If I help sisters who hate boys without telling my name, what will happen next [Chapter 5] [Volume 3]

A dense material love


I breathed softly in front of Sakina’s room.

This was after finding her collapsed in the living room. Arisa acted quickly and called an ambulance, and she was immediately taken to the hospital.

Fortunately, Sakina didn’t have a serious illness, just a combination of fatigue and a bad cold. After some tests and receiving intravenous fluids, she was able to return home that same day.


Unintentionally, I exclaimed “mother” upon seeing Sakina on the floor.

I don’t know what I looked like at that moment. My memories of the past were so vivid, and I don’t know if Arisa and Aina noticed, but I probably had an expression of almost crying.

—But Sakina is safe… That’s what matters, right?

(Yes, she’s safe. So, I’m fine, everything will be fine, right?!

I told myself firmly and then knocked on the door before entering the room.

—Welcome, Hayato-kun.


Sakina, who was sitting on her bed, looked at me intently.

Despite not looking very well, it was reassuring to see her as usual. However, I still vividly remembered my mother.

—…Are you really okay?

Sakina smiled faintly at my words and nodded.

—Yes, I’m fine…

…She really does seem fine.

—…I’m sorry, Hayato-kun. I made you worry too.

—Don’t worry at all! Sakina-san is safe, so nothing else matters!

By saying this, I also wanted to convey to her not to worry about me by lowering my shoulders.

Even though she was smiling a moment ago, now her expression was grim… I don’t want to see Sakina looking like that. But perhaps it’s too early for that today.

It seems that Arisa and Aina have been telling her over and over that she needs to rest for at least a week, no matter what. While praying for her speedy recovery, I decided to withdraw.

I headed to the living room, where Arisa and Aina were already starting to prepare the meal. It’s amazing how quickly they can change focus and move with determination.

—How about making beef stew?

—Sounds good. Do you think mother will be able to eat it? Wouldn’t it be better to prepare a simple congee for her?

—I’m not sure… She probably can eat it, but we should make it lightly seasoned.


I felt comforted by the quick yet warm exchange between the sisters.

I wanted to do something myself, so I offered to clean the bathroom, something that probably hadn’t been done since my return, as I had been busy.

—I’ll clean the bathroom.

—Thank you, Hayato-kun.

In times like these, I can’t stay calm if I’m not doing something… But it’s nice to be able to move forward and do something.

Although it’s not my bathroom, there isn’t much difference in how to clean, so I took a deep breath and began scrubbing the bathtub vigorously to remove the dirt.

—Am I putting in more effort than usual?

I would typically clean with less force at home… Maybe I’m more agitated than I realize because of Sakina’s fall, and maybe I’m trying to distract myself with work.

—Alright, that should be enough.

Satisfied with the sparkling bathroom, I returned to the living room where the two of them were.

Apparently, as they had mentioned before, the main dish was going to be beef stew, but they were also going to prepare some rice soup for Sakina.

—Oh, welcome back, Hayato-kun.

—Yes, I left the bathroom sparkling clean!

I raised a thumbs up with satisfaction, highlighting my achievement of leaving the bathroom sparkling. It seems like dinner preparations are about to finish. So, I decided to go back and take a bath first.

I filled the bathtub with water and submerged myself completely in it.

Although for a brief moment I thought about the possibility of something happening, even equipping myself with swimwear, I want to trust that nothing will happen.

So, I simply enjoyed a relaxing bath like never before.

After finishing my bath and changing into fresh clothes, I returned to the kitchen.

I leaned next to Arisa, who was focused on cooking the stew over low heat, and savored the delicious aroma that tickled my nose.

—It looks delicious, doesn’t it?

—I want to believe so.

Arisa showed a daring and mischievous smile.

While I knew that the meals prepared by the Shinjo family women were exceptional, seeing Arisa smile in this manner was unusual.

—If it were just for me, it would be one thing, but when I think about Hayato-kun, Aina, and even mother eating it, I naturally strive to make it delicious.

