I whispered in her ear.

—Haha, I get it!

Even if singing is not her strong suit, in an environment like this, where it’s just us, overcoming that barrier and enjoying it is the goal.

Arisa finishes selecting the song and starts singing. Although she occasionally sings off-key, she looks happy.

—This is a side of my sister I don’t usually see; it’s definitely more fun when she’s in this mood.

—Well, since we’re here, we should enjoy the moment.

While Aina and I banter, I focus on Arisa’s song. She was intensely delivering the song.


Yes, there are some parts where she sings off-key… But her beautiful vocal quality makes it a pleasant listen, and I find myself closing my eyes and getting carried away by her performance.

When she finishes singing, I applaud immediately.

—That was really great. You had me completely captivated.

—Thank you, Hayato-kun♪

—It was amazing, Arisa! Great, now it’s my turn!

And so, Aina got up to sing instead of Arisa.

Usually, Aina would accompany her singing with gestures and movements, as if she were performing in a concert… But, of course, in this small private room, that wasn’t possible, which was a shame.

—I always think this, but when you hear her like this, Aina really sings very well.

—Yes, it’s definitely very soothing to listen to her.

Once again, I close my eyes and immerse myself in her singing.

The song that Aina is singing is a bit more upbeat, but if it were a slow-paced ballad, I’m sure I would fall asleep… That’s the mysterious quality of Aina’s voice.

—And that’s it!a


—You were great, Aina!


Aina, who was notably pleased, sits down and hands me the microphone she was using.

Well… it’s my turn next. Although I already have my song prepared, singing right after Aina is quite a challenge. But here I go!

—Let’s go!


—Give it your all, Hayato-kun!

Both of them took some tambourines and were ready to liven up the atmosphere.

Although it’s not like I particularly want to impress them, I want to sing with as much enthusiasm as them, after both of them have sung.


It’s a recent popular song performed by a group that often appears on television. They both know it, so their tambourines resound in harmony with the melody.

And so, I finished singing with a great sense of enjoyment.


—Good job, Hayato-kun.

—It was great ♪

They continued to choose songs in the usual pattern, but gradually I started to become aware of the confined space in the room. The sweet fragrance of the two seemed to envelop me completely.

We decided to take a break in choosing songs, and at that moment, Aina whispered: “Don’t you think it’s a bit exciting that the three of us are in this small room?”

—U–Um, yes, a bit…

As she whispered close to my ear, I was taken aback, and my unease, conveyed not only to Aina but also to Arisa, was evident.

—It’s strange, isn’t it? A change of environment might trigger it… Ahh♪

After about ten minutes, the two seemed to move gently while staying close to me… Their movements were subtle but expressed a remarkable flexibility.

—Well, how about we end the break here? Then we’ll conti—…

Aina moved away from me and began to choose more songs, distancing that sense of closeness that had been so near.

—Wait! This seems interesting!

—Hm? What do you mean?

—What does ‘this seems interesting’ mean…?

The song they put on is one I had sung before. However, on the screen appeared a daringly dressed ‘onee-san.’

—It can’t be that this is—…

I finally understood what was on the screen.

It was one of the karaoke systems where bold images are displayed throughout a song… And it was necessary to watch them all to get high scores in each section.

—Come on, Hayato, give it your all till the end!

—And I have to sing?! Shouldn’t you, Aina?!

—No, no, you’ll do it, Hayato-kun. Besides, you’ve sung this song before, right?

—T–That’s true, but… Oh, no!

The song started, so I had no choice but to sing.

What kind of torment is this?! Having to sing my best while watching daring images over a long period of time and surrounded by these two girls!

—Come on, Hayato, try hard…!

—Wow… What daring outfits…

Both girls are blushing.

Anyway, right now I have no choice but to sing while concentrating on the lyrics that appear on the screen… But still, it’s hard to stay focused with that sassy onee-san posing like that, and besides, this atmosphere also makes me feel strange.

(Of course, even though it’s a naughty video, it’s not for those 18 and older, but it’s still full of gestures that provoke men.)

It would certainly be safe to say that this is a naughty video.

However, while this video certainly made my heart race, the presence of Arisa and Aina by my side seemed to play a big role, and that was the extent of my emotional turmoil.