Surely, that had been the case even before knowing me.

—However, a long time ago, when I had just learned to cook, I tried to make a simple omelette for my mother, and I deeply wished she would say it was delicious.

—They say love is the best seasoning when cooking. That’s why everyday meals, and even bento boxes are so delicious, right?

—Yes, our food is packed with love.

It’s been quite a while since Arisa, Aina, and Sakina started preparing bentos for me. However, I have never grown tired of their taste, and every time I eat them, I feel overwhelming happiness.



—Aina will take a bit longer to finish bathing, and it’s okay to leave the stew for now. Do you want to chat for a bit?

—Chat? Of course, I have no problem with that.

Arisa stopped her work in the kitchen and took my hand.

Together, we sat on the sofa, and a brief moment of silence passed between us… Did I really want to talk? It was something I wanted to ask her, but interrupting seemed inappropriate. 

However, it was only for a moment. Arisa spoke softly.

—I… I was more alarmed than I thought I would be.

Undoubtedly, she was referring to the moment she saw her mother on the floor.

—Don’t worry, it’s totally understandable. Anyone would react that way if a family member collapsed.


Indeed, I think Arisa acted admirably. She was quick to call an ambulance… While I could only run to Sakina and shout.

—You were very impressive, Arisa, you acted swiftly, all in the effort of wanting to help your mother.

I gently stroked Arisa’s head, trying to make her feel better.

The texture of her hair is soft and silky… Aina’s is the same, I wonder, why is women’s hair so addictive to touch?

—Ah, I’m sorry.

—You don’t have to apologize. I love it when Hayato-kun strokes my head.

—…Then, can I keep stroking you a little longer?

—Of course. Please, stroke me more and more.

Arisa was so adorable… And at the same time, I wanted to assure her that everything would be okay no matter what, so I continued to stroke her head.

And then…

—It’s your turn.

—My turn…?

—Yes, that’s right. Come on, Hayato-kun, could you bury your face in my chest and let yourself be pampered a little?


Though I was puzzled that he would make such a sudden proposal to me. I couldn’t hide the fact that I wanted to be caressed by Arisa and hid my face in her cleavage.

She was wearing casual clothes… The soft knit fabric seemed to provide added elasticity, softening the pressure on my face.


—Haha, you’re so cute, Hayato-kun! ♪

I want to enjoy this elasticity even more. So I let myself go and buried my head deeper, letting both of her breasts hit my face.

It was refreshing, like swimming in the ocean with a sense of relaxation.

I often hear that a woman’s chest is full of motherhood and dreams, but once again I became convinced that it really is full of infinite dreams.

—It’s not unusual for me to do this to Hayato-kun. I always want Hayato-kun to touch me, and I also want him to touch me.


—But, Hayato-kun, did you notice?

—Of what…?

The next words that came next were completely unexpected.

—From the time Mom collapsed until now… Hayato-kun, are you crying?


Crying…? I…?

Surely, at this moment, I have a stunned expression. With my eyes wide open, looking at you skeptically, doubting what my ears have just heard.

Moving away from the warm and gentle sensation of the sky, I ran my finger beneath my eyes…

—There are no tears at all.

—I’m sorry. I didn’t mean something physical. I felt as if your heart was crying.

—My heart…?

That my heart was crying… That was truly incomprehensible.

However, I didn’t ask her not to say incomprehensible things bluntly or to explain more clearly and succinctly.

Maybe the reason could be that on some level, I managed to understand the meaning behind Arisa’s words.

—If what I’m about to say makes you uncomfortable, please stop me.


—Really? I don’t want you to hate me… If that were the case, I could just stay quiet, but I think this is important.

Arisa had a deeply concerned expression in her eyes.

When I saw her like that, I smiled slightly to reassure her.

—Please, tell me. After all, how could I ever hate you? If I were to hate you, it wouldn’t be me. Please think of it as just an impostor pretending to be me.