Suddenly, Arisa and Aina hugged me in such a way that their cheeks touched my face.

It’s like they’re pinching me on both sides, and even putting their arms around me, and I can feel like they wanted to be close to me.


Yet, even under these circumstances, he doesn’t stop singing because he has a strange sense of mission.

I’m not as good at singing as Aina, so I can’t keep getting high scores, and because of this situation, my voice is getting worse, so my scores are gradually going down. 

The song was about to end, and that’s when something caught me off guard.

(Wait, wait?!)

It was Aina who was holding my hand.

She was just staring at the screen, so she didn’t know if she was aware of it. But because of that, I couldn’t sing anymore and the song ended there.


—Did it end…?

Of course, it ended!

The situation was such that Aina kept touching me… I considered gently moving away when changing my posture, but before I could do so, Arisa noticed Aina’s hand.


And then, for some reason, she didn’t try to stop her sister. On the contrary, Arisa also took my hand and looked at me with a flushed face… Just like Aina did.

When the song ended, I quickly leaned back in my seat and removed both hands.

Still, the strange atmosphere surrounding us persisted, and most surprisingly, both Arisa and Aina, as if driven by that atmosphere, approached my face and kissed me.

(…This isn’t right… This isn’t right! Perhaps the slightly daring image was a trigger, but maybe it’s the atmosphere in this private room… Argh!)

In addition to kissing me, both whispered softly my name near my ears.



My heart leaped at the sound of those sweet and intoxicating voices, and something inside me, as if carried away by this atmosphere, strongly screamed: “I… I…!”

As I was passionately gazed at by both, I was about to fall into dangerous thoughts… But what stopped me, at least for the moment, was the fact that we were in a karaoke room, which made me rethink my thoughts.

To break this dynamic, I embraced both tightly.



I wrapped them in my arms, simply hugging them without doing anything more.

—…This is all I can do for now, please forgive both of me.

I knew what both wanted… It was quite obvious.

It’s not uncommon for high school students to do things like this, and I know what I should be careful about. But… If something were to happen, they would be the ones who would really suffer.

If I continue like this, I could end up being labeled as a neglectful boyfriend who does not reciprocate their feelings… But! Still, I just want them to have a little more patience with me.

Until I can take responsibility, no matter what happens, even in unexpected situations.

—…Haha, Hayato-kun, you froze.

—Haha! But that video was quite shocking, don’t you think?

Although Arisa and Aina didn’t move away from me, they managed to return the atmosphere to normal with their comments.

—Indeed, it’s hot. Shall we get some ice cream, don’t you think?


—Yes, let’s go!

Because ice cream is the best for a hot body, right?

After that, we ate the ice cream that the store staff brought us to cool down… Then, the usual karaoke scene resumed, and we sang non-stop.


—Today was fun, wasn’t it?

—It was really super fun!

At sunset, the three of us headed back home.

After karaoke, we had some fun shopping, and suddenly it got late. Although the karaoke event was the most impactful for me, undoubtedly, I enjoyed this moment with them and laughing together as we returned… Needless to say, such a simple thing meant something special to me.


But for some strange reason, a sense of unease crept over me again.

It’s like a bad omen. However, I didn’t let that show on my face to avoid worrying the girls.

—We’re home!

—Mom, are you here?!

Upon entering the Shinjo house, I noticed the absence of Sakina, who usually greets me, which triggered another strange feeling, and at the same time, that unease grew stronger.


Driven by that feeling, I quickly headed to the living room and… Found Sakina lying on the floor.


—Huh…? Mom?

The image of Sakina lying on the floor overlapped with the unforgettable scene of my mother collapsing due to her illness.


I shouted those words instinctively, without even realizing I was doing so.

It seems like the day is not over yet. And it has presented itself to us in the worst possible scenario.

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese

Aina and Arisa are two twin sisters who are quite popular among the high school students, but there are rumors that both of them hate men, although there is one exception… There is a young man who stands out from the rest and is the exception to this rule, as it was he who saved both sisters and their mother from a fateful fate.

Now the two sisters want to pour all their love and desire into him, while one pampers him with her big breasts, the other wants to be his faithful servant.

Thus begins the comedy/romance/harem of these two protagonists.


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