—Haha, you’re right. That’s what I think too.

Finally, Arisa seemed to have calmed down, and she began to explain why she thought my heart was crying.

When Mom collapsed, both you and I ran to her, your face very pale, just like mine.

—I understand…

—At that moment, I heard something… Hayato-kun, you… Called mom as if she were your real mother.

—…Yes, I remember it clearly.

Actually, I was rather relieved not to have been asked about that because I felt embarrassed by what happened at that moment.

Arisa began to caress my back as I blushed with embarrassment.

—I know your mother passed away due to an illness. Perhaps you remembered that at that moment?

That was… Exactly what I needed to hear.

Calling her “mom” at that moment… And feeling so much anxiety undoubtedly triggered memories of the past. I was aware of it, so I nodded sincerely.

—Probably… Yes. I remembered when Mom collapsed, and… Then I just felt an overwhelming desire for her not to disappear.

—So that’s it…

—I’m not sure how okay it is for me to see Sakina as my own mother, but… I think it’s because of her that I see her that way, she’s been letting me know that it’s okay to see her or call her that. Maybe that’s the main reason why my heart is crying… I can’t deny that I felt great relief when I saw that she was livelier and healthier than I thought. And I can’t deny that I was anxious until I was assured she was okay.

—I see… Now I know everything about Hayato-kun♪ I guess it’s just something I can sense.

—You’re amazing, Arisa.

—Of course, I’m your girlfriend and I want to be by your side like a sort of servant in the future♪

—Haha… True.

Arisa has always told me that she loves me very much, but sometimes she mumbles things like wanting to become my servant or having submissive desires.

Well, I’ve gotten used to that.

Actually, the more Arisa thinks that way, the closer she is to me, which sometimes makes me think that I would like her to live more for me, following my impure inner emotions.

—By the way, I’m also worried about Aina. Do you think she’s okay?

—Aina is fine.

Oh… She just stated it so confidently.

But it’s true… Arisa probably deduced all of that from my expression when Sakina collapsed, and since then, she has been waiting for the right moment to talk about it.

—Arisa, thank you.


—You should be more worried about Sakina-san than me. However, you noticed things through my expression and got concerned… So thank you, Arisa.

Upon hearing that, Arisa widened her eyes, but immediately smiled faintly and nodded.

Then, it seemed like she still had something she wanted to tell me, as she embraced me in the same way as before and continued speaking.

—Do you remember, Hayato-kun? A long time ago, Aina and I told you to immerse yourself in our love.

—Yes… Of course…

Immersing… I never forgot those words.

Of course, I love Arisa and Aina, but I also wanted to immerse myself in the love and kindness they both had, so I willingly plunged into this abyss of love.

Although I had forgotten this feeling for a while… Her sinister voice made me shudder and even caught my thoughts.

—Our love, Aina’s and mine, has not changed… I can say that confidently. No matter how much time passes, these feelings will not fade, but will continue to engulf you overwhelmingly.


I swallowed hard.

Yes… I had truly forgotten this, this feeling, this comfort, this warmth… And this fear, I had forgotten all of that.

This place… The Shinjo family was the home of the Jorogumo.



Her whisper resonates in my ear… And that’s not all. Her breath becomes a tangible sensation as it caresses my ear and then engulfs me.

—I was happy. It’s not just Aina and I who are entwined with Hayato-kun, my mother is also, right?


—For Mom, it’s not about love in that sense, but it’s a presence that fills Hayato’s heart and is a support for him.

—That… Is…

Sakina-san is also a support I seek, just like Arisa and Aina, and is a presence that fills my heart… I couldn’t deny it, and indeed, I felt that if that was the case, it was also a great happiness.

—Hayato, don’t forget; we will love you eternally. We will never make you feel sad or anxious… So please, immerse yourself even more in our love, okay?

(Immerse yourself in our love…)

Hearing those words after so long not only made my heart tremble with joy, but also sparked a strong desire for Arisa.


—Oh, Hayato-kun…

Breaking free from Arisa’s embrace, I pushed her towards the couch.

She looked at me with flushed cheeks… Her clothing had slightly ridden up, revealing a pair of red panties.

As my heart pounded loudly, I heard a noise from the other side of the door, so I quickly separated from Arisa.

—I’m back! The bath was so good~♪

—Oh, you’re finally back.

—Sorry, sorry! I relaxed so much that I stayed in the bath for a long time ♪

Seeing her mischievous smile, Arisa and I exchanged forced smiles… However, as if she had sensed some tension between Arisa and me, Aina approached with a surprised expression.

—Hmm, hmm…

Aina got closer and sniffed my scent, then Arisa’s… What is she exactly doing?

—I see. Sister, why don’t you bathe?

—What are you implying…? Well, alright. I’ll go bathe then.

This time, Arisa was bathing, leaving Aina and me alone.

Usually, in this situation, Aina would pounce on me, but it seems that today she’s exhausted from everything that has happened. She sinks deeply into the couch and exhales.

—Today has really been a day full of events… I’ve been overwhelmed by a sudden mix of fun and great effort.

—That’s true… It is. — I said as I gently stroked her head.



Her adorable whine made me think she was simply cute, but her pleading gesture unexpectedly stimulated me.

Come on! Not everyone would have the chance to be pampered by such a beautiful girl imitating a dog… That could create a dangerous atmosphere.

—Thank you, Hayato-kun.


With a soft tap, she rested her forehead against my chest in gratitude.

At first, I didn’t understand why she was thanking me, but I assumed it probably had to do with Mom, right?

—When I saw Mom lying on the floor, I couldn’t do anything… The reality in front of my eyes was so unacceptable that I even thought it was all a dream.

—Well, you can’t help but feel that way in such a situation. Anyone would feel the same way. Suddenly seeing a family member in that state would leave you stunned, and not being able to cope with a situation like Aina is something that should also be quite common… Actually, Arisa acted incredibly fast in that situation.

I don’t mean to say that Aina wasn’t admirable, rather, she encouraged her saying that it’s normal.

—Don’t worry, Mom is fine. So come on, smile.

—Hayato-kun… Yes ♪… I’m really… Really glad that Hayato-kun is by my side.

—Of course. I’ll always be by your side, so you can feel at ease, okay?

—I feel at ease!

Well… Aina seems to have returned to her usual mood.

For now, it seems like dinner is in progress, so when Arisa finishes her bath, it will be dinner time… But as expected, Aina seems to be concerned about the conversation I had with Arisa.

—Ahh… Let’s just say seeing Mom made me remember some things from the past, so I told her about that.

—I see… Are you okay, Hayato-kun? I was able to receive comfort now, but could Arisa console you like I do?

—She comforted me in an incredible way. Thanks to that, I can keep on smiling.

Although I couldn’t tell her that I pushed her towards the couch, Aina seemed like she also wanted to comfort me, so she moved aside and extended her arms.

—Come here, Hayato-kun. Why don’t you let me comfort you this time too?


This is just my personal opinion or feeling, but when a girl says “comfort you”, it sounds incredibly provocative, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s because my mind is corrupted… Yes, surely that’s it, there is no other explanation.

—Come closer.


And so, I replicated the same thing I had done with Arisa, and I leaned onto her chest.

Of course, it wasn’t a sudden pounce, I simply approached slowly, and at that moment Aina hugged me gently.

—It’s okay, it’s okay.

Her head caresses felt just like Arisa’s… They are truly comforting.

If they could capture my expression at this moment, I would surely have my eyes closed and look completely relaxed… Well, when Arisa did this too, I thought the same, but the sensation is really like being in paradise.

—I’m back.


After a while, Arisa finished her bath, and finally, it was dinner time.

—I’ll take the congee to Mom. If she finds it difficult to get up, I’ll help her eat, so you two go ahead and eat first, Hayato-kun and sister.

—Are you sure?

—Yes, I’ll take care of it.

I had wanted to take care of it myself, but all I could do was nod at Aina’s words, who this time offered instead of Arisa.

—But I want to talk with Mom a bit before sleeping.

—Although she will probably be able to eat, Aina won’t return to her usual self soon, right?

—Oh, you were thinking the same, Arisa?

—Yes, they will surely be talking for a while… Mom will probably be with her to ensure she’s feeling okay.

—I see… Oh, but as our mom, we should consider her limits, shouldn’t we?

—Yes, you’re right. So there’s no need to worry.

If Arisa says it’s fine, then it’s fine.

Then we continued with dinner, and as Arisa said, by the time Aina returned, I had already finished eating.

—I’m back.

—Welcome back. How was it?

—Sorry, we got caught up in conversation, haha.

—I figured something like that would happen. And judging by your expression, it seems that Mom is livelier and healthier than you expected, right?

—Yes! It’s still early to be completely at ease, but she will definitely be fine!

The interaction between the two reassures me and, indirectly, makes me feel secure.

Seeing Arisa and Aina smile while having this kind of conversation is a moment of happiness for me. It’s a scene I would like to keep watching forever.

—…It’s so comforting to see both of them smile. I had thought about talking to her later, but I think it’s best not to interrupt.

—You have to do it!

—Exactly, you must do it!

—Wait, don’t get so close!

As if they had teleported, both sisters were in front of me, making it clear that my proposal was invalid.

—Mom will surely brighten up just by hearing your voice, Hayato-kun!

—Yes! Even if you just peek in and say something!

—…Um, well…

Since they are asking me so energetically, I will definitely talk to her!

Although their words of encouragement were full of enthusiasm, they seemed to leave the choice entirely up to me to go and speak to Sakina.

—Alright, I’ll take a look.

—Thank you.

—Be careful.

And with that, I left the kitchen and headed to Mom’s room.

—Mom, can I come in for a moment?

—Hayato-kun? Don’t worry, come in!

I opened the door and saw her lying on the bed. I felt relieved to see that she had good color in her face, and her usual smile upon seeing me further relieved me of anxiety.

—Aina told me you seem to be fine, but is there anything bothering you? Is everything okay?

—Yes. Thank God, I feel much better… But I still have a slight fever, so please don’t get too close, okay?


—Ah, it’s not that I don’t want you to come close to me! It’s just that… You understand, right?

—Yes, yes, I understand!

My weak voice wasn’t because I misunderstood something, but rather, I think she felt a bit lonely… So I placed my hand on Sakina’s shoulder when she tried to get up.

—It’s just that… I thought you might be feeling a bit lonely. That’s all.

—Oh… Uh…

Sakina covered her face with the quilt, with a hint of shyness.

(…She’s incredibly cute…)

It’s an inappropriate thought to have at this moment… But since I thought it, there’s no way to undo it.

Seeing her like that, I felt a sudden embarrassment, so I coughed and looked away.

—I’m sorry… I think I’ve been a bit more sensitive because of the cold. Just with a word from you… I feel so embarrassed… Haha, it’s a bit complicated.

—…You’re too cute, really.


Now she covers her head.

This side of Sakina is adorable… No, no! When did I become so carefree as to go around saying everything about her is cute…?

But, what can you do? She really is cute…

And although I thought Sakina was cute, soon I would regret having thought so.

It seemed that Sakina-san’s body temperature had risen, as even in the state of being covered with the blanket, it was clear that her breathing had become more rapid.

—I’m sorry, Sakina-san… I guess I talked too much, didn’t I?

—No, it’s not Hayato-kun’s fault at all. — said Sakina-san, coming out of the blanket and weakly smiling.

Although she clearly had a more tired expression than before.

Thinking that this wouldn’t be fair to Arisa and Aina either, I hurried to say that I would leave immediately and headed towards the door… But.

—Ah… Are you really going to leave?

—Ugh… Could you not stop me? After all, all this was because of me, right?

—[It’s okay, stay by her side as you are!]

—[No, you can’t, she’s sick, you must let her rest properly!]

—[Hey! Who do you think you are, runt?!]

—[You’re a brute! I won’t let you get away with it!]

For some reason, an angel and a demon appeared on each side of me and started to fight… Damn it.

Ignoring both, at least for now, I grabbed the door handle without giving in to Sakina-san’s pleading gaze.

—I’m sorry, Sakina-san. If you need anything, please call me immediately. Also, I plan to stay until tomorrow, so don’t worry.

—Hayato-kun… Yes, understood!

After that interaction, I left the room and sighed.

It should have been just a brief conversation, but… Why do I feel this incredible fatigue? Although she seems to be in better shape than I thought.

Nevertheless, it would be terrible if my actions worsened her symptoms… Hmm, will she be okay?

In the end, all I can do is pray for Sakina’s swift recovery.

Feeling a bit nostalgic as I left Sakina, I returned to Arisa and Aina. I apologized for talking too much with their mother, and to my surprise, they weren’t upset, they just smiled.

—I somehow had the feeling that something like this would happen. It’s okay.

—Yes, it was probably because I was there for a long time…

I think torturing ourselves in this way will get us nowhere. By prioritizing our own feelings, we fell into a deep sense of self-disdain for pressuring Sakina.



Not only did I feel it in my mind, but in reality, I sighed, just like Aina.

—It’s not good for both of you to sigh so much, otherwise, your happiness will be monopolized. — said Arisa as she gave us both a strong pat on the back.

—Oh… That was energetic.

—Yes, it was… Although, did that hurt a bit?

—Actually, it did hurt.

But well, I guess with that pat, the dark aura surrounding us dissipated… Besides, we were tired, so we decided to go to sleep.

We went to Aina’s room and laid out futons for the three of us.

—Shall we turn off the light?






I glanced to the side and noticed that both Arisa and Aina were staring at the ceiling.

Glancing to my left: Arisa was staring at the ceiling.

Neither of them is going to sleep…? Well, I guess they can’t always fall asleep quickly.

They might be reflecting on the various things that happened.

Well, when I say “reflecting”, I mean everything, from the tournament we watched to… Yes, it’s true, what we saw on our way back home was enough to give us pause.

—I’m glad that Sakina-san is okay.

However, no matter how much I worry, I can’t cure her cold… All I can do is wait for her to recover.

As I listened to a soft breath, I looked to the right… Aina was asleep.

Even though she had her eyes open a moment ago, it seems that fatigue finally caught up with her.

I gently reached out and stroked Aina’s head, wishing her good night.

—Good night…

—…You’re so kind.

I smiled at her adorable sleepy words, but I wonder if Arisa is awake.


—Hehe, what’s up?

Arisa was awake.

She looked at me intently and upon meeting my eyes, she smiled as if she was pleased.

—No, it’s just that Aina said something cute in her sleep.

—I could hear it from here. It’s probably because you’re by her side, that’s why her guard is down.


—Yes, definitely.

As she said that, Arisa gently slid under my futon.

—Will you let me sleep by your side tonight too?

—Of course. Despite everything that happened, it’ll be like a reward, I’m sure I’ll sleep wonderfully well.

—Hehe, I’m glad you think so ♪

After that, we simply spent time in silence, letting ourselves be carried away by the pleasant feeling of drowsiness.

As I was slowly drifting off, Arisa softly whispered in my ear.

—Rest well, Hayato-kun.

—…Yes. Good night, Arisa.

And just when we thought everything was peaceful…

—Hey, I won’t allow you two to enjoy alone! I want a hug too!

—Oh, were you awake?

—I was asleep, but I woke up feeling that loving energy. It’s almost sickening!

—…You’re such a kid, you know?

Well, I think it’s officially time to sleep now.


It was Sunday morning.

Last night, I stayed over at the Shinjo house, and I planned to be here until the evening.

—Mom has definitely improved. Although she still needs rest, right?

—Of course. She said she would take a week off, so it’s time for the two of us to put in a little more effort.


—Oh, will Sakina-san really be taking a full week off?


Arisa explained in detail that not only Sakina but also Arisa and Aina took extra days off to reassure her. Apparently, after reporting at work, they pleaded with her to take a break, which was quite significant.

—So… Are you sure you’ll be fine on your own?

—Certainly. We’ll be back soon after we finish shopping.

—Alright, in that case, I’ll take care of Mom while you’re out.

Just before noon, Arisa and Aina went shopping, leaving me responsible for taking care of Sakina. So I went to see Sakina right away.

—Sakina-san, may I come in?

—Of course, come in.

Alright, this will be the first time we talk since our conversation yesterday.

Upon entering, I saw that Sakina had sat up, and her complexion had definitely improved since yesterday… But I still can’t be completely at ease. She surely needs proper rest.

—Is something the matter?

—Oh, no… I haven’t taken a bath since yesterday, so I’m a bit sweaty.

—I see.

Indeed, she was quite sweaty, so her pajamas would likely be a bit damp… Not only that, but her skin would also be sticky.

—Is there anything I can assist you with?

—Hm? Are you sure?

—Yes, please. Whatever you need, just let me know.

I’m here precisely for this, so don’t worry and ask for whatever you need.

—Then, could you soak a cloth in warm water and bring it to me? I want to dry the sweat on my skin.

—Got it!

—Wait… Could you help me clean up a bit? My body is aching.


What did she just say…?

I thought I may have misheard, but no, Sakina really said it.

—P–Please… Could you do it?

—W–Well, if you ask me to…

I can’t do it…!

This inability doesn’t just mean that I can’t do it, but also that I can’t reject someone with tearful eyes asking me… What should I do?

What’s happening? Even as I think about what to do, my body moves on its own… As if I’m under a spell.

I debated whether to bring a regular towel or a bath towel, but I decided to bring some extra… I’m really nervous.

—I’m back… — I murmured as I carried the towel soaked in hot water.

I swallowed nervously as I entered the room again.

Why is Sakina blushing? Is she embarrassed? Or is it because her fever has risen a bit again?

—Um… Here you go.

—Thank you. I’ll undress then. — said Sakina as she started unbuttoning her pajamas.

As she unfastened the second button, the tense look that seemed compressed loosened and swayed freely, but at that moment, Sakina let out a small yelp, turned back.

—I–I’m sorry, I’ll turn around…

This is complete chaos!

When she turned around, Sakina completely removed her pajamas, revealing her pure and white skin.

(…She’s beautiful, incredibly beautiful.)

Being the mother of two beautiful girls named Arisa and Aina, she looked incredible.

Unconsciously, I approached her as if being drawn by a magnet, and sat gently behind Sakina.

—Are you really okay with me…? Even when you know I’m with Arisa and Aina…? — I asked hesitantly.

—It’s because it’s you. Because I trust you enough to show you my vulnerable side.

I see… If she trusts me this much, the least I can do is respond to that trust.

I gently pressed the warm towel against Sakina’s back and carefully… I made sure not to damage that beautiful skin while wiping away the sweat.

Although I was a little surprised every time Sakina let out a sigh, seeming satisfied and provocative at certain moments, I focused on doing my best.

—It feels good… Ahh. — Sakina murmured.

—Am I doing a good job?

—Yeah. You are very kind and skilled, Hayato-kun.

Meanwhile, my heart was beating so hard that I thought it was going to explode… But I don’t blame myself. In this situation, it’s natural to feel this way, right?

While controlling my heart and mind, I continued cleaning her back, shoulders, neck, and even her armpits.

—I’m done with the back. Now all that remains is…

—T–Then, please, also the front.


—The front… Could you…? Can I ask for it please?

The “front”… Does she mean…?

I Can’t…! No, definitely not…

—I don’t care if you do it from behind… If you don’t want to look, I won’t force you. That’s all I want from you, Hayato-kun.

Guh… There’s no escape…

Surrendering to my fate, I moved a little closer to wipe the front of Sakina’s body from behind, extending her arm and bending her body in an attempt to wipe the towel across her stomach.


—S—Sakina… Are you okay?

—I’m sorry. I’m fine.

I’m just cleaning her stomach… Of course, that wasn’t going to be the end. After all, by referring to the front of it, she is also referring to the two big hills of it.



—Eventually you’ll have to get used to it, don’t you think it would be better to start with it now?

—I think so…

What am I doing?! What kind of conversation am I having with my precious girls’ mother?!

—Okay, don’t be afraid. Touch me and clean me, please.


Overcome with fear, I touched an area that was noticeably large and soft… But I continued cleaning as innocently as possible.

That elasticity, capable of changing shape depending on the pressure I exerted, seemed to have the ability to make me want to continue caressing that place… And this act did not stop there; I also lifted her breasts to wipe the sweat between them.

—…It’s embarrassing to say this, but…

—What’s happening?

—They’re… Really heavy, aren’t they?

Just by touching one of her breasts, it already had considerable weight.

I heard that people with big breasts often have back problems, I’ve even heard it from Arisa and Aina… But this was my first time lifting someone’s breasts.

—Yes, they are heavy. And it would be completely unbearable to live with them without wearing a bra. My daughters have big breasts, but mine are even bigger.


It’s a conversation… that I never expected to have.

—The neckline area… Can you take care of that too?

The moment I put my hand with the towel between her breasts, I was enveloped by her breasts with considerable force and I uttered a surprised cry.


—Hehe, sorry, I wanted to have some fun. — She responded with a playful smile.

There are no words that can explain the situation.

She continued to play with my hand trapped between both of her breasts, but I managed to finish the task.

(Oh no… If she keeps doing this… It will be a problem)

After drying off her body, Sakina looked satisfied and smiled.

—Thank you, Hayato-kun. I feel really fresh and clean.

—Yes… Ugh…

On the other hand, I was very mentally exhausted.

After picking up the towels and cleaning up, I went back to her room and grabbed the pajamas she had asked for.

—You can just put it in the washing machine.

—Got it…

Once again, I remained silent.

As I left the room, Sakina extended her hand towards me.

The memories of how the disease weakens the spirit resurfaced, invaded by that worry, I approached and took her hand instantly.

—It’s a strange feeling… When I’m with you, I feel calm.

—The only thing I can do is be by your side. If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to ask me.

—Thank you… Thank you very much. — Sakina responded with a smile.

With a farewell from a smiling Sakina, I finally left the room.


Releasing a long, deep sigh, I remembered the intense time I had just spent.

I stared at my hand and the pajamas she was holding.

Just a moment ago, these hands were touching Sakina’s body… Remembering that makes me feel the same nervousness that I felt when I hugged Arisa and Aina.

As with Arisa and Aina, I think of Sakina with the same consideration and affection.

The presence of Sakina, who has become as important as a mother to me… While praying for her speedy recovery, I headed to the living room to wait for the return of my two girlfriends.

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

If I help sisters who hates boys without telling my name, what will happen next?

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese

Aina and Arisa are two twin sisters who are quite popular among the high school students, but there are rumors that both of them hate men, although there is one exception… There is a young man who stands out from the rest and is the exception to this rule, as it was he who saved both sisters and their mother from a fateful fate.

Now the two sisters want to pour all their love and desire into him, while one pampers him with her big breasts, the other wants to be his faithful servant.

Thus begins the comedy/romance/harem of these two protagonists.


